Monday, October 15, 2018

An ode to Khan Khan Abusive Wahabi You Tube Troll

This YouTube Member Khan Khan bigot posts abuse on my community tab and
racially profiles me ,,,
He hates Sufis and Shias this venomous Wahhabi skunk...
And I hope YouTube takes some action on these predatory haters who are giving hthis peaceful beautiful site a very bad name .
Khan Khan
tu nahi Ho sakta Musalman
tu hai neech lafanga Kameena
tu hai gandi nali ka keeda
tu hai Shaitan..
Teri Toh saikdo nay Mari
meri Kya Marega Harami
tu Jihadi Taliban
Lanat hai tujh par
Aur Tera Sara khandan.
tu nahi Ho sakta pashinda
e Hindustan.

Wake Up @YouTube

Dear These are the people you have allowed on your platform who racially abuse and get away with harassment. Does it matter if we report or block them they will come back with another fake ID. You have to one day wake up to this threat.

Khan Khan Posted abuse on my youtube community tab

Posted at YouTube Community Tab House of Trolls

I dont share my number at all . I dont wish to socialize with people I dont know Thank you for your comments ,, Blessings I am 68 yea...