Friday, November 4, 2011

Why Jesus Came To India

was sick and tired
of the western way
so he traveled
through the himalayas
through the ganges
made his home
here to stay
he liked india
the indian ethos
in every way
the people here
kind human
not astray
jesus in
is not
the jesus
hung as statue
in a church
they say
he is on the streets
giving succor
to people
makes them ok
jesus is a spirit
of humanity
in india
color or creed
to whichever
god you may pray
here in my
jesus is talking
to the common man
no he is not sachin tichkule
listening to his pain
as they pass his way
jesus loves children
but not in the same way
by cassocked men
in a lustful way
destroying his name
his preachings
his mission
on a rock
he built
on hope
rough winds
have blown away
jesus is mother theresa
who passed away
jesus is a helping hand
at the end of the day
jesus is love
have to find
to find
his way
if not today

Its Better To Be Human Than To Be Divine

Its Better To Be Human Than To Be Divine

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we can be good
we can be rich
we can be kind
we can be charitable
hospitable divine
but it is all water
over a ducks ass
if we cant be human
we lose peace of mind
the soul of mankind
god given eyes
but to pain
of others we are blind
we show we help
others pretentious
a thought
that slips our mind
so god created
salman khan
with human flaws
within his soul
the love
of humanity
he defined
salman told
the blind beggar
you lead
I follow
from behind
our paths
our collective

Salman Khan
in gratitude and humility


All the pictures of Salman Khan I shot from posters at Mr Boney Kapoors office , when I went to see Mr Vinod Talwar my dear friend..

I pay salute to the original photographer who shot this I have merely reproduced the original and tweaked it with a poetic thought.

I am a Defunct Poet Of Mumbai

born each morning
on the internet
at the stroke
of midnight
i die
the defunct poet
of mumbai
cobbled up
boot polished
i wont deny
the cobbler
poet of mumbai
the same words
over and over again
in the same oil
i fry
a cooked up poem
a burnt out passion
to the masses
i supply
i am a caterer
poet of mumbai
the same thread
of words
the same weft
warp of a fabric
as a poem
i restitch
color and dye
i am a tailor
made poet
of mumbai

will read me
ignore me
its their prerogative
their choice
but in the tear
of a beggar
through 'a picture
i carried
their voice
i gave dignity
to the hijra
from bad to verse
i had
no choice
through a picture
of their angst
i showed
you the world
of the lady boys
poetic pathos
agony anguish
hobsons choice

The Hijab A Dress Code Overblown

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Randy Der so much bullshit about a womens choice of clothing...its more fear mongering from the west to the east..

as a liberal modern day living muslim
i feel the hijab a dress code overblown
the muslim woman wears the hijab
its the western world that takes offense
loves to groan and moan
perhaps they are scared it might
become a fashion statement
their women would love to own
fully covered from head to toe
within the silhouette of the hijab
a woman not alone this
could be the only reason
why they want to criminalize it
burn it ban it bury it
beneath a tombstone
the hijab a fury of their
fear psychosis hits
them like a cyclone
bad governance
economic problems
on the back burner
its the hijab
for their own sins
they want it to atone
the hijab the only garment
they are far too scared to clone
the hijab the muslim womans
safety zone spiritual enlightenment
not willing to be dethroned
the hijab beyond the danger zone

Fuck Hands Fuck Fate

For a new tomorrow I shall wait
where love is supreme fuck hate
fuck hands fuck legs checkmate
fuck wars fuck mines where
bombs detonate bodies
sealed in a crate fuck freight

3 Little Monkeys

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In this picture I have caught two ends of a color palette chalky white and blackish brown
when a photographer of repute and renown came to shoot humanity in our town
a tryst with pain down side up right side down he sat next to a stump where others
would frown he felt a human pain deep down shot by another brownish black clown
an offer to shoot Darwinian monkeys he could not turn down a picture within a poem
he writes down fuck grammar syntax fuck all verbs noun time and tide
now mowed down barefeet a bleeding crown a chaotic calamity wont calm down

Eid Al Adha and The Kurbani Goat

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Eid al-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى‎ ‘Īdu l-’Aḍḥā) or "Eid-u'z-Zuha" "Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid" is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God, before God intervened to provide him with a ram to sacrifice instead.[1] The meat is divided into three equal parts to be distributed to others. The family retains one third of the share, another third is given to relatives, friends and neighbors, and the other third is given to the poor & needy.

Eid al-Adha is the latter of two Eid festivals celebrated by Muslims, whose basis comes from Sura 2 (Al-Baqara) ayah 196 in the Qur'an.[2] Like Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha begins with a Wajib prayer of two Raka'ah followed by a sermon (khuṭbah).

The word "Eid" appears in Sura al-Mai'da ("The Table Spread," Chapter 5) of the Qur'an, meaning 'solemn festival'.[3]

Eid al-Adha is celebrated annually on the 10th day of the 12th and the last Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah (ذو الحجة) of the lunar Islamic calendar.[4] Eid al-Adha celebrations start after the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims worldwide, descend from Mount Arafat. The date is approximately 70 days (2 Months & 10 days) after the end of the month of Ramadan, i.e. Eid-ul-Fitr. Ritual observance of the holiday lasts until sunset of the 13th day of Dhu al-Hijjah.[5]

The Arabic term "Festival of Sacrifice", ‘Eid ul-’Aḍḥā, was borrowed as a unit from Semitic roots that evolved into Indic languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati and Bengali and Austronesian languages such as Malay and Indonesian.

Another Semitic word for "sacrifice" is the Arabic Qurbān (Arabic: قربان‎), which is used in Dari Persian - Afghanistan and Iranian dialect of Persian as Eyde Ghorbân عید قربان, and in Tajik Persian as Иди Қурбон (Idi Qurbon), into Kazakh as Құрбан айт (Qurban ayt), into Uyghur as Qurban Heyit, and also into various Indic languages. Other languages combined the Arabic word qurbān with local terms for "festival", as in Kurdish (Cejna Qurbanê[6]), Pashto (Kurbaneyy Akhtar), Chinese (古尔邦节 Gúěrbāng Jié), Malay and Indonesian (Hari Raya Korban, Qurbani), and Turkish (Kurban Bayramı). The Turkish term was later used in other languages such as Azeri (Qurban Bayramı), Tatar (Qorban Bäyräme), Bosnian and Croatian (Kurban-bajram), Serbian (Курбан бајрам), Russian (Курбан байрам).

Another Arabic name, ‘Īd ul-Kabīr (عيد الكبير `Īd al-Kabīr), meaning "Greater Eid/Festival" (the "Lesser Eid" being Eid ul-Fitr[7]), is used in Yemen, Syria, and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt). The term was borrowed directly into French as Aïd el-Kebir. Translations of "Big Eid" or "Greater Eid" are used in Pashto لوی اختر Loy Akhtar, Kashmiri Baed Eid, Hindi and Urdu Baṛā Īd, Malayalam Bali Perunnal, and Tamil Peru Nāl.

Another name refers to the fact that the holiday occurs after the culmination of the Hajj (حج), or pilgrimage to Mecca (Makka). Such names are used in Malay and Indonesian (Hari Raya Haji "Hajj celebration day", Lebaran Haji), and in Tamil Hajji Peru Nāl.

In Urdu-speaking areas, the festival is also called بقرعید Baqra Īd or Baqrī Īd, stemming either from the Arabic baqarah "heifer" or the Urdu word baqrī for "goat", as cows and goats are among the traditionally sacrificed animals. That term was also borrowed into other languages, such as Tamil Bakr Eid Peru Nāl.

Other local names include 宰牲节 Zǎishēng Jié ("Slaughter-livestock Festival") in Chinese, Tfaska Tamoqqart in the Berber language of Djerba, Tabaski or Tobaski in West African languages,[8]Babbar Sallah in Nigerian languages, and ciida gawraca in Somali.

Eid-al-Adha has other popular names across the Muslim world. The name is often simply translated into the local language, such as English Festival of Sacrifice, German Opferfest, Dutch Offerfeest, Romanian Sărbătoarea Sacrificiului and Hungarian Áldozati ünnep.
[edit] Background

According to Muslims, approximately four thousand years ago, the valley of Mecca (in what is now Saudi Arabia) was a dry, rocky and uninhabited place. According to Islam, the Prophet Abraham ('Ibraheem in Arabic) was instructed to bring his Egyptian wife Hagar (Hāǧar) and Ishmael, his only child at the time (Ismā'īl), to Arabia from the land of Canaan (currently Palestine and also parts of Lebanon,Jordan,Syria and Sinai) by God's command.

As Abraham was ready to return to Canaan, Hagar asked him, "Did "Allah" (God) order you to leave us here"? When Abraham replied: "Yes, I was directed by Allah" (God), Hagar said, "then Allah will not forget us; you can go". Although Abraham had left a large quantity of food and water with Hagar and Ishmael, the supplies quickly ran out, and within a few days the two began to feel the pangs of hunger and dehydration.

According to Islamic tradition, Hagar ran up and down between two hills called Al-Safa and Al-Marwah seven times, in her desperate quest for water. Finally, she collapsed beside her baby Ishmael and prayed to God for deliverance. Miraculously, a spring of water gushed forth from the earth at the feet of baby Ishmael. Other accounts have the angel Gabriel (Jibril) striking the earth and causing the spring to flow in abundance. With this secure water supply, known as the Zamzam Well, they were not only able to provide for their own needs, but were also able to trade water with passing nomads for food and supplies.

Years later, Abraham was instructed by God to return from Palestine to build a place of worship dedicated to Him adjacent to Hagar's well (the Zamzam Well). Abraham and Ishmael constructed a stone and mortar structure —known as the Kaaba— which was to be the gathering place for all who wished to strengthen their faith in God. As the years passed, Ishmael was blessed with Prophethood (Nubuwwah) and gave the nomads of the desert his message of submission to God. After many centuries, Mecca became a thriving desert city and a major center for trade, thanks to its reliable water source, the well of Zamzam.

One of the main trials of Abraham's life was to face the command of God to devote his dearest possession, his only son. Upon hearing this command, he prepared to submit to God's will. During this preparation, Satan (Shaitan) tempted Abraham and his family by trying to dissuade them from carrying out God's commandment, and Ibrahim and Ishmael drove Satan away by throwing pebbles at him. In commemoration of their rejection of Satan, stones are thrown during Hajj.

When Ishmael was about 13 (Ibrahim being 99), Allah (God) decided to test their faith in and submission to Allah in public. Both father and son were put through the most difficult test of their love for Allah. Abraham had a recurring dream, in which God was commanding him to offer his son as a sacrifice – an unimaginable act – sacrificing his son, which God had granted him after many years of deep prayer, the one who had been the centre of his affection and love for all these years. Abraham knew that the dreams of the prophets were inspired by Allah, and one of the ways in which God communicated with his prophets. This must be what Allah had wanted him to do. When the intent of the dreams became clear to him, Abraham decided to fulfil God's command and offer his beloved son in sacrifice.

Although Abraham was ready to sacrifice his dearest for Allah’s sake, he could not just go and drag his son to the place of sacrifice without his consent. Isma'el had to be consulted as to whether he was willing to give up his life as fulfillment to God's command. This consultation would be a major test of Isma'el’s maturity in faith, love and commitment for Allah, willingness to obey his father and sacrifice his own life for the sake of Allah.

Abraham presented the matter to his son and asked for his opinion about the dreams of slaughtering him. Ishmael’s reaction was absolutely astounding. He did not show any hesitation or reservation even for a moment. He said, “Father, do what you have been commanded. You will find me, Insha'Allah (God willing), to be very patient.” His mature response, his deep insight into the nature of dad’s dreams, his commitment to Allah, and ultimately his willingness to sacrifice his own life for the sake of Allah were all unprecedented.

When both father and son had shown their perfect obedience to Allah and they had practically demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice their most precious possessions for His sake—Abraham by laying down his son for sacrifice and Ishmael by lying patiently under the knife – Allah called out to them stating that his sincere intentions had been accepted, and that he need not carry out the killing of Ishmael. Instead, Abraham was told to replace his son with a ram to sacrifice instead. Allah also told them that they had passed the test imposed upon them by his willingness to carry out God's command.[9]

This is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an as follows:

"O my Lord! Grant me a righteous (son)!" So We gave him the good news of a boy, possessing forbearance. And when (his son) was old enough to walk and work with him, (Abraham) said: O my dear son, I see in vision that I offer you in sacrifice: Now see what is your view!" (The son) said: "O my father! Do what you are commanded; if Allah wills, you will find me one practising patience and steadfastness!" So when they both submitted and he threw him down upon his forehead, We called out to him saying: O Ibraheem! You have indeed fulfilled the vision; surely thus do We reward those who do good. Most surely this was a manifest trial. And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice. And We perpetuated (praise) to him among the later generations. "Peace and salutation to Abraham!" Thus indeed do We reward those who do right. Surely he was one of Our believing servants.[10]

As a reward for this sacrifice, Allah then granted Abraham the good news of the birth of his second son, Is-haaq (Isaac):

And We gave him the good news of Is-haaq, a prophet from among the righteous. [11]

Abraham had shown that his love for his Lord superseded all others: that he would lay down his own life or the lives of those dearest to him in submission to God's command. Muslims commemorate this ultimate act of sacrifice every year during Eid al-Adha.

In keeping with the tradition of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, Muslims are encouraged to prepare themselves for the occasion of Eid. Below is a list of things Muslims are recommended to do in preparation for the Eid al-Adha festival:

1. Wake up early (before sunrise). 2. Make wudu (ablution) and offer Salat al-Fajr (the pre-sunrise prayer). 3. Prepare for personal cleanliness - take care of details of clothing, etc. 4. Take a Ghusl (bath) after Fajr prayer. 5. Brush teeth (preferably with a miswak, or tooth-stick). 6. Dress up, putting on new or best clothes available (White, when available, is optimal[12]). 7. Apply (alcohol free) perfume (attar) (men only). 8. It is customary to eat dates preferably or something before going to Eid prayers but you can't eat sacrificed meat as Sacrifice must be done after Eid prayers to be accepted as Sacrifice otherwise it becomes just normal meat and no reward for sacrifice. [13] 9. Go to the prayer grounds (known as an 'Eidgah') early. 10. Offer Salat al-Eid (the congregational Eid prayer) in an open place, weather permitting, or in mosque. 11. Use two separate routes when travelling to and from the Eid prayer location. 12. Recite the following Takbir which starts at Maghrib (sunset) on the 9th of Dhu al-hijah and last until the Asr on the 12th Dhu al-ilhijah: Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar. La ilaha illa-lah wallahu-Akbar. Allahu-Akbar wa-lillahil-hamd, which translates to: "Allah (God) is the Greatest (3 times); there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and Allah is the Greatest. Allah is the Greatest and to Him are due all praises."
[edit] Salat al-Eid

Salat al-Eid is Wajib (strongly recommended, but just short of obligatory). It consists of two Raka'ah (units) with six additional Takbirs. No adhan (Call to Prayer) or iqama (call) is to be pronounced for this Eid prayer.[14] It must be offered in congregation. The Salaat (prayer) is followed by the Khutbah, or sermon, by the Imam. The Khutbah is part of the worship and listening to it is Wajib. During the Khutbah, the Imam reminds the Muslim community about its responsibilities and obligations towards Allah, and good works, kindness, mercy and generosity towards their fellow Muslims and humanity as a whole.

At the conclusion of the prayers and sermon, the Muslims embrace and exchange greetings with one other (Eid Mubarak), give gifts (Eidi) to children, and visit one another. Many Muslims also take this opportunity to invite their non-Muslims friends, neighbours, co-workers and classmates to their Eid festivities to better acquaint them about Islam and Muslim culture.[15]
[edit] Rules Regarding the Animal to be Sacrificed

1. The animal has to be one of the cattle approved by the Sharia (Cow, Camel, Goat, Sheep etc.) 2. The animal has reached the required age. The adult age is: (a) One year for a goat, sheep, lamb (b) Two years for a cow (c) Five years for a camel. 3. The animal is free from an obvious defect like a one-eyed animal whose defect is obvious, a sick animal whose sickness is obvious, a lame animal whose limp is obvious and an emaciated animal that has no marrow in its bones 4. The animal is in full possession of the one who is offering the sacrifice; i.e. it is not stolen or taken by force, not of joint possession or held in pledge 5. The animal can not be sold or given away once selected or bought for sacrifice, unless exchanging for something better.[16]
[edit] Rules Related to the Person offering the Sacrifice

1. Being a Muslim 2. It is necessary for the one who intends to offer the sacrifice that he does not remove any hair or nail from the sunset on last day of Zhul-Qa’dah until the sacrifice is done on the Eid day 3. Doing the slaughter with one’s own hands. If one is not able to do so then he can appoint some one else to do the slaughter on his behalf. In such case one should witness his slaughter if at all possible. 4. It is a necessary condition of the sacrifice that the animal be slaughtered with the intention of offering a sacrifice (udhiyah). The intention must be in the heart, and should not be spoken out loud. 5. Taking the Name of Allah at the time of slaughter.

Men, women, and children are expected to dress in their finest clothing to perform Eid prayer (ṣalātu l-`Īdi) in a large congregation is an open waqf field called Eidgah or mosque. Those Muslims who can afford, i.e Malik-e-Nisaab; sacrifice their best domestic animals (usually a cow, but can also be a camel, goat, sheep or ram depending on the region) as a symbol of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son. The sacrificed animals, called Uḍhiyyah (Arabic: أضحية‎, also known by its Persian term, "al-Qurbāni"), have to meet certain age and quality standards or else the animal is considered an unacceptable sacrifice.

The regular charitable practices of the Muslim community are demonstrated during Eid al-Adha by concerted efforts to see that no impoverished person is left without an opportunity to partake in the sacrificial meal during these days.

During Eid al-Adha, distributing meat amongst the people, chanting the Takbir out loud before the Eid prayer on the first day and after prayers throughout the three days of Eid, are considered essential parts of this important Islamic festival. In some countries, families that do not own livestock can make a contribution to a charity that will provide meat to those who are in need.

If Wishes Were Horses Buggers Would Ride .

The Shia Mumbaikars

Volunteers of Hussain
these selfless spirited workers
neighbors envy Maulahs pride
the Shia Mumbaikars
Ghulam the famous
Noha reciter
Ali a great human rights fighter
Kalu bhai the most sweetest talker
Firoze Shakir
Shia Blogger
more than a sword
the mouse
as a pen is mightier
missing in this picture
the Shia Samurais
Habib and Bakar

Shias of Mumbai Are a Unique Race

bleeding heads
bleeding backs
bleeding face
shias of mumbai
a unique race
sons of the soil
from every place
inheriting this great city
as their birthplace
living in mutual coexistence
with dignity and grace
giving other communities
respect and space
thereby earn respect and praise
their bood shedding a ritual
a protest against terrorism
each moharam a step to trace
trampling the soul of yazidiyat
killing fields of disgrace
azadari e hussain
no despot could erase
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
words on the soul of humanity
to rephrase

We Are Muslims For The Wrong Reasons

of living
in peace
our Islamic
we divide
we believe
in the same Allah
the same Holy Messenger
the same Holy Book
yet we can never unite
we kill our own
we love to fight
our collective cause
our collective plight
no we are muslims
for the wrong reasons
we are first
sunni sufi and shiite

muslims love killing muslims
the core essence of sectarian strife
destroying ourselves others
is a way of life

If I Did Not See This I Would Not Shoot It

I dont stalk my subjects , but they become my subjects when their fate throws itself face front on my camera , I give them money the least I can do I will pay for the picture I take of pain ..and this is not a commercial twist the poor Muslim beggars tale.

I respect her choice as a beggar , doing what is perhaps the only thing she can do, she does it with her face covered without hurting those who are responsible for her present situation , if I was a girl photographer I could have sat next to her on the street talked to her found out what blow in life bough her down tree trunk branches and all..

But god did not make me a woman, I am happy with what god made me or gave me .. he gave me foresight he gave me a mind that penetrates the pain in another persons soul..I dont take notes at all, never needed to I fill in life's bank spaces with my Sufi fortitude that I have inherited from the malangs the bawas I sat with.

Honestly I am tired writing a poem about her fall from grace she is where she is it is Islamic society that has fallen a nautch or too .. as it has no means of resurrecting their souls , it needs funds only to build new mosques and madrsaasas.. I write this with reference to what I see as a street photographer and to the subject on hand I dont speak for the rest of poor Muslim beggars all over India.

And so I shot a few frames I told her to go to the Sunni mosque in Bandra and speak to the Mullah or the trustee ..or to go to the Bandra Shia Khoja mosque.. she just said Bhai who has time to hear my story..No I did not have time either and if I sat next to her to hear her story I would be humiliating her fate further ..I moved away

I am a photo blogger I shoot pictures I have no cure I am not a doctor..I am not a social activist...I dont belong to any NGO , never was a group man I am a loner recluse and I poetize pain so you see it as real as I shot it.,..

And honestly I wont wait outside a Parsi Temple at Dadar for hours to shoot cherubic twins coming to their first Nowroze in a pram ..

I would rather shoot pain on the street veiled , and now for Gods sake dont ask me when the poor Muslim beggars daughter celebrated her first Idd Ul Fitr..

I am speechless as a photographer as a poet as a blogger and as a Muslim too.

In a Few Days The Muslims Will Celebrate Bakra Idd

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wads of money
in their hands
they will buy not
one but a dozen
goats lamb
of the best breed
the very rich
will buy a dumba
or a camel
for that is what
his god needs
an ostentatious
to make
the neighbor
such is envy
born out of greed
but fuck
who really
has time
to give beggars
save a few coins
a thought
not just muslims
but all caste
color or creed

even the
needs a lamb
for sacrifice
was chosen
by yazid
yes we shias
will celebrate
bakra idd
tears on the
soul of islam
good thoughts
actions deeds

Bitiya Tumne Paheli Idd Kab Manayi Thi...

kya tume
khaie thi
naye kapde
par muskuruhat aie thi
bitya tumne paheli idd
kab manayi thi

Jain Sadhvi

Through 'the serenity
of Lord Mahaveera
amrut flows
a path of peace
a path
the soul
of humanity
she chose
a walk
of Life
up close
a touch
of love
all worldly

Namo Arihantanam: I bow down to Arihanta,

Namo Siddhanam: I bow down to Siddha,

Namo Ayariyanam: I bow down to Acharya,

Namo Uvajjhayanam: I bow down to Upadhyaya,

Namo Loe Savva-sahunam: I bow down to Sadhu and Sadhvi.

Eso Panch Namokaro: These five bowings downs,

Savva-pavappanasano: Destroy all the sins,

Manglananch Savvesim: Amongst all that is auspicious,

Padhamam Havei Mangalam: This Navkar Mantra is the foremost.

a mantra of life
the universe echoes
as felt seen by the camera eye
of a poet photographer blogger firoze

Sometimes I Shoot Flowers Too

flowers that
kiss the feet of mankind
flowers that all Hindu
gods goddesses
round their necks find
flowers entwined
cleanses the human soul
the spiritual mind
flowers that will soon die
but on a hope of eternity

fragrance beauty
as a poem defined
they also see read it
who are born
broken hearted and blind

as an after thought
alas no more flowers
only currency notes
as garlands
on political necks find
with Rs 1000 notes
totaling 5 crores
artistically beautifully
a maya jal
to spellbind
politics that
kisses you from
the front stabs
you from behind

Motherhood on the Streets

her rabbits womb
a manufacturing unit
she will keep on having
children as long as she is fit
her drunk husband
knows children bring
in money he is not a twit
either she spreads her legs
or gets a hit a swollen vagina
dried up shriveled tits
a fucked
story of her life
to her daughter
she will transmit
at 14 she too will be
an unwed mother
to the city another
new child as gift
fucked fate
the only reality
you cant outwit
on the roads
you live
on the roads
you shit
fuck fornicate
dont quit

Living a Pipe Dream

from the mainstream
a distant dream
a pledge of a pathos
god wont redeem
only gutter water
through his blood stream

The Poetry of Life

life stares at her straight in the face
a poor beggar girl caught in a maze
twinkling dreams in her eyes
on the streets she stays
the poetry of life touches her ablaze
her dignity her girlish grace
untouched by the vagaries
of time in full display
a promise a hope a praise
dumbfounded in daze
a sound of silence
a tune her soul plays
a street screenplay
her life through a corridor
open doorways
looking into my camera mind
I am OK she says
taking my blessings
some money as alms
we part ways

subsequent visits
I never saw
her again
a sad thought betrays
the tragedy of womanhood
body made of flesh
feet made of clay
she came with the winds
now gone away

Street Beauty Has a Shelf Life Too

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if you look deep into her eyes
you will see a future that
stares out at you
once she was toddler
on a child's waist
begging at a traffic
signal of life
how fast she grew
she has no clue
she is innocence
does it matter
whether she is a
muslim chistian
or hindu
she begs near
salman khans house
her heart throb its true
street beauty a perishable
commodity has a shelf
life too

Sounds of Silence

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She is a beggar girl I met near the Mount Mary steps..she disappeared completely from the face of the earth..

may she always be happy
may she always be touched
by the rays of love and sunshine
may she always be young aglow
may she have no worries
on her brow may she live
long become a mother
a good wife married
to the right fellow
such are my thoughts
as a father a grand father
from my heart towards
her heart flow a picture
of life as a poem
I shot quite some time ago
it was a blank post
titled sounds of silence
why I left it blank textless
poemless at that time
I dont know

perhaps it was comment
at facebook on this link
by my best friend benn bell
sound of one hand clapping
that let in a breath of fresh air
through my souls window
or was it something more
or am I just a muslim
a hindu a christian
beneath the skin
of man yes or no
or am I the shadow
of a human god
who does not
live in heaven
but below
in the darkness
of my shadow

I am humbled by my friends both at Flickr and Facebook without their love I could never dream of shooting pictures as poems their love their warmth nurtures my mind ..into using the words littered as garbage in my head as a poem of life..

So I dedicate this poem to my Flickr and Facebook friends..thankfully I dont have a single friend on Blogspot or Word Press...

"Thank you some words hit me in my sleep .. the last few lines
the picture has been haunting me as I never saw her again several visits I made to Good Luck and Mehboob studio.. I hope she is lucky wherever she is.".

My comment at Facebook , I have posted this as a wall picture there..

And with this post I complement a street genius called Furious Physician, Dr Glenn Losack MD ..his friendship has been the greatest gift to me ..Glenn has changed my life inside out,I call him my mentor my teacher but he is family and I am crying as I write this , has this ever happened to you guys , meeting a person on the internet and without any evil intention , without any agenda or base motive , you are connected through the karma of your positivity...and if god forbid if I was forced by circumstances to commit an evil deed I will commit suicide .. rather than live through the ignominy where it affects my wife and kids and their kids..

Beggars In Inda Are Shown No Respect

fallen from grace
in all respect
pain as
without text
the inner soul
of my camera
their life
i reflect
isn't any
a beggars
in their
childs hand
what next

I dont deliberately shoot beggars I dont stalk beggars , but the beggar soul stalks me as a beggar poet a camera hung around my neck, I know places days where I will meet beggars but I avoid such situations I have no urge to shoot beggars or the beggar hijras , but they were destined by a lesser god to be captured as the essence of my poetry and spread around..

I shoot Muslim beggars a set at my Flickr photostream, cultivated nurtured , I sgot beggars when I climbed mountains barefeet I shot beggars at Taragad near Ajmer with bleeding flesh, some beggars cut their bodies afresh to garner sympathy, I have broken my fast with beggars during Ramzan.

The few beggars I dont call beggars are Appu the limbless guy again a set at Flickr.

Maria the leper lady with sockets for her eyes , her daughter Mary is a leper too, but she saved her grand children , she converted to Christianity as the general humanity was not willing to help her no not even the Hindus , so her grand daughter is in a orphanage and her son studies in a work school..

She knows me by sound , and my smell..if I talk to her she will inquire about my friend Dr Glenn Losack MD who shot her too and would generously give her money, Appu has disappeared but he remembered the good doctor too..Dr Losack like me shoots beggars too..

I shot very beautiful beggars , never saw them again..
Ishot beggar kids who sold flags on our Independence day, and than hardly two or three years I saw them begging with their own newly born child.

I know scams corruption should go but when will poverty degradation of human life go.. there is no Anna Hazare on this front no , not yet..

I shoot beggars and every time I shoot them a part within me dies too..I am updating this blank post today..

I hate sunsets , landscapes that show Gods beauty but des not end hunger , I wont shoot Gods beauty at all, I refuse to shoot it , for me beauty is the gnarled hands of a beggar .. for me beauty lies on the streets I shoot prolifically the same streets my soon to be 4 year grand daughter shoots along with me..

Most of the beggars are more friendly with Marziya Shakir , my grand daughter who has been shooting beggars since she was 2.. on my Nikon D 80 , no tripods.. she offers them her pocket money.. she has seen pain , she has touched them as she touched me .,..

Through photography I want my grand daughter to be a great human being , this is the purpose of my photography as photo blogs the purpose that my wife thinks is a failed attempt to get even with my life , but she would not mind if my photography bought in some extra bucks..and I refuse to sell my pictures , but I will eventually my hijra collection and give the money earned to the children of the prostitutes of the red light area .. the most neglected robbed childhood ..battered bruised raped sodomized by circumstances and at the wrong place at the wrong time...

This was my 177005 Blog at Flickr.Com

177,005 items / 1,387,347 views

I dedicate it to the beggars of Bandra I know each one of them, I dont know them by name but I know these territorial creatures , as they stand with hands open and every coin makes a marked difference to their impoverished lives.

Some of the beggars comer to Bandra for change and fresh air, Bandra is like a hill station for beggars from Mumbra Kalwa and beyond.. they come with their kids beg a bit and go back to their far distant suburban homes..shot by a barefeet blogger of Mumbai.

I know of the Albino family that begs at the foothills of Haji Malang that comes to beg at Bandra close to JJ Colony.

JJ Colony is an abbreviated form for Jamat e Jamuriya..that a few years back was clustered slums , now bought down and clustered buildings with shops have come in their place, I pass through this housing colony of predominantly Muslim people cutting through the butcher shops and the famous beggar lane after I pay my Broad Band bill at the MTNL office off Bandra Reclamation .

I know most of the beggars here my favorite is a kid who has lost control of body muscles but is always smiling on the face of his sufferings, actually he is not aware of his surroundings or his sufferings.

Once I come out from JJ Colony to the market area where Muslim women buy foodstuffs , you find the blind beggars and a few ladies in burkha begging with kids on their waist, or the lady with the child on a wheel chair.

All this is away from Bandra Bazar Road ...

The guy I really miss is a young boy with a glorious smile blind who was operated , begged for some time, post his eyes operation by some good Samaritans from the mosque he soon disappeared.His pictures are on my Flickr photostream in a set.

Than there is the regular ladies who sit outside the Shia Khoja Mosque in the Bazar, their strength increases on Friday namaz time with more who come in with their kids...

You already know Maria the leper lady I have not seen her for some time now.. they go to their hometowns too...

Appu the limbless no hands no legs a stout human stump sits at Mahim Chuch I have not connected with him but if I know he is in town I wish to take Marziya along and shoot his pictures.

There is a beggar season and it is beggars here beggars there beggars everywhere that comes during Ramzan time the glorious month of the Muslim calendar, the best time to shoot beggars.

Outside Mumbai which is the most sought after place for beggars is Ajmer Sharif.

Beggars of every size shape every possible human deformity and you find them at the doorsteps of the Holy Saint Khwajah Gharib Nawaz...

Now because I shoot beggars their color pain has rubbed of on me , so when I am barefeet with a camera as my beggar bowl shooting pictures of this community I feel and behave like a beggar too because I poetize their pain the imagery of their life time mockingly calls me a beggar poet of Mumbai.

I dont sell my pictures I could become a rich man I am preposterously predictably quintessentially broke..all times if I shot Hijra nudes , but than it is not my way of creating wealth , I am not into corruption or scams .. I ask God every morning to change my life he does...he gives me another fucked day to live.

The internet changed my life instead I am globally known as Photographerno1 ..street photographer barefeet blogger that's about it...and we all one time or the other want to deactivate our online accounts , some do my good friend Kowalski and so many others who left unobtrusively without forwarding addresses , but I have kept some of them alive through my blog posts.

And than there are those you meet online who become family dear friends you cant do without, they are part of your good mornings and good nights at Facebook and Flickr..more at Facebook which is for a lot of people a home within a home.. and than one day you find out that the guy who shoots fabulous pictures is on his death bed minutes away from life on earth hanging by a silken thread...

Anthony Posey March 17 at 9:04pm Report
our friend Jeff Lamb is ill and possibly leaving our earth soon

Anthony Posey March 17 at 9:17pm Report

i think cancer my friend . not 100% sure just been reading his wifes responses on his account, i know it is painful but if we all hold them in our prayers, heart or thoughts at least warmth will be theirs

than the final message from Posey

Jeff has died

Der Randy March 21 at 4:16pm Report
i just got the bad news i thank you for bringing us together

Der Randy March 22 at 5:20am Report
i want to be strong like him, over the past few months he didn't bother me with his problems , we would chat about facebook issues watermarking, music and big heads manipulations..never once did he mention he was passing. i want to be strong like him.

Fred M. Miller Thanks Firoze for leading me to this man !
the same message from Randy too..

So blogging is a winding path taking you through the bylanes of other peoples mind...through their pictures you enter their hearts and souls they pass away and you are left with a memory...

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.

RIP Jeff Lamb thank you Roland W Luthi for leading me to him.

Update 25 March 2011

Leyla Lau-Lamb Firoze, what a beautiful poem on flickr. he loved you so much like so many and talk to me about you .

Leyla is Jeff Lambs bereaved wife..

Firoze Shakir I am touched that you write this to me in spite of your hurt pain.. your irreparable loss on the passing away of the finest human being, I offer my condolences may God give you immense strength may his soul Rest In Peace here and hereafter...

Fred M. Miller Thanks Firoze.....I cannot tell you how much he missed your presence and posts and mentioned it over and over again. He even changed his profile pic to yours if you look at his profile pics......I am glad you have offered your thoughts at this time.

Firoze Shakir He was a gem.. and I am happy we were allowed to meet each other you posey randy by a karmic intervention...and luthi was the source and linda too..

Fred M. Miller It is quite amazing what is happening now.....people from all over, many strangers are sharing their voices and feelings freely......

So a blog post changes peoples lives brings into the cosmic circle of life new friends new contacts all because of a great man who died but is still shariing himself with those whom he loved ..

Thank You once more Jeff Lamb..

Jeff Lambs photostream


I have crossed over 200000 blogs at

Aye Hijda Tujhe Salam

tujhme ishwar
tujhme ram
tujhme shivji
ka pranam
tujhe kehte
hain haram
tera inam
hijda from orissa
hijda from assam
zindagi besuri
zillat tera nam
roz rat ko
karte hain lilam
teri izzat tera dam
shola shabnam
ka ek jam
tere ansu
parde main chippe
tere arzoo nakam
aye hijda tujhe salam
aye hijda tujhe salam

to raksha

Ravan Khush Hua

mere sar par
hath rakhkar
ravan bahut
khush hua
jai shankar ki
bol kar dil
se di dua
tera kalyan ho
sada sukhiraho
om namash shiva
shiv ki shakti ne
mere rom rom
ko chuha
karma dharma
mansikta ka kua

Shooting Hope Hindutva As A Message of Peace And Humanity

nothing greater
than my country
where in a garden
all flowers
bloom grow
the fragrance
of Islam
the sweetness
of Christianity
Hope and Hindutva
a message
of peace and humanity
so many rare flowers
rare orchids in plenty
growing together
letting others
grow beautifully
Mother India
her children
are we
so many
of a shade giving
banyan tree
om mani padme hoon
the light of the bodhi tree
an ocean into
which all rivers flow
in compatibility
trust equality

Jesus Bids Mumbai Goodbye

in the name
of jesus christ
love to politicize
of crosses
with double speak
double standards
blatant lies
but they
are really
not interested
a thought
to surmise
to gain mileage
for holding
on to their seats
next election
is their noble intention
covered in disguise
they have no time
to make sacrifice
building towers
building malls
big bucks
big dreams
money buys
who cares
who lives
who dies
like garib nagar fire
like behrampada fire
like nargis dutt fire
the demolition
of crosses
holy shrines
will soon be
will soon
be Shanghai
weep not for me
weep for thy women
thy children
Jesus to the city
he loves
bids goodbye
back to Jerusalem
he takes
the next flight
out of mind
out of sight

to randy der
my best friend from montreal

Because Of Terry Jones And Wayne Sapp Jesus Bleeds All Over Again

177,009 items / 1,388,529 views

Controversial pastor Terry Jones, oversaw the burning of the holy Koran, by an evangelical preacher pastor Wayne Sapp in a local Florida church in the US.

Jones said that "trial" of the holy Quran was held on Sunday by a jury of 12 church members and volunteers, with a Dallas Imam as a defence lawyer.

"We had a court process. We tried to set it up as fair as possible, which you can imagine, of course, is very difficult," Jones told The USA Today.

The punishment — burning the book after it had been soaked in kerosene for an hour — was determined from four choices on his organisation's Facebook page.

The Muslim community in the United States has declined to respond to such an act by Jones and his small group of followers.

"Terry Jones had his 15 minutes of fame and we're not going to help him get another few minutes," said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Jones, however, considered the burning of Koran as a one-time event and said that he had no plans to do it on a mass scale.

From DNA
Published: Tuesday, Mar 22, 2011, 20:50 IST
Place: Washington, DC | Agency: PTI

or christianity
does not
promote hate
an eternal truth
we all know jesus
on the soul
of humanity
a martyr a hero
by his own people
in Florida gets hit
his pain shows
his blood as it flows
a pain that is greater
than his crucifixion
wont go the burning
of the Holy Koran
was the last blow
for media attention
for a few cheap claps
playing to the gallery
a hateful thought
re echoes
a burning fire
no bravo
a chapter
with sanity
we must close
their crazy egos

I Shoot Hijras With My Eyes Closed

209,858 items / 1,731,794 views

i blindfold my vision
i shut the weeping
lashes of my soul
on your consciousness
the darkness of their
world I expose
a pain from their
angst into my
bloodstream flows
becomes a poem
instead of
pictorial prose
i shoot hijras
as human
god knows
born men i shoot
them as women
in repose
i shoot hijras
up close
the circle
of confusion
confuses me
as it grows
kohl laden
eyes perky
nose silence
as it beckons me
on tight fisted toes
among so many out
there with cameras
it was me god chose
pictures poems
punctuated piety
i froze hijras
Cleopatra like
quilted eyebrows

Bakra Eid Goats and Bull Slaughter Pictures 2010

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