Friday, April 29, 2011

Goodbye Farewell Dear Friend

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what goes up
must come down
in the end
me my
you have
your own
garden to tend
i am happy
for the joyride
dear friend
i have nothing
but my honor
to defend
your precious time
agonizing moments
you did lend
you tried very hard
to put your views across
cogently convincingly
i would not mend
so this time
it is your turn
into the darkness blend
sad gloomy thoughts
did portend into
the hell of my own
i descend
best wishes joy
be happy
a few lines
i have penned
to you across
the oceans
i send

i could not fake
my true feelings
or pretend
i am what i am
a broken pot
oozing pain
on the river bend

Lord Of The Flies

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on a
the skies
broken wings
harsh truth
all lies
by her kohl
laden eyes
warrior goddess
queen in disguise
for his sins
the poet
pays a price
every day
brings a
new surprise
his soul cries
on the tombstone
of friendship
tears dry
as she rolls eyes
he lets out a sigh
a beggar poet
wooing a princess
of orkazai
heat humidity
lost memories
in soulful mumbai

This Poets Grave Lies On Facebook

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Mansoor Showghi Yezdi

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a travesty
of love
at birth
a beggar poet
whose bare feet
tread softly
on mother earth
met with an accident
died in her arms
his humility
her grandeur her girth
buried near her wall
at facebook
for all he was worth

i am the life and the resurrection
on facebook his untimely rebirth
an unborn poem kicking the womb
in childbirth mystery and mirth

The Hijab Sarkozys Envy Owners Pride

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he is scared
that all Frenchwomen
will begin
wearing the hijab
as a fashion statement
their divine beauty hide
giving a blow to french pride
so he banned the hijab
his hate for the hijab
his racist pride
his people
open mouth
tongue tied
a nation
he presides
glass eyed
he decried
the hijab
the most
wanted terrorist
enemy no 1
in pubic places
access denied
as the hijab
defiant stood up
to a racist attack
on freedom
of religious expression
allah by her side
is the hijab a weapon
of mass destruction
a split open wide
god the mentor
god the guide
on the soul of humanity
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
down slides

Jesus Is Cross With Me

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for taking her
for granted
her peace
her tranquility
her friendship
was crumbs
in a beggars
bowl as charity
means to a poets
dreams his ego
his pretentious
poetic vanity
to be or not to be
seeking shade
under a dying
banyan tree
to life's poetry
broken wings
cant fly but free

The Greatest Human Virtue Greater Than Love Forgiveness

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we err
we falter
we hurt
our lives
in a mess
for hope and happiness
what others think
we try to guess
building hope
in another persons nest
no peace of mind no rest
we lose lifes only interest
trying to get out
thoughts feelings
half choked off our chest
this poem to a concerned
divine goddess addressed
please forgive him
my only request
get well soon
god bless

Deleted Soul of My Poetry

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"Powerpuff Bubble
sweet innocent
cute loving
has no double
a dream a bubble
inspiring a street poet
to rise from a rubble

i am sorry
i trouble

as the poet falls
his world crumbles

What ? Thinking About You

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kabhi kabhi
mere dil dil main khayal ata hai
jab apka khayal ata badi mushkil se dil se jata hai
gun gunata hai
hale dil sunaTa hai
band bajata hai
apke bina saha nahi jata hai
meri phooti kismet par tala lag jata hai

and i can make any word come to life
thinking about you

S what

A Love Story Called BOO

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ashiq ..blah
koi ashiq love
shove nai hota
sab time pass

me this is my first love story to you
it is called the reincarnation of the stone man

u cooked n i wrote poems

ok i was called dumb

the elders had got me married to you
your were an orphan
they called you stupid

S wow nice story ..grrr ...story mei bu orphan n stupid

so we were married in a cave
we had a tigers head for the wedding buffet

we danced all night
it was not salsa or samba
and you smelled beautiful
you were so goddamn happy
those days there were no jukeboxes

so the crazy demented old widow of the Stonehenge village sang for us getting drunk all the time
dont you remember
S no
me: than people gave us presents
S: Ok
then i died n went to heaven .
story finish

me: your uncle that fat sloppy chief from the next village gave us a goat
S: come back to real life now
me: that was one feet already in its grave
your aunt Selena dont you remember her
S: Sir ...yeh kesy bakwas story hai ...goat as gift ...eww
me: gave you a amber brooch
S: Ok that sound a bit better
me: the one you lost a few days after the wedding

S: ..mila bhi n lose bhi ho gaya
wa wa
me: your cousin gave you a peck on the cheek and tried hold you tight i pushed him bak
S: :-O
me: than the village shaman gave you a green grass girdle
i loved your great great aunt she gave us a lovely oak wood cradle
oh i was deeply touched
and tears were flowing from my eyes
: :-S
sir are you okie ?
You scare me sometimes ..

me: you looked gorgeous your cheeks were flustered
you had gained a bit weight but you promised you would lose it
took your word i was far to scared of you
S: :O

S: hmm
me: i had wooed you for many years but your uncle that wicked Zoffar wanted to give yoU to the butcher he was going to give you a fatter dowry
i was far too poor
good for nothing
i had nothing to give you
S: :(
me: but i gave your uncle my mothers quartz ring and after a great bargain i was given your hand
the butcher was not happy
he made a trap near my door
S: :s
me: and i being a poet romantic fell into it
it was a ditch filled poisonous vipers
they bit me all over
but i was bitten by your love
that saved me
S :s
me: i was in delirious fever i remember nothing
later the boys from the village told me you take care of me
you gave me a new life
i was married to you
the butcher he fled the village he i was told is selling vipers in the next village
me: it was the great equinox the day were pledged our souls to each other
and i woke up from my fucked dream
i think i will stick to writing poems and shooting pictures and wooing you


I Have Turned My Back On You

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to your memories
my pain my pathos
my poetry pure
my bearings
from your heart
i try to secure
who i am
what i am
a speck of dust
i am
not sure
i am man
my pain
i will endure
the welts
on my back
the bleeding head
i will cure
away from
the silhouette
of your trusting
world deceitful
demure agonizing
angst and allure
a symbolical detour
your childish emotions
soft as velour your
feelings immature
your divine beauty
your ego your
pretentious grandeur
i wont come back
into the winding lanes
of your mind and soul
i take an oath
i assure
you are
what you are
i am what i am
a wandering poet
beggarly and poor
remorsefully obscure

A Part of Me Died On Facebook

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i dare not
the clock
take a look
of haleem
it will be
my heart
liver spleen
she will cook
let it simmer
softly silently
as she reads
a book ok firoze
you are finally
from her karma
of the hook
a smelly cat
a heart for
a smelly fish
a beggar poet
for a crook
in a glass bowl
of misfortune
she watches
my pain
my poetry
my pathos
as my
kingdom shook
she in her corner
me in my loony bin
in my nook

Please Give Me A Second Chance

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pure undiluted
no romance
luck by chance
a poets
world of pain
vast expanse
he seeks
just give

a dead poet in his grave
in a rhythmic trance
emotions restricted
wont expand
a promise i pledge
believe me understand
for once smile
shake my hand
on my bleeding wrist
just tie a friendship
band footsteps
of a poet on quicksand
bleeding feet blisters
he can hardly stand

One Day I Will Renounce This World Become a Barefeet Fakir

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the wilderness
wastelands of
i shall follow
my peer
the greatest
hindu shia
the elusive soul
of the poetry
of my heer
the greatest
a beggar poet
ka fakir
meri phuti
meri ek tarfa
par laga di
unhone laqeer
toota kaman
tooti teer

The Warrior Queen Goddess Did This To Me

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dehumanized me
her bitterness
my humanity
she made
me a stone
idol heartless
my lustful
she cursed me
devastated me
in totality
she killed me
with morbid
the warrior
queen goddess
of immortality

Lalbaugh Chya Raja Mukut Darshan 2019

I am perhaps the only Muslim shooting Lalbaugh Chya Raja for over 20 years or more ,,thanks to Mr Sudhir Salvi head honcho of the Mandal.....