Monday, February 8, 2010

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The Shias of Mumbai

The Kama Matam of Mumbai Chehlum 2010

The Barefeet Shia Blogger of Mumbai

The Shia Blogger of Mumbai Chehlum 2010

This was shot by Baqar Nasser and the Juloos was not very far away from Rehmatabad Shia cemetery at Mazgaon.

I have one disadvantage because I am right in the front of the leading juloos I am unable to walk back and shoot the rest of the procession, and if I venture to shoot that than I wont be able to enter the cemetery to shoot the most dangerous hardcore spine chilling events within.,

And so I leave this main juloos too, and rush towards the cemetery..this time I shot portions from top of a house at the Shia cemetery.

But dont expect much from my cemetery pictures as blood running continously from my head had impaired my vision my camera my camera lens.

I had again cut my head in the cemetery..a foolish after thought for a photographer ..I should have kept my head clear but I am hot headed I was provoked by a Shia kid and in my defiance to his rudeness cut myself again..

He apologized to me later.

Every Land is Karbala Everyday is Ashura

Documenting the Angst of the Shias

Arbayeen Juloos Mumbai 2010

The Source of the River Pain

as it flows
into an ocean
called hussain
embedded in our souls
as truth humanity
moments of peace
in every grain

Hum Karte Hain Matam Haram Abbas Ka

What Media Does Not Shoot I Shoot

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a banyan tree
of pain
deep roots
blood sweat tears
as off shoots
a heritage of humility
a heritage of humanity
a painful pursuit
a protest against terrorism
a protest against oppression
to mans freedom
his self respect
paying tribute
Hussein is humanity
in the court of Allah
our lawsuit
if not today
it will bear fruit

What Media Does Not Shoot I Shoot