Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Purvesh Sarnaik Felicitates Two Photographers Me And Marziya Shakir

Purvesh Sarnaik Felicitates Two Photographers Me And Marziya Shakir

Shot By a Two and a Half Year Old Street Photographer Marziya Shakir on the Nikon D 80

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This was shot by Marziya Shakir my two and a half year old grand daughter when Purvesh Sarnaik visited our house to felicitate me for documenting the Vatkar Nagar Dahi Hand Thane held under the auspices of his his dad Mr Pratap Sarnaik erstwhile Shiv Sena leader of the masses.

The only solace teaching her to shoot has been the thought she wont have to read outdated photography books or get influenced by camera club mentality or salon photography.

Simply because she has to look forward and either you are born a photographer or you inherit the art from your Guru.

Holding a high end camera in your hand does not make you a photographer at all.

Photography is a holistic science which heals and the camera is a mass weapon on Instruction of Peace Hope and Harmony.

Marziya Shakir is a page of Peace on Facebook ,a Twitterkid and has her own web address on Word Press a G Mail account too.

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The Hijra Gives Birth To A Child

He is a hijra a bisexual with a wife and that is his daughter he told me , he asked me if I wanted to sleep with him , i told him I was not into his kind of sex.. and he was blatantly open about his sexuality both ways..

And I shot a few frames the conversation was bordering on dark humor..

He kept shaking himself telling me why I was taking his picture ..the only part I liked was when he said Tere Ko Ma Baan Nahin hai jo mera Photo leta hai..

I went away after this I bought some fruits vegetables and this a night before dahi handi I walked from Dadar to Matunga to get a fucked cab back to Bandra..

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The Bitch Locked Me In - The Transvestites Tale Never Ends

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how the fuck
i got involved
is the question
that comes to my mind
as a candidate
of her fucked romance
through the facebook finder
she fucked my mindless mind
she was in her own
fucked way
benevolent and kind
she knew i was straight
with my base instincts
her androgyny she aligned
giving me head at every chat
i ignored her behind
hurled on the rocks
of poetic despair
love i could not find
love that has ruefully
the worst of mankind
with her fucked lap top
on the toilet seat
she reads me
i have deleted her
from my fucked
she is determined
to get me back in
her hairy arms
by hook or by crook
love is textured color blind
i told her i was a womans man
but she wont leave me
through the silence
of my soul she reminds
a blog tired weary
the grist and the grind
a fairy hoor
on my soul serpentined
my languishing libido
my poetic postulations

poetry pathos bathos combined
across the border she hides in a burkha
her high heels on my poetic angst inclined

Unlearning Photography From a Two and a Half Year Old Child

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Photography is about the Mind ..
Photography is about Mind over Matter.
Photography is promoting Gods world as it exists with its flaws and some goodness as God was shy reticent and was vary of advertising agencies and event management gurus to promote his world he created photographers , but he was disappointed rightfully so.

He recently saw a newsletter of a Photography club and pictures clicked by such photographers that made him puke all over his shirt front..

Club photography and salon photography has been the death of photography, simply because if you see one club newsletter or another club newsletter it is the same crap dished out as khichdi that causes the stomach to rebel.

The same poses stiffly put up , the same fucked artificiality of rural scenes the woman cooking the fire burning a mother exposing her tit while feeding her little one looking amused in the camera , shooting a whore would have given the same results.

Fucked diagonal lines and fucked photography and this will remain the same as it has remained since the Renaissance artists shoved their dicks up the posterior of a reluctant Ass of a Muse called Fine Arts,

I am hurt and also saddened the dark ages that have precariously put photography to comatose sleep..and if this kind of photography is for gaining certificates of Merit and Awards than I would rather be a dog lifting his leg and piddling on a salon wall where these pictures are displayed.

None of the pictures in a salon brochure show you true life you wont find beggars hijras or prostitutes red light areas pan eating whores simply because they are not pictorial subjects.

And please dont read me wrong it was my club that made me what I am , my gurus late BW Jatkar , Shreekant Malushte and Dronacharya KG Maheshwariji.. I could not be what I am without them or my club, I am the worst photographer I dont follow rules I fuck F Stops all the way..fuck aperture too I shoot emotions I shoot pain and after being a successful contributor to Salon photography competing not just with minions but also with stunted giants I gave up the race for good once the digital came in and the internet took center space.

I have great friends among camera club gurus and this is not personal attack on them or their contribution to photography but I speak Truth and it disheartens me..

Salon photography camera club photography is still where it was 100 years and will remain the same 100 years later.

Change will never come as the old foggies one leg in their graves hate change and call the shots pictures are bad because judges are bad they want the same thing period.

I think in a salon competition the guys whose picture is rejected deserves the top honors he dared to be different.

People like Venay Pralkar will always be booted out for trying to be different I had already distanced myself when I conjoined my camera soul with the beggars the hiijras and the whores of Peela House I would rather prostitute my talent shooting the real thing..

So God was upset with these dead wood salon photographers and arrogant old stiff dead pan photo artistes he out of the rib of the camera created the photo blogger ..

And in all humility we do a better job free without money or seminal gratification..our pictures maybe bad but we show Gods world the way it exists , and God rewards us keeping us poor and makes us learn from other peoples mistakes.

Because I would charge a student Rs 1 to teach her him photography and without color chart Fucked F stops and thereby cause sever loss to the photography teaching hacks God appeared in my dream told me to give up my insane idea and knowing I was a rebel he took the soul of a camera and put it in the head of a two and a half year old child and asked me to teach her instead ..

The flip side is that because of Gods gift to this girl child I am unlearning photography from Marziya Shakir who shoots better pictures than salon photographers or even those that hide behind shit meted out in newspapers day in and day out.

And in a few minutes I shall begin my 27 fast aptly called the Badi Rat which forced me to write this without malice or hate or even envy for that matter.

So now you know why I am a street photographer a million light years away from camera clubs and salon philosophy .. of destruction and death.

And if Marziya Shakir is awarded for her contribution when she turns 99 than dont blame the Government , photography is the only medium that gives you recognition before the chant of Ram Nam Satya Hai..before you take the ticket out of this world..away from the fucked circle of confusion.

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