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Tasbih Selling Malang

Tasbih Selling Malang
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 I met him for the first time here at Jaorah Hussaintekri with his wife, he is an all rounder he does dua tawiz , which means he exorcizes , gives you spirtual help to ward of evil spirits.
After this we kept meeting at Ajmer Sharif, he is also a devotee of Peersaab Fakhru Miya of Hujra No 6 with whom I stay during the Urus.
He and I do the Kaif the Sufi dance , we both go into a trance.
This happened last year at Char Yar at Kapil Agarwals gemstore stall.

I shoot Tasbihs too !

I shoot Tasbihs too !
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 from wikipedia
In Islam, prayer beads are referred to as tasbih, and contain 99 beads, corresponding to the 99 Names of Allah. Sometimes only 33 beads are used, in which case one would cycle through them 3 times to equal 99. Use of the tasbih to count prayers and recitations is an evolution of (Holy Prophet )Muhammad's practice of using the fingers of his right hand to keep track. While in pretty wide use today, some adherents of Wahhabism shun them as an intolerable innovation, preferring to stick to the exact method believed to have been used by the Prophet.

The Shias do Istikhara on Tasbihs too...

The Healing powers of Tasbih
And just as using beads for prayer is a long-standing tradition, so is healing with beads. Throughout history cultures have used gemstones and wood for healing. Dr. Robert Frost, a physician in Basel, Switzerland, recently studied the scientific properties of these gems and woods and cre…

The Sufi Tea

The Sufi Tea
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 The Sufi tea is oneness with God through a liquid state.
This is not the alcohol high.
This tea is made on a Sigdi mud stove or on the fires of the Dhuni .
The milk is placed in the utensil a few chants in praise of Hazrat Ali .
The milk simmers , when it comes to boiling point the tea leaves are sprinkled into the
ocean of hot milk.
Again allowed to a certain time gap huge dollops of Amul butter are thrown into the hot tea adding a greasy gracefullness.
The teas is than poured into a kettle through a cloth sieve , served in greasy glasses, the first cup to the Peersaab..who raises a toast Nare Hyderi the crowd boisterously reply Ya Ai , now the minions can have the tea.. the taste remains for a long time , in the meant ime the hashish chillum rounds continue , stories of various Urus , tales , old memories , nostalgia bought about by the heady combo of a strange spirituality the Sufi tea and the 14 goli chillum...


Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 The cart at the back, the shadows on the floor , its a hot day add a chapter ear marked of the story of man.
He knows nothing about the internet.
Ask him who is the Prime Minister of the country.?
He will reply Hunger.
Ask him who is the President of the Country ?
He will reply Thirst.
He knows nothing as a beggar he has lost his birthright as man.
He is a zoological biological animal.
Yes I shoot beggars add it as poetry to my anthology of pain.
The war in Iraq , the kidnapping of the English girl in Nigeria, the terrorism sponsored by radicals, the Glasgow bomb affair, nothing bothers him, he is too is interconnected , wired to a supreme being..his window opens each morning when he sets out to beg, another window opens , when somebody drops a few coins in his battered utensil, you go close by , ask him how did this happen , that bought you down to earth.. a window opens cannot be displayed, refresh try again, …

A Mother Possessed

A Mother Possessed
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Dont ask me what is possession.
Whether it is satanism.
Whether it id devilry.
All I know it is a sordid situation of a human mind captured in orbit , non functionable unaware of reality surrounding it.
I think much of this vooodoo , shamak stuff is to entrap minds into emptying out their life's savings.
At Hussain Tekri Jaorah I was shooting Pain , I did not take the picture readings of a light that fell on this pain.The pain I shot was not only people possessed but the pain of their parents, the pain of their children.
Actually the child is not aware of this sudden change in the mothers mind and her physical faculties , but he knows something is wrong that is why they have come her to invoke a sleeping God to wake him up from his slumber , so they can get their earlier better mom back..
This one is a selfish mom..
A poet at Poemhunter commented on my poem that I suffered from a fatalism of religion..
What could I tell …

Old is Gold

Old is Gold
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 My father was a very polished gentleman, late Mohomed Shakir Esq .
He was a migrant or runway from Lucknow.
He told me later in life that he belonged to the race of Moghul Pathans.
He went to Lucknow simply once in his life time to get married to my mother.
He went the last time to bury his mother Late Khurshed Baji of Vazir Ganj.
He was a romantic a cross between Clarke Gable and Raj Kapoor the old time star of Indian cinema.
My father never scourged, never cut his forehead, stayed away from anything that would mess his attitude to life.He was not against all this as he allowed me to scourge , I was the only one who did this from the age of 12 at Kaiser Bagh or Babaralli Imambara at Bhendi Bazar with a Khoja friend Firoze Badami.
My dad was back bencher but always sat at a Lucknow hyped Sabil called Imamiya Sabil.. that was founded by his Mamu , uncle late Maqbool Bhai
My dad year after year would have Khichda prepared at the Sab…

Think Poem Hunter Think

Think Poem Hunter Think
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Mans rise and Fall
The Bed ..
Born of flesh
fucked in the head
by the time he solves the puzzle
he is frickin dead
all that he leaves behind
is his seminal spots
his masturbative memories
his post marital piss potted
on the sanitary pad like
absorbent bed
which when the next occupant
who humps your wife
the shortcomings
of your short story
will be told
when she gives him head
who the fucks says
man only lives by bread
there is serpent lying satisfied
a smirk ..
right beneath your dispossessed bed
because of fuck words
this poem at poemhunter
wont be read
fuck censorship
fuck freedom of expression
trampling over
the foetus of creativity
as you move ahead
think poem hunter think
your fucked sanctimonious
or are the radicals the saudis are filling you coffers
poets of erotica..
along with their bed
premature dead graveyard of poets of Erotica
Please do not submit poems contain words like; f…

The Shia Gladiator/ Being Saif

The Shia Gladiator/ Being Saif
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 The Kashmiris who come to celebrate Chehlum, are young youth, already scarred with problems back home, instabilty in their lives the search for Peace, everlasting Peace , radicals mushrooming their Hate , cross border terrorism add to the agony.
I am very fond of this Kashmiri contigent wherever I see one even as far as Kolkatta.
We have them in Mumbai , they stay in Yaqoob Gully, a lane touching Bohri Mohalla and Chor Bazar.
The Kashmiris were born beautiful..period.
We had chosen a Kashniri girl for our last unmarried son Saif Shakir , but the girls relatives in Mumbai did not get back to us after a verbal proposal.
Saif wants to get married after Moharam, he says he has waited far too long.So once again my wife will go to Lucknow for the final countdown.
I have also spoken to kindly Nawab Jaffar Mir Abdullah of the scion of the royal Nawab family of Lucknow to help my wife in this regard.The Nawab saab is a…