Thursday, March 31, 2011

St Michael Church Mahim

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dedicated to Fr George Athaide
principal St Michael School

Gods House Is Not Just Made of Concrete And Bricks

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god hardly needs house of concrete and bricks
he lives in the heart of the rich poor and the sick
gods house is burned down bombed by the manic
burning the soul of its very fabric in his name
more people are killed destroyed by the fanatic
god s greatest enemy is the believer of god
not the atheist goddess lover or the gnostic
its only when a natural calamity takes place
we become human forget all thoughts ethnic
catastrophic karmic seismic man more than any devil
or evil spirit by his thoughts his deeds most satanic
it was a picture i shot or a poem my thoughts
began to click,., god is unseen but the most photogenic
all this would not matter much this way or that way
to the mind of the skeptic this picture is dedicated
to my good friend Eric from Toronto photo quick
from a barefeet bejewlled blogger mystic
50% human 50% tantric a shia hindu remix

yeh bat sach hai main apni tasvir khud kheechta hoon

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yeh bat sach
hai main
tamhe hue waqt
ki tasvir
kheech tha hoon
chalta phirta
purza hoon
main ek ansu
ko rumal se
nichod kar
haqeeqat ka dil
seechta hoon

yeh bat sach hai main apni tasvir khud kheechta hoon

Khel Khel Main Ham Inhe Bhool Jate Hain

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Jo Main Engine Ko Dhakka Lagate Hain
Desh ko apne khoon pasine se age badate hain
yeh bhi hindustani team ka ek hissa keh late hain
hindustan team age yeh hamashe peeche reh jate hain

Hijda Snake Dancing Queen

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glitter cosmetic sheen
a hijra she has been
since the age
of thirteen
she was seduced
by her own dear
uncle you
know what i mean
she ran away
from home
joined the hijras
hijra snake
dancing queen
her idol
her god
of all great things
multi-media juggernaut
none but charlie sheen
the cult hero
our hijra
snake dancing queen
was captured
by my libidinous
she is hardly
ever seen
on the whole
very clean
no pun intended
by every snake charmer
with a tumescent been
been in hindi
is a musical organ
you put between your lips
a lyrical tune rangeen
the hijra
neither man
nor woman
simply in between
sweet and namkeen
chris and christine
exotic hybrid
mouth watering cuisine
vitamins proteins
soulful serene
like morphine
very mean machine
adult and preteen
clad cross dressed
in a slitering saree
or uni sexed hungry jeans
fondness for American marines
guys with good physique
good hygiene
there is much more
her qualities her sexy
sensuous productivity
wont fit my computer screen

Mahmood Al-Yousif: Bahraini Blogger Arrested

Shortly after 3am local time, prominent Bahraini blogger Mahmood al-Yousif was arrested in his home. Before leaving with police officers, the blogger tweeted:

Police here for me

Jeete Hain Shaan Se

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apne padosi
aur mehman se
kapde diye the
kar di dhulai
lauta diye kapde
washed by
dhobis of
hindustan se
neel aur soda
aur apni jan se

Bandra Bizarre Road

letters of hope
all drowned and soggy
letters of joy
unfound and foggy
letters of reconciliation
watermarked as boggy
the same letter box where
lifting his spindly
leg piddles her doggy
at bandra bizarre road
where gutters spew
venomous fumes
rains storm drainage
working overtime
whore watering holes that
have become cloggy
local hooch joint nearby
asshole anonymous
all gone groggy
a tadpole finger fucked
by a libidinous fish
before he outgrows
wishfully called
wishy washie froggie

Cybernetic Clown

you cannot
nail him down
on the buzznet clothesline
jumping up and down
with a smile and a frown
naked semi sadhu
clothed in brown
analogous camera mind
prostituted poetry
photography reknown
street children
street woes
on pavements
a pain that wont
simmer down
words fucked
into silence
by her own sound
ass tickling words
finger fucking words
mouth sucking words
in a cerebral godown
in her heart they
seldom touchdown.
emotions on rent
counsel the clown
trade marked
tear jerking
talk of the town

Mala MARATHI Honya Cha GARV Ahe!! Jai Maharashtra!

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hi shastra saglya sathi
hindu muslim christian
dalit saglya sathi

mee marathi
mee marathi
tumchya hathat ak 47
majha poliemen
chya hathat
phakt lathi
mala garv ahey

mee marathi
mee marathi

Marathi Manoos

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I took his cab to go for some urgent work to Dadar, he was polite presentable and his cab was specklessly clean from within, I sat next to him , my madam sat at the back.

I took this shot before talking to him,he told me his name is Avhad he is from Chembur.

He drove silently and did not talk further even when I told him he had a very hefty and powerful surname.

I took two shots of this good man..he is a Maharastrian by birth and I am a Maharashtrian by Karma and Dharma.

I have been a Mumbaikar since I came here at the age of 1 and my parents both Shia Muslim migrants from Lucknow lie buried at Rehmatabad Shia cemetery holding hands side by side.

My children all three were born in Mumbai and my grand daughter is a Mumbaikar affectinately called Marziya Koli by the koli women of Bandra Bazar fish market in whose laps she grew with promfrets bangda gol rawas and smell of dry bombils .

Marziya understands the Koli language completely..

Last night when India won I took her down amidst firecrackers to shoot the celebrations at Shaheen building Bandra Bazar Road , she took 2 shots without being intimidated by the cheering kids.. I took the rest.

And Marziya as I reflect would be on my waist a few months old as I shot my surroundings.. and all those outings have helped and Marziya has a photo shoot next week by one of the best Mumbai photographers the versatile Pratik Koli and this is sheer coincidence that Pratik hails from the Koli family is one of my best friends among media persons.. we get off like cheese and firecrackers.

The Muslim Beggar Woman's Dillemma

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I took her by surprise I was on my way to work and this is a beggar community from Murshidabad West Bengal , a huge bunch that begs in the slums and from the slums moves in to the main road begging from shops.

They mostly dress in black, and most are in pairs, I have not talked to one of them , but its the morbid pain of their lives , they dont have children tagging them like the Mumbai or Kahmiri migrant beggars.

Maybe Mamtaji's success in dislodging the reds might add a bit of color to the blackness of their own stark lives time will tell...

And all those parties that were created for the salvation have done nothing for the common man , their leaders fattened themselves became super rich in a very short space of time and the common Dalit or the poor man is still building statues in the sun.

This is the greatest tragedy of my beloved India.

A single vote added to the kitty of Ministerji made him a rags to riches story,and not that I envy him , he had his kismet emblazoned in gold before he was born on this planet the Gods of Indralok were by his side.

I shoot beggars it kills my boredom so to speak, it adds to the poetry of their life and mine too.

This world where I live in is a pond for thirsty beggars they come from far and wide and this is not a temple town on the banks of a river but this is Bandra a peaceful suburb once a Queen now gone to seed.

And between Bandra West and Bandra East there is a great divide , but it will not last very long as the East is now surpassing the West as the posh Bandra Kurla complex eats into the hearts of slumlands..Garib Nagar is touted as Rs 20000 per squire feet..and these days it hardly has a honorary mention in media..

And it is sad and strange the media talks incessantly of Libya Syria Iran Saudi Arabia Yemen but there will never be a line on the human rights situation in Bahrain..

Bahrain is under Saudi Arabia troopsor the Peninsular force but who cares not even their spineless king who has lost the trust of his people is what it shows..

Muammar Gaddafi is a bad good ruler hardly gives anyone to right bomb an independent country.. we as Indians are lucky or they would have bombed our ruling party for the mess and the scams and corruption galore.

And Iraq after getting rid of Saddam Hussain is gone from bad to worse , whatever Saddam was at least he governed with an iron hand and there were not so many Sunni Shia clashes Muslims killing Muslims ..per se.

And our opposition political party in India is directionless and reminds me of an auction scene at a fishing market at Sassoon can only hear the voice of the highest bidder... who takes the fish and the smell goes away .

I am happy after shooting beggars at least my mind gets a new lease on its imagination and from the same words I recycle the pain of a new poem.

This was posted last night at 2.30 am I am adding text this morning I slept late like almost all cheering Indian did.

India Jeet Gayi

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rat gayi
bat beet
kal hogi
bat kuch
aur nayi
tum ho wahan
ham hai kahin
kehna chaha
bat keh na gayi

The Blogger Never Sleeps

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blogging keeps my soul alive

walking bare feet on a double edged knife

away from hate fate bound to cricket

two countries unending strife

divided dreams a chaotic life

pain disillusionment my two wives

Touch And Feel

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are poems
that touch and feel
touch and heal
some relationships
are born on the soul
of the karmic wheel
a pledge with hope
you silently seal
feelings a cosmic heart
wont reveal such is life
what you are your
inner soul conceals
layers layers
she tries to unpeel
held in captivity
she cant steal
a silhouette surreal
the pain the sufferings
osmosis of fear
slithering like an eel
through the pinwheel
festered wounds
blood congeals

this is dedicated to a sweet person across the oceans kind and genteel..,,my ideal

Thank You Flickr- Upload once, share everywhere

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From Flickr Blog

Today we’re announcing an update to our share functionality to help you make Flickr the hub for your photos on the Internet. If you’re anything like us, you probably have multiple places out there on the Internet where you express yourself. Maybe you use Facebook to connect to your college friends, Twitter for people who share your interests, or your blog as your megaphone to the world. The changes we’re releasing today make it easier to upload once to Flickr and get your photos out to other places you showcase your photos on the web!

Here are some of the features we’re introducing:

* Easier access to share functionality -We’ve integrated options to share your photos as a key part of the photo page, making it easier for you to access and get your photos out to the places you want.

# Previously you could only share your photostreams, sets and groups to your friends and family via email. Now you’ll be able to share those same things to all supported social destinations as well. Stay tuned as we continue to make improvements that allow you to share even more of your life on Flickr!
# We’ve improved flexibility of sharing to Facebook so you can now selectively share individual photos, your sets, groups or photostream. You can also share non-public content with your Facebook friends, so that they can see your latest weekend trip photos without making them public on Flickr. And of course, you can always set up your account so that you automatically share any public uploads directly to your Facebook feed.
# Signed-out users can now also share public and safe photos they see on Flickr directly to their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
# We’ve added Tumblr as a share destination and are retiring native support of some existing blogs (you can always check out the app garden for other ways to get your photos out there on the internet!).

India Won The Semi Finals For These Guys

Mera Bharat Mahan ..Dhin Chak Dhin Chak Jeet Gaya Hindustan

Mera Bharat Mahan ..Dhin Chak Dhin Chak Jeet Gaya Hindustan

Mera Bharat Mahan ..Dhin Chak Dhin Chak Jeet Gaya Hindustan

India Jeet Gayi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

India Jeet Gayi Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

India Beat Pakistan By 29 Runs Jai Ho

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I bought Mohali Home
on My TV set
a blogger is faster
than a newspaper
thanks to the internet
loads of money
for those who won
the toss won the bet ..
Pakistanis now fly back
to the cuckoos nest
the team won
that played the best

Saudi Terrorism On The Soul of the Shias of Bahrain

Keep out of our affairs, Bahrain tells Iran

Bahrain's Shiite opposition leader on Wednesday urged Shiite Iran to keep out of the Arab country's internal affairs, after government charged that Tehran had orchestrated month-long protests.

Keith Kanga Atomic Forest on my Birthday

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Keith Kanga My Childhood Friend - Memories Revisited

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Many a great dreams great personalities dark thoughts despair morbidity inhabited this house Jony Castle Wodehouse Road Colaba , it touched even those who passed this way.

Keith Kanga was a Indian Rock icon founder of Atomic Forest , his parents had died when he was a little child , he was bought up by his maternal grand mother Granna as we called her she a fierce Jeovahs Witness , she was fine as a human being but a bigot all the way if you belonged to any other religion , her religion was the only Salvation , Watchtower and Paradise .

She hated the Roman Catholics as a Cobra hates a Mongoose, it was in the nature of her religion , it had more hate for others than mere love for Jesus Christ.Her faith finally destroyed her and her grandson too, and though Keith was bought up by her he did not inherit her hate , he was the richest kid the only Richie Rich of Wodehouse Road Colaba.

If Keith's custody for which there was a bitter court battle a lot of wealth at stake had gone to his Parsi relatives the story of his life might have been different and Keith was not a Bawa per se only 50%from his father Dossabhai Kanga a dapper industrialist's side ..owner of race horses and owner of New Era Printing Press Worli .

Keith Kanga was his mother Gwendolyn or Gwyn , his mother was a beauty of her time , she smoked she drank she was a foreigner from Sri Lanka of Dutch origins I think..In my entire life in retrospection I have till date never seen a more beautiful woman than her, that in spite of her beauty her wealth her antecedents she allowed Kieth to play with a Muslim tailors son , living in a servants quarters next to her house but on the other wing of Khatau Bhuvan now Jony Castle speaks volumes of her humility and her love of humanity.

Granny called my dad Darzi , I was the Darzis boy, but Granny liked me simply because I never refuted her bigotry or religious views, she gave me food to eat and Keiths old clothes were always new when I wore them generously presented by her.

I dont know but it is strange she went after the Catholics and the Parsis but was mild on Hindus and Muslims..

And without Granny I would have been on the streets literally , when we moved out of Khatau Bhuvan the servants quarter we lived in belonged to late actor Nawab Kashmiris family the new owner Mr Matthews bought our house 3 room on Wodehouse Road for a princely sum of Rs 19000 .

He allowed us to stay at his Breach Candy apartment at Neelam for a few months than we came to 3 Mohini Mansions Strand Cinema Colaba.

I kept in touch with Keith , than at our new house tragedy struck when I was to give my board exams , my dad lost heavily in his business I was studying at Holy Name High School , my dad rented out our house and packed of the entire family my mom sisters to Lucknow, I spoke to Granny and she told me to stay with Keith till my exams , and this one kind act changed my life , I studied at Keith's house , I was cleaning the house ...swapping the floors taking the horny bitch Fu Fu who was always on heat .. for walks late in the night..

Morning was Bible study for two hours and I never cribbed I thought it was part of life's punishment my dad and I and a younger brother Shakil who was with him , never met, my younger brother sacrificed a lot gave up his school and took up tailoring our family business.

My mother carried her cross in Lucknow very hard times making envelops and taking care of her brood.. it was the darkest days of our lives , I try not to ever think about it.. Granny had decided I had to convert to Jeovahs Witness and this is truth without malice I was not so religious either , so one morning I was taken to the sea side close to Badhwar Park , for my baptism to my good luck it rained Granny bundled us back home keeping my tryst with Christianity for another day.

In the mean time my Dad got his bearings back, he came one day to Jony Castle to take me back, he had changed he had got back the house 3 Mohini Mansions from the people he had rented it out returning was not taken lightly by Granny and this was a moment from a Dickensian novel.. she took me aside blessed me .and was very sad at my going later I was replaced by the kid of a Madrasi family Joboy.

She had come to love me , I used to press her varicose feet all night as she read out the Bible to me , I slept on the floor beneath the bed with horny always on heat Fu Fu as my companion.. bleeding the bedsheets and my soul.

So these are memories that stirred my soul on this once text less post..

Keith was my childhood friend the best friend I ever had he treated me fairly I ate his left overs but they were the best food I ever had those days of penury and hard times.

I came to know of Keith's passing away from a evening newspaper I read his obituary I was stunned , he had sold out his palatial home to Mr Matthews Jony Castle , and had moved away to Delhi..

I had his childhood pictures I still have them I saved them since 50 years ...and than I posted them on the Internet.. 6 years from now.

Keith would meet me once in a while at Slip Disc where they played I would pass him by smoking a joint I used to work late at Burlingtons Taj Mahal my shift ended at midnight , we would talk of old times and Keith loved my mother.

He never came to my house at 3 Mohini Mansion Strand , but memories kept this relationship alive..he studied at a boarding in Darjeeling and later came back to Mumbai and studied at Cathedral John Canon under Mr Gunnery.

The other fiend from thse times was Vimal Patacharige a Sri Lankan his father worked as a goldsmith for Gazdar Taj..most of the goldsmith of Gazdar Taj were workers from Sri Lanka.than known as Ceylon.I dont know what happened to Vimal I tred a lot to find out about him his sisters Sunetra and Ratika.
Dr Pavris daughters his neighbors might know but I never knew them too well to inquire about my lost childhood friend.

The other surviving friend from that era is Rayomand Framroze Ray Framroze of Framroze Court .. Marine Drive we keep in touch through Facebook.

I think this is the most lucid account of my relationship with Keith Kanga , I was not into Music I visited Keith at 3 Coins when they played at Pune as 100 Ton Chicken..the drummer was Sanjay Dutts cousin from Chateau Marine Marine Drive relative of Nargis Duttji..

Than I remember Neil Chattophadaya , Eric and Phillip Vaz kids of Chic Choclit Post Office Colaba.

The only words of Keiths Memories were words of an Album, Blind Faith by Eric Clapton

Following the shadows of the skies waiting for the ships to sail or are they figments of my mind waiting for the ships to sail ...

Who Will Win The Match ? India Or Pak

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these are
loads and loads
of messages
i received
at facebook
in a gunny bag
chain messages
i was duly tagged
wherever i went
its an india win
they unanimously
even my panwala
caught me on the street
raucously asked me
who will win the match
india or pak ?
at goodluck
irani hotel
near mehboob
they offered
me black tea
keema brun
free snacks
elco pani
gave me
dahi badas
my money back
i got free
Indian flags
at cheap jack
though at mohali
a ticket costs a lac
punters bookies
make hordes
of money
with great
both sides praying
the great dream
does not crack
do or die
or get media flak
tryst with destiny
at wankhede stadium
crowds jam packed
a poet searching
for a needle
in a haystack
if wishes were horses
than beggars would be
on horseback

jeetega bhai jeetega hindustan jeetega at mohali only sound track

india won by 29 runs matter of fact skill and tact
paisa usul dhin chak din chak

Poets Are Born In Captivity

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hard labor
life imprisonment
churn out words
living in the shadow
of darkness
with slur words
like herds
words that flap
their wings
like birds
escaping from
the poets cell
into cyberspace
no need of
good words
bad words
no father
no mother
form the poets
a poet
who was
a fucked
to eternity
a jailbird
from the closet
back into
the cupboard
now heading

Marziya Congratulates Uncle Shewag..

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waiting with
bated breath
eyes glued
to the TV sets
on bean bags
single double
couple and the stag
item girl and the hag
hero in the drag
painted lips
florescent bag
the macho and the fag
the politician windbag
the nubile editor from the mag
the big fat lady who loves to nag
postmen with their mailbag
even the pesswallahs with a gag

shakes hands
with uncle shewag
wishing sachin uncle
his 100 century
she gives them
both chocolates
from her school bag
India will win the match
she raises the Indian flag
with a camera round her neck
she is the worlds youngest
street photographer
she loves to brag
a retired grand father
behind her shadow tags
looking at this duo
jealous tongues
begin to wag
on the soul of
restless humanity
cricket can be
such a drag

A Message That Shows The Humanity of the Bohra Spirit of Peace

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I got a friend request and a message on Facebook from a person , his words touched me immensely and I am as human as he is I am a poet too.. I have made this message public to show you how as humans a picture touches the soul of us as human as Indians in a given situation of pain.

Huzefa Shabbir March 29 at 10:39pm Report
Dear Mr Shakir

I live in the building where the fire took place on 25th March 2011, it was very sad that few kids from our community attacked you and injured you on that very unfortunate night, they did not know that you were trying to help us in your own way. I hope you will not keep anything in your heart of what happen on that very day.

You are an amazing photographer i have gone through all your pictures, i myself love taking pictures if you can see my profile but i am not professional as you are.

Hope to hear from you.

Huzefa Shabbir

Firoze Shakir March 29 at 11:09pm

Thanks Huzefa

I am touched by your words the first one from your community , I normally dont shoot pictures of disasters at all as a rule but this happened in my neighborhood and it was my duty as a blogger and as a Press person I shoot for Bandra Times to document it , there was no ulterior motive , no hidden agenda.

I am a Shia and very close to Akbar Bhai, Cheap Jack Something Special family Nur Nulwala and many other Bohra personalities , as a matter of fact I have always been inspired by the Bohra ethos of peace and living in mutual harmony.

Every Year I pen a poem on His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saabs birthday..

I shall blog this dialogue..

Thank you

Take Care

Firoze Shakir '


Madness Is What Brings Us Together

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we both
are crazy
so to speak
we shoot beggars
we shoot freaks
through the soul of
images we communicate
through pictures we speak
he is a master of his art
light shadow
sound technique
holding eternity
in a vultures beak
an American by birth
he is a hardcore
Indian mild and meek
he loves my country
a love unique
as he freezes
a wet tear on
a beggar
child's cheek
my mentor
healing streak
we are both
slaves of
a 3 year old child
a street photographer
photo chic
a nikon d300
snazzy and sleek
round her neck
truth she seeks

The Magic of Bollywood Lives From One Generation to The Next

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a magical script
needs no words
or text
moving pictures
prose poetry
pain passion pathos
in the right context
sensuality oomph
for the over sexed
reality drama
from one scene
to the next
item girls
on the soul
of humanity
golden moments
glory dance music
in a cinema hall
horror fear and dread
silky moments
sucking her toes
on a silken
flowery bed
eyes closed
wings spread

to aaditya raj kapoor

You Can Create Actors You Cant Make Another Jackie Shroff

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the soul
of man
you can
the soul
of an artist
you can reform
jacke shroff
the silence
in a tea cup
of a creative
on a celluloid
you are what you are
is how a scene you
perform brainy
jackie dada
an exclamation
but no not a full stop
a re surging force
time and tide
he transforms
a poet a philosopher
kind congenial warm

Jackie Shroff Rekindling The Soul of Cinema

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From Wikipedia

Jackie Shroff (born 1 February 1960)[1] is an Indian actor. He has been in the industry for more than 28 years and has appeared in over 150 films.

Jaikishen was born in the Gujarati-speaking Shroff family on February 1, 1960.[1] His dad's name is Arvind Chandrababu, his brother's is Hemant, and they live in Bandra, Mumbai in a bungalow named 'Babu Pad".

A vegetarian, Jaikishen made his acting debut in a bit-role as a villain in the 1973 hit 'Heera Panna' which starred Dev Anand. He then went on to act in another Dev Anand starer, 'Swami Dada".

It was Subhash Ghai, who signed him up for the 1983 hit 'Hero' that catapulted this handsome young man to stardom, followed by yet another hit 'Andar Bahar' with Anil Kapoor as his co-star. Thus Jaikishen became the new Indian legend: Jackie Shroff.

Since then there has been no looking back, as he went on to star in close to 150 movies with a career that spanned from 1973 onwards. Since 2000 or thereabouts he has appeared in a variety of character-roles, villain, comedian, and even as a ghost in 'Bhoot Unkle'.

He married his longtime girlfriend, Ayesha Dutt, who is also a producer and both husband and wife run Jackie Shroff Entertainment Limited. They have two children, a son, Jai (nickname Tiger Baby Babu), and a daughter, Krishna.
[edit] Awards

* 1990: won:Filmfare Best Actor Award, Parinda
* 1994:Nominated:Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award-Khalnayak
* 1995: won:Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, 1942: A Love Story
* 1996: won:Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award, Rangeela
* 1997:Nominated:Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award-Agni Sakshi
* 2002:Nominated:Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award-Yaadein
* 2001:Nominated:Filmfare Best Villain Award forMission Kashmir
* 2003:Nominated:Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award-Devdas

* 2007 - Special Honour Jury Award for Outstanding Contribution to Indian cinema

Jackie Shroff The Man Of All Times

We met recently at Pablo Bartholomews photo exhibition , and Jackie Dad was reading Pablos pictures like poetry , he studied each picture silently imbibing moments i his soul.

By Jackie Shroff the other name is humility that has endeared him with everybody , he came over to me inquired about me my family.. this is Dada as a man and as a friend.

Jackie has never changed his friends have changed his surroundings may have changed but time or fate could never touch the poetry of life in the soul of Jackie Shroff.

Jackie is a poet a philosopher and a photographer too he shoots all with the Leica of his minds eye and never forgets us at all.

Jackie Dada My Hero

Jackie Shroffs look in Hero was put together by me and this is a fact that Dada knows and I know many many years back and my relationship with Dada happened in the early 70s at the Oberois when I worked at Sheraton Treasures a shop that belonged to the Burlington group and Mr Shashi Kapoor was one of the partners I was told though it was late Mrs Jenifer Kapoor that instilled the love of fashion in my soul and helped make me what I am today my journey as sartorial magician would have been incomplete without her generous contribution...

You Can Create Actors You Cant Make Another Jackie Shroff

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the soul
of man
you can
the soul
of an artist
you can reform
jacke shroff
the silence
in a tea cup
of a creative
on a celluloid
you are what you are
is how a scene you
perform brainy
jackie dada
an exclamation
but no not a full stop
a re surging force
time and tide
he transforms
a poet a philosopher
kind congenial warm

Anil Bhartiya Saab The Guru of All Good Things

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“Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.”
Guru Nanak Saab

Anil Bhartiya is a very low profile person, quiet, reticent and minds his own business , he has seen life lived life , he has seen good times bad time hard times , but never complained, he has never been proud arrogant , he is the most talented brilliant fine art as well as a creative photographer.

He is one of the finest photo journalists but humble to the core..I owe much to him , and others like me he has taught at the various outdoor shoots Malsheh Ghat Alibagh Murud Janjira.

Anil Bhartiya is a one man army God has stopped making Anil Bhatiyas completely parts are not easily available..and this is a fact he has at home with every genre of photography, he has contributed a lot to photographers in Mumbai and all over India.

He has a great fan following from Kanyakumari to Kashmir , he has been my earliest support base and even at the few recent photo shoots I inquired about him from fellow photo journalists.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.

This quote symbolizes Anil Bhartiya in a few words ..

This is my humble tribute to a great master.. may he live long peace and spiritual success be with him always.

The Muslim Beggar From Agra

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Sometimes I wonder what pulls beggars to me , why are they dawn to the karmic consciousness of my camera lens..he came to my workplace I gave him something he asked for some more , I told him to go to the mosque for more substantial or adequate help.. he gave me mocking smile and simply because though Allah is benevolent kind merciful his custodians most of them are worse than this beggar..they are beggars a notch higher than him , beneath the mosque beggars are the madrsa beggars who come with mini trucks and blaring loudspeakers wake the entire locality with their sales spiel.

And begging is an integral part of Moslem society embedded in the soul of its religiosity ...I cannot escape beggars as much as some who cant escape me and I remember when I first joined Flickr and posted Muslim beggar all Mosems from the Far East were gunning for my poetic pedantic pedestrian ass.

The Arabs of the Middle East have no issue with beggars they always thought the rest of the Asian Moslem world is where the beggars the Arab world is changing evolving trying to come out free from shackles of hate and slavery.

I think in India the Moslem is much happier and much closer to the reality of peace hope and humanity than anywhere else.. because culturally the Moslem in India is more Indian bound to humility and hospitality and the brotherhood of Man.

I find and this is my personal view arrogance in the Moslem enters the soul through Tablik where he thinks only he is Gods chosen one and the rest are second class citizens ..

Being good or bad as a Moslem is more to do with your parentage and your surroundings my parents made me cosmopolitan, I became a better Moslem simply because I was made to respect all religiosity by my parents , we were Maharashtrians our caretaker as kids was a Marathi lady we called Aiee .or Mother.And she was like our mother keeping us alive with stories of Shivaji Maharaj and Marathi Asmita.

So my thoughts now at the age of 58 reflect her teachings her upbringing , and that is visible in the pictures I shoot of all faith including the Hijras.

And I don't blame Facebook friends even Shias from my community who knock me of from their Friends list the day I post too many hijra links as my wall posts..

And I have a Naga Sadu Guru , I have a Hijra Guru I have a Sufi Guru I have a Christian Guru..and I never needed a Shia Guru because I follow Imam Ali from the time I entered my mothers womb.

And so back to beggars and this bearded Moslem beggar in particular he told me his son was a beggar too.. in bad shape and God save them both.

Beggary in mot cases is a profitable option of survival, I once politely told a Moslem beggar lady why she did not do domestic chores she looked at me as though I was insane and told me she made more money as a beggar and was happy in more ways than one.

And than this morning I shot the creative works of children bought up in a AIDS environment , some of them are HIV positive , some are here where I shot their work because their parents are HIV positive and I would have never shot them anyway , as the stigma attached to AIDS ..they were so excited seeing me in my fancy dress rings etc, they kept touching me as though I was some apparition or ghost, and they saw me shooting their works on the wall, not one of them said Uncle take my picture..a foreboding thought even as a poet.

They were Moslems Hindus Christians among these kids but they were human , they seemed happy because they were flocked with their own.. this is one photo shoot I will never forget in my life..and when actors get their pictures taken with the cancer kids I think it is the greatest insult to Humanity ...

So as a blogger a mere picture of a Moslem beggar can take you from one layer to the next , from one thread of thought to another...yes I shoot beggars because as poet I am a beggar too their karmic existence connecting with my own..

And I dont sell my pictures forget hijra pictures or beggar pictures.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One And Only KRK

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doston ka dost
dushman o ka
jani dushman
nam hai inka KRK
inse jo jalte hain
woh rahte hain darke
na idhar ke na udharke
dost ke liye
yeh jan bhi de denge
big boss ke ghar main
yeh rehte the
bindas akadke
enhe dekhkar sab
choriyon ka
dil dhad ke dil dhad ke
bollywood ke one and only
ek SRK ek KRK

my new poem dedicated to Kamaal saab

Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

HIV AIDS Children And Creativity

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Children who have lost parents to HIV/AIDS are not only just as deserving of an education as any other children, but they may need that education even more. Being part of a school environment will prepare them for the future, while helping to remove the stigma and discrimination unfortunately associated with AIDS.
-- Harry Belafonte

I was invited by a very dear friend to see the creative works of children living in an atmosphere of AIDS , either they have it or it in some cases their parents are infected , I did not shoot their pictures though they all gathered around me seeing me in my bejeweled attire, some of them kept holding my hands and rings..this was the first time I was meeting these special kids in my life and because of the stigma attached to this scourge of a disease I am happy through their work you will see and understand them better.

I was told a lot of people did shoot these kids but misused their pictures for their own vested interests , I am an avid photographer I shoot beggar kids but here the issue is very sensitive and I am not mentioning the organization or the place where I shot these pictures.

I saw dreams in their eyes , and I saw a glimmer of hope I met two young girls both want to be management students and they behaved normal unhindered by their sufferings or the sufferings of their parents or family members.

These are silent pictures and they tell a story of human pain , pain is the only emotion that connects one person with another as human beings.. through their pictures you can interpret myriads of thoughts in color and the darkness of their lives.

I am indeed happy that I was able to shoot their work their joyous creativity and share it with all of you...

This Is A Poet Hung Upside Down In The Bedroom ..of a Transvestite

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we had a fight
she clubbed me
because she is taller
than me voluptuous
in height she got upset
she is from lahore
my sweet transvestite
i told her while making love
accidentally that india
will beat the pakistanis
in a bitter fight at mohali
where our luck
would be shining bright
this is what she did to me
hung me up all night
beat me black blue and white
why for a match of cricket
do we lose our sight
i cant understand
get me right
two countries
that even god cant unite
she left me this way
took the next flight
to mohali my poetic plight
born a dreamer
a visionary
without insight
pain my sweet
bitter birthright
i have decided
to patch up
with her no more
be more polite
no match fixing
in a love ill starred
no respite
she is a
non believer
i am a shiite

optional title
the transvestites tale never ends ...airtight

Save Our Children That Are Our Trees Too

And This a Poets Life .. Gone Dry Forever

dedicated to something sweet called sukhi hontu

Poets Are Born In Captivity

Tall Dark And Handsome

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a principal
of st stanislaus
but a good
big boss
a Jesuit
humble soldier
of the lord
on the cross
my dear friend
fr lawrie serrao
a humanitarian
poetry and pathos
the love
of jesus
on my soul
he did emboss
i shoot all religion
faith people
on my poets
glory and gloss
hope humility
heavenly ethos
away from
all human
political chaos

Fr Lariwe encouraged me to be an avid photographer I honed my skills shooting his school St Peter Church , he always invited me to his Jesuit celebrations , after he left for St Xaviers , I lost a very good patron of the Arts , even today Father invites me to his birthdays..though he never ages is not the crux of his birthday or this blog.

I was introduced to Fr Lawrie by the inimitable bundle of creative joy called Darryl of Peace Haven..

We sincerely hope and pray that he once again returns to our St Peters Parish...St Stanislaus school to enroll my grandson.. who not yet born awaits in the wings..Marziya my grand daughter could not make it ...she joined Apostolic Carmel Convent instead..

But she shoots St Peter Church with my camera is a genetic aberration that got corrected through a camera lens.

ik din padega jaana, kyaa vaqt, kya zamaana koi na saath dega, sab kuchh yahin rahega

an apple a day

Rafik Bhai Adnan of Second Chance

Bloggers Dont Shoot Pictures ...They Poetize Them

Eid Ul Fitr Namaz Bandra Station 2018