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Marziya Shakir and the Hand Shaking Goat

The Muslim Beggar Boy of Bandra Bazar Road is Back After 5 Years

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sitting at the corner
of bandra bazar road
the muslim beggar boy
devoid of corrupting
human sights
nothing new to annoy
nothing old to deploy
just unending
road miles and miles
of darkness
in the life of a muslim
beggar boy
no cricket
no football
no watcing telivision
of the visionless
muslim beggar boy
a few coins
for his family
the hope
now turned to joy
no, god has been extremely kind
there is nothing else to destroy
perhaps he dreams
the world is a school room
eyeless education
the school bag the books
the uniform
growing up as a school boy
than he lets drop a tear
no he is only a muslim
beggar boy
bandra bazar road
his school bench
his kismet
just a decoy
child labor
blind apathy
in the life of
a muslim beggar boy

This boy has a calm ,absolutely serene face , no grouse, no anger, no remorse , no complain..
I am ashamed even to drop a few coins or touch his palms by mistake , but I pay his caretaker a bearded sad man, I never asked him about the anteceedents of the blind Muslim beggar boy .
of Bazar Road.
He always crosses my path.
Most of the time now I dont have a camera, these are old pictures shot on camera Raw Format..the stain on the wall tells his story better than me with an artillery of words , that riccochet hitting me harder as I shoot them towards you ,who will be reading this eventually.

7th july
i met his ward an old man who also begs with the kid, i do not see the boy with him, he told me some masjid people have admitted him to a juhu eye hospital for treatment of his blind eyes.. so that is one aspect of healing through pictures shot by kind eyes and not taken by camera...

update October 1 2007
His operation was successful but ater a few months bed rest he once again begs this time with dark glasses...

1July 2012
I shot him again , after many years , I stopped my rickhsha , he had 4 operations all failures he is still blind as a bat , he has grown , I shall post his new pictures too, I gave him money but will that cure his pain his darkness his blindness .

the dam madar malangs of ajmer

at char yaar
a noble pair
the purebred
malangs of ajmer
their dread locks they wont bare
if opened the entire length
with attar has to be rubbed
on the entire hair beware
so look at the huge bundles
they carry on their heads as spares
no wear and tear
living frugally ..
slaves of the Khwajah they declare
sitting on a fiefdom of the dead
coversing with them obliquely
dialogues and prayers
assymetrical spiritual warfare
the bluntness ..
hard headedness
of the malangs of ajmer
through this poem
with you I share

The Love Sick Lama Of Love Lane

The Love Sick Lama Of Love Lane
who gets fucked for what he writes
by a more fucked writer Foster Blaine
photography unlearn untrain
critics a piece of a ice cube
in the rectum and the pain
undiapered clotted bloodstain
a pain that wont wane
come cloudbursts
or unprecedented rain
this teeth chattering
hands shivering pain
bloodletting just wont drain
adam and eve a spooky
satanic serpent as god parent to abel and cain
words tyrannizing and terrorizing to get out of
the gitmos of my brain..

a unscrewable cock giving a blow job
tongue stuck in the mouth of
a lip glossed bottle
of a french champagne..

this was written in response to a racist american poet who was hell bent on taking my multi colred attitudinal indian ass

Marziya Shakir Shoots Her Grand Pa ...Football Marathon 2012

4 Year Old Action Photographer Marziya Shakir

Shot By Marziya Shakir Action Photographer 4 year Old

What more do you want to know about Marziya Shakirs skill with the camera ,her calm composure while the footballer is approaching her..she did not move away but he paid respect to her and moved out of her way after she had taken the shot unlike our so called hot shot photojournalists Marziya Shakir shoots single frames no Khat Khat .. no Phat Phat..

Marziya Has A Message Do Not Cut Trees

We Miss You Mr Rajesh Khanna Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shot The Football Marathon 2012 Carter Road Bandra

Mr Rajesh Khannas House Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old

Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Shot The Football Marathon 2012 Carter Road Bandra

Football Marathon 2012 shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Marziya Shakir Worlds Youngest Street Photographer Loves Football

Football Marathon 2012 shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Mumbai Police Tujhe Salam shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Football Marathon 2012 shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Football Marathon 2012 shot by Marziya Shakir 4 year old

Marziya Shakir shoots her grand father and his koli friend

Marziya Shakir 4 year old shoots the football marathon 2012

Big Lenses High End Cameras Dont Make You A Great Photographer Only Vision and What You See And Shoot

I dont know what Marziya Shakir 4 year old street photographer sees when she shoots or what she thinks while she shoots but she takes time with her shots ..

Football Marathon 2012 Carter Road Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old On Canon EOS 60 D

Football Marathon 2012 Carter Road Bandra Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old On Canon EOS 60 D

The Worlds Youngest Street Photographer Shoots The Football Marathon Carter Road Bandra

Marziya Shakir 4 year old student in Senior KG in a convent school in Bandra has been shooting the streets since the age of 2 and she began her tryst with photography on the Nikon D80 and gradually she switched over to the Canon EOS 7D ..a very heavy camera with the vertical grip, but now she has her own camera the light weight fast Canon EOS 60D.

Marziya Shakir composed her own shots simply by going right into the moving footballers or moving back, and the footballers gave her the respect by dribbling the ball and showing their skills.

The Hotshot Photographer Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old On Canon EOS 60D

Football Marathon 2012 Series Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old on Canon 60 D

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This morning I took Marziya Shakir my 4 year old grand daughter, street photographer to Carter Road and the Football Marathon 2012 was being held there that she shot, she shot most of the pictures.. she also shot the poor kids being tutored by other kids and this was one morning that Marziya Shakir was rewarded for the organizers gave her a Football Marathon Tshirt and a young lady gave her a cute umbrella as a gift for shooting Mumbai street life.

But mind you what bothered Marziya Shakir more was I had not taken her to Lilavati Hospital when Mr Akshay Kumar Rowdy Rathore had invited me to meet Mr Rajesh Khanna ..our mentor patron and guiding spirit.

So Marziya shot Ashirwad too she had not forgotten the Uncle Rajesh Khanna who gave her sweets on her visits to him in the recent past.

This is Marziya Shakirs first street assignment she had shot Shia kids scourging their back during Moharam when she was only 3 year old.

So guys with big lenses Press Cards dont really intimidate Marziya Shakir when she holds the camera in her hands.

Love Means Nothing To asshole

to his misery
his cosmic chaos
used toilet roll
a tumescent tragedy
of his totem pole
his fucked woman
his best friend stole
the flesh was willing
in hell burns his soul
a flaccid fate
fucked on the hole
waking on fire
on embers of coal

Adnan Sami and Me

At Adnan Sami's House

Thanks to Bigots Among The Gay Community I Did Not Shoot The Gay Pride This Year

we bleed to prove a point that barbarism exists in islam.. under the layer of peace and brotherhood

they killed
ali in a mosque
his message
they misunderstood
main ilm ka shaer hoon
ali ilm ka darwaza hai
a thought of the holy one
far too good than they
killed his favorite grandson
at karbala the eunuchs
of yazid stood their like wood
today history repeats
itself muslims love killing
muslims plunder destroy
peace and brotherhood
the missing healing touch
as the poor muslim begs
misplaced martyrdom
misplaced jehad
does no good

Sonakshi Sinha Has What No One Has-..Her Parents Magical Luck

Is this why the wahhabis hate the shias?

as the blood flows
the eyes remain clear
faith bound in karbala
ya hussain and tears
is this why the wahhabis hate the shias?

A Womans Story in 5 Frames

Fucked confused

fallen angel
doom infused
watch see
be amused
shut your eyes
for once
be excused
to pain reduced
from the path of her
destiny she was seduced
a victim who is now accused

Our Pain Flows Non Stop..Ya Hussain In Every Drop

The Shias of Mumbai For Hussain They Live and Die .. They Weep They Cry

The Shia Blogger of Mumbai

abbase alamdaar abbase alamdar

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kis sher ki aamad hai ke ran kaamp raha hai
ran ek taraf charkhe kohan kaamp raha hai
rustum ka badan zere kafan kaamp raha hai
har qasre salateene zaman kaamp raha hai
shamsheer bakaf dekh ke haider ke pisar ko
jibreel larazte hai samete hue par ko
abbase alamdaar abbase alamdar

is shaan se islam ke parcham ko uthaya
sar dediya aur deene mohammad ko bachaya
kya maqsade shabbir ye tune hai bataya
ay sheh ke wafadar ay abbase alamdaar

hai sab se juda teri wafaon ka kharina
pani na piya tune taraayi ko to cheena
aankhon se juda kaise ho tasveere sakina
usse hai tujhko pyar ay abbase alamdaar

hai ashq fishaan aaj bhi ghan may tere pani
ye mashq sakina ki alam teri nishani
rota hai jahan sunke tere gham ki kahani
ay fauj ke sardaar ay abbase alamdaar

haider ki duwaon ka sila hai mere abbas
zahra ne tujhe beta kaha hai mere abaas
har daur may har dil ki sada hai mere abbas
zainab ke madadgaar ay abbase alamdaar

tumko na pukare to bhala kisko pukare
hai khushk bhatiji ka gala pyaas ke maare
roti hai sakina jo kabhi gham may tumhare
haste thay sitamgaar ay abbase alamdaar

abbas ke laashe pe ye kehte rahe sarwar
ruksat hue binaayi jo ruksat huye akbar
todi hai kamar gham ne tere meri baradar
ay fauj ke sardaar ay abbase alamdaar

karte hai dua ahmad-o-mohsin yehi paiham
hathon pe uthaye hue abbas ka parcham
jayenge ziyarat ko teri karbobala hum
hum tere hai ghamkhaar ay abbase alamdaar