Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NOTA Is My Right To Reject

i wont be a Muslim vote
i can use my mind use my head
in my constituency nothing much
has changed ..they came got
elected stealthily fled
leaving us we the people
the living dead..

Mumbai Is A Weeping Gutter Of Despair

looted by
gasping for air
defecating on
the face of its
sanctity a gross
living nightmare
slums created
by political satraps
as vote banks
Mumbai a city
caught in a snare
the homeless
on one side
the other side
towers of babel
of the millionaire
a forgotten
middle class
distant dreams
the pain of the
mee mumbaikar
remorse n despair
bogus netas
bogus godmen
bogus police
conning the
gullible unaware
memories of
the riots bomb
blasts misplaced
welfare ..will the
next government
the next new PM
give mumbai its
rightful share
unite bollywood
unite all caste
color creed
when he sits
on the chair
or will he forget
his tall promises
his vision of
one India
healing touch
holistic care
when he
has some
time to spare

The Muslim Mother

Subha uthkar nashta banana hai
phiri bachi ko school le jana hai
ghar aakar khana pakana hai
wapas bachi ko ghar lana hai
homework uska karana ..
kapde dhona , bartan manjna
sham ko bachi ko joggers park
le jana hai..jhule aur slide
par bhitna hai.. ghode ka
round dilwana hai ..woh
ayenge thake mare unke
pair sar dabana hai khana
unhe bhi khilana hai .
bati ka bulb band kiya
gairi neend main so jana hai

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