Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Kolis of Juhu Beach Fishing Village

I set out from my house at 6.15 am walking from my house to Linking Road Bandra till St Lawrence School I bought a water bottle and moved ahead and suddenly realized I had left my mobile at the shop where I had bought the water bottle I ran back like a mad man and he handed me my phone .
I realized after I completed my walk I should have carried my DSLR and my mobile power pack for the battery got exhausted I had shot a video and 150 stills .
At the beach Ganesha idols were lying strewn on the beach and I felt sad I did not shoot them ..Simply because my Gurus taught me never to hurt people or their beliefs even to prove a point ..don't shoot pictures to ridicule another man's rituals or customs .
I had completed over 10 km when I shot the koli images at the furthest end of the Juhu fishing village ...and it had taken me 2 hours and 30 minutes .
The Juhu beach is well maintained and great job and there were hordes of joggers walkers I met my dear Facebook friend Raju Thapar on his cycle but could not take a picture with him as my phone battery got over .
And this was a great regret specially when I walked back towards the Mayur Mahal end of Juhu Beach this beach facing bungalow was famous for film shoots .
I could have walked home from the Kali temple end on the beach but I pushed myself further taking directions from the locals thus bypassed the entire Gazdar Bandh and reached the Danda shoreline .
I crossed the creek and rediscovered Khar Danda village the Ram Mandir the 150 year old Arab Shah Baba Dargah and came out near the Danda fish Market end moved on to Carter Road Chimbai Waroda Road and finally Bandra Bazar Road ..and I was not tired or panting I had tested my endurance level a small bottle of water and some Monaco biscuits.
I will now make this trip again with my camera and try to walk till Versova. Hopefully.
All the pictures of this walk I have posted at Flickr .

My 20 Km Walk From Bandra Bazar To Juhu Beach And Back

Completed 20 km Walk This morning from Bandra reclamation to Juhu beach Hinduja bunglow end back to Bandra Bazar via Khar Danda Carter Road took me about 4 hours non stop halt just water and a pack of Monaco biscuits ..could not document my return walk as the mobile phone battery got over at Juhu beach .

Will our erstwhile dynamic PM Modiji visit Bandra Bazar Road after inaugurating the Bandra reclamation Art Gallery


After the Inauguration of the Art Gallery at Bandra reclamation will our dynamic PM Modiji visit Bandra Bazar Road to congratulate BMC H ward for the great work they are doing in garbage management ..promoting the essence of his pet theme Swach Bharat.