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Documenting The Aghoris Of India At Khamakhya 2017

I met the Aghoris first time at Khamakhya 2016 their Guru from Chennai and another from Ujjain were curious to know about me ..I told them about my connection with the Naga Sadhus and my Naga Guru Juna Akhara and the Kumbhs I had done I told them about my Sufi connection took thir permission to shoot thm their havan sacrifice rituals and thus began a long lasting relationship between a Malang and the Aghori Guru as the Chennai guru is Tamil I told him about my cosmic connection with Goddess Marriammen the Guru spoke for about 40 minuted with my Tamil frind Davendar Bhima in Mumbai my frind who introduced me to the Goddess . Last year I was staying across the Khamakhya it was very easy to shoot them but this year I was staying close to the temple so I would come at midnight stay till 4 am shoot the Aghoris . I shot a lot of videos but one of them who liked me a lot a Dhumru player would coax me to take Deeksha from his Aghori Guru,,,but I woul tell him I had too many Gu…

My Tryst With Brahmaji Pushkar

I was in Ajmer a few years back I had a dream I saw a Mandir I had never seen before so I asked my Sufi teacher I was living in his house he said Bhramaji has called you to Pushkar I had never been to Pushkar 2006 so he gave me a person to go with him a Pandit whose family is in charge of a 750 year old Hanuman Mandir this Pandit saw the Holy Saint Khwajah Garib Nawaz in his dreams the next morning he got himself circumcised and became a devotee of Khwajah ji without renouncing his Hindu faith because the Holy Saint s message was follow your faith change yourself don't change your religion.
Whatever money this Pandit earns he feeds the poor at Ajmer Sharif and he is a staunch Hindu it was this Pandit who accompanied me to Pushkar we had not fully climbed the steps when the head priest walked towards me I was dressed in saffron all he said I was waiting for you good you have come I had never met this person in my life ..from that day I took a vow at Brahma Mandir I will walk bar…