Thursday, January 21, 2010

Marziya and Senior Inspector Prakash George Bandra

Marziya loves policeman a fact all the policemen of Bandra Police Station know , and Uncle Prakash George Senior Inspector of Bandra Police Station is very special..she knows that very well as he sends his orderly to get Marziya a big bar of chocolate.

Marziya wishes all the policemen as she walks to school or on her return..and the cops who are fathers grand fathers too wave out to her with mutual respect and good will.

Bandra The Undisputed Uncrowned Queen of Garbage

on the soul
of society
a war they wage
Bandra The Undisputed
Uncrowned Queen of Garbage
going from bad to verse
at every stage
a syndrome
of apathy
as our children
the queen
of open gutters
stinking sewage
now that he has
got his ministerial seat
he has gone backstage
everything in bandra
but this scene stealer
of sorrows and misery
wont see any
front page
the dirge of a blogger
dying in a cage

She Begs With Her Eyes

caught in
the vicious grip
of fate
caught in a
painful vice
dressed in
the winding sheet
of pain
she begs
with her eyes
shamed womanhood
as time flies
far away
in her shanty
her child cries
will be born
if the first one dies
reality of her state
her soul in disguise
pushed into
early marriage
she pays a price
makes me wonder
beneath the feet
of motherhood
lies paradise
the Muslims
see this everyday
at the Friday prayers
at the market
at the crossroad
giving her
a few coins will suffice
building new spiritual
structures madrsas
on the soul
of the down trodden
to be precise
once bitten
on the soul
of humanity
the best advice

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