Monday, September 24, 2018

LalBagh chya Raja Vijay Aso

LalBagh chya Raja Vijay Aso
Shooting LalBagh chya Raja Visarjan.. 2018
18 years of devotional documentary by a Muslim photographer.
Jai Shree Ganesha

Lalbagh Chya Raja My Documentary On Hope and Hindutva posted at You Tube

Thanks to Mr Sudhir Salviji who helped me get my Pandal Press ID in 2017 aftr shooting the Raja for several years I am able to share all this with Raja through the eyes of his Muslim devotee .
My only earnest prayer to Raja I ask nothing for myself to see that next year there is better crowd management this is important for our women children and senior citizens ,,
A more seamless relationship between Mumbai Police Pandal management and the dedicated karyakartas .
Lets not unnecessarily politicize the goodness of the Lord
I also payed that the Lord awaken the eyes of our CM Mr Devendra Fadnavis and he helps implement all this with responsibility transparency and accountability .
Lalbagh Chya Raja is not just a Gansh idol but our States Brand Ambassador ,, this pandal should be made a tourist spot..
I could not complete my walk the final journey till Chowpatty my diabetes my blood sugar played havoc I felt down twice and than decided to abort my walk from Byculla Khada Parsi took a cab from Madanpura headed home to Bandra .
I must thank all the volunteers who helped me through this visarjan journey ,,some thanked me others hugged me ,
And my only goal documenting Hinduism is to showcase it as a Message of Universal Peace and a Way of Life ,,,and the other goal is Hindu Muslim amity and mutual respect tolerance ,,
Jai Maharashtra .
Lalbagh Chya Raja Vijay Aso 
Firoze Shakir 
Bollywood Fashion Designer Poet Actor Photo Journalist.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Muslims Love Killing Muslim

The greatest enemy of the Muslim is none but the Muslim it is the Muslim that loves killing Muslims. 
Neither the Jews or Americans do as much harm as those that call themselves Muslims custodian of Islam who bomb the Yemenis for Imperialistic Hegemony. 
These are my personal views as I see the killings around the Muslim world. 
This is not the reason why we were created to destroy each other.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Jai Jainendra Michami Dukdam

I seek your forgiveness if I have hurt you unintentionally or accidentally.
Intentionally I would not hurt you unless you provoked me but still I apologize.
I seek your forgiveness for deleting all friend requests.. I cannot give you access to my timeline that is private and even if we have a common friend I still don't know you.
I seek your forgiveness if you insisted being my oldest patron on Facebook since 1955 to shoot Moharam in Mumbai and I stubbornly refused I had a problem in the past with a few Shia bigots I decided never to ever take part or shoot Moharam in Mumbai.
I also willed my body to Medicine I won't be buried in a Shia cemetery .i hope my sons and wife follow my request or I will come and haunt them after my death.
I stay away from my community I have a few Shia friends which is more than enough.
I seek your forgiveness if I blocked you your religious impositions on the way I live my life on my terms was not acceptable to me.
I seek your forgiveness for your hateful comments on my posts or ridiculing people or rituals I shoot.
I seek your forgiveness Syed Masoom Ali Baba Asqan Madari and MurshadRafiq Ali Malang I moved from your Order as I found I could not escape bigotry by your members for being a Shia.
It's catch 22 situation.. To be or not to be me.
I seek your forgiveness for any gesture or words.
This is one part of the Jain faith that touches me deeply.
I am a hobbyist photographer that shoots only India faith culture rituals.
Whichever faith I shoot I don't insult or humiliate.
I don't shoot for money or for 2 seconds fame.
So I don't understand why people take my posts personally I have not tagged them..
You want to shit please use a public toilet.
As my upbringing was different I did not live in a Ghetto did not go to a Madrsa was influence in my values by the family of Late Nawab Kashmiri I think I have come a long way.
My two daggers for the first time in several years remained unsoaked in my blood.
I have been bought up in a Church a Temple and and the Imambargah at home that moulded my character my personality.
So I also seek your forgiveness for forcing you to read all this.
Michami Dukdam.
I seek most of all forgiveness from Mr Zain Hussain a very dear friend from Hyderabad settled in Dubai who saw me walking from Najaf to Karbala in his dreams.
He insisted I walk this event he was paying for my air ticket after much introspection I politely refused I had gone through bad times a few years back I borrowed money from a friend I have to repay him so I can't go on a spiritual trip with this heavy burden.
I will do this trip once I am free of all encumberances.
With my hard earned money.
I think I also seek forgiveness from my wife my children grandchildren my brothers sisters nephews niece.
From all you friends near and far.

With the greatest director of all times. Mr Raj Kumar Santoshi ji..

I did Ghayal Ghatak Pukar Barsat Halla Bol China Gate to name a few films directed by him.
I acted in two films also directed by him I did cameos in China Gate and Phata Poster Nikla Hero.
I normally leave Mumbai during Moharam ..I do my Moharam Ashura in Lucknow Hyderabad or Chennai but this time I could not leave because of my commitment to Mr Santoshiji as I am doing costumes of Mr Danny Denzongpa in his period film.
It was because of this film that I could not go to Ajmer or participate in Chadiyan.
So the meeting and look trial of Danny ji was in the morning with film creative director Muneesh Sappel and Rajji.
The look went of very well now I have to execute the balance dresses.
This is my toughest assignment of Dannyji after Khudagawah.. There is minute detailing hand work aging and I have to stay back to assist my workers with it.
I have come home and can't believe I waited for this look trial for almost 10 months.
Vijay Singh the production head was there too.
And I have been connected to Mr Danny Denzongpa for over 35 years I did Army Jai Ho Manikaran Baby Ram Aur Shyam.
My benchmark of inner sartorial satisfaction and success has been styling for Mr Denzongpa.
The most demanding versatile actor of Bollywood.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Meet Safiullah Khan a Abusive Youtube Troll ,,who hates Hindus and Muslims Like me ..

His comment on my post In Praise of Ganesha that I have reported to YouTube

He has not posted any video he does not have a profile picture or DP

His agenda and like many others that are part of the bandwagon of subscribers is to pollute this beautiful platform.. abuse cyber bully ,, their greatest hate is towards people like me because I am a Shia Muslim .. than they hate Sufis as I post the sweetness of Sufi Islam ..
They hate Hindus ,,, I dont which country  he is from . but if he is living in India and saying nasty things he should be locked up..for spreading venom ..
His abuse is not Freedom of Expression .
When will YouTube wake up to this menace ,,

His comment ,,

Saifullah Khan
1 day ago

Potentially inappropriate
Bosdike Hinduon ke tyohaar Mai shirkat karna ek baat hai aur vahan jaake ibadat karna aur.. ab tu Islam se kharij hai aur murtad ho gyaa hai

I am happy I am not part of his blinkered distorted myopic Islam..
My Islam is Hussain and Humanity .

Saturday, September 15, 2018

To be or not to be

Posted at YouTube Community platform

I am perhaps the only Muslim documenting Hinduism in India as a Message of Universal Peace. 

I maybe a Muslim but my cultural inheritance is the roots of the land that I was born in. 

My parentage my upbringing in one of the finest areas of Mumbai at Wodehouse road Colaba later Breach Candy and than at Colaba Strand Cinema.. changed the way we thought.. 
We never lived in a ghetto through we started our journey in Mumbai in the fetid slums of Kurla. 

No political party appeased we worked our way up like our father we changed the path of our destiny. 
Hinduism was never a religion in our upbringing it was the way of life of our friends neighbor who celebrated our Muslim feasts stood by us in our pain sorrow as we stood by them. Caste creed did not dominate our thinking or our thoughts. 

So today I documente the Ganesha festival so my Hindu friends can savour it through the eyes of a Muslim photographer.. poetry passion and pathos. 

I mean only a dumb person with poor ancestry upbringing and blinkers would ask me. Whether I am a Muslim or Hindu. 
My respect for Hinduism is sincere and for me RSS is not the custoddiian of this huge pantheon of faith and fidellity. 
So if you are myopic and think I am a Hindu so be it I am the only Muslim Aghori. 
that should not shock you. 

Am I a Muslim yes an Indian Muslim my Islam is relevant to my mother land my mother country.. 
I am not rabid like the Muslims that target me and try to cyber bully me.. 
I cannot be you.. 
You should not be me.. 
I feel sad that you see me as a Shia as a Sufi as a Hindu but fail to see me as a photographer that I am and my photography is not for hire or sale. 

I am happy I am not a Muslim who only thinks as a Muslim I live in India I think as a Indian. 

I am not a preacher or a Mullah I would rather commit harakiri.. 

I am a sartorialist I change clothes like the skin of a chameleon through my dress change I ioptically change the way you see me. 

I look like a Sufi or a Sadhu but beneath my clothes I feel all what you feel.. pain sorrow misery and compassion. 

Photography is paying homage to God and his world his beautiful creation.. I shoot man his fight to survive. 

I also shoot Muslim women begging outside Mosques and nothing is going to change her destiny.
Male centric Mullahs want her to be cattle subjugated from here till Armageddon. 

I am a drop out I had to work to sustain my parents I had no vocational guidance but I was lucky education saved me exorcised the darkness within me. 

I have kept my comment box on review because it is not a toilet seat where you come shot splatter and go away. 
And fuck you don't even flush.

I search for people with love for photography videos and humanity. 

if you are a venomous snake in the guise of a human being sorry I have no time to retaliate your hate or your abusive comments. 
Your agenda on YouTube you don't even shoot videos you have made this beautiful platform into a pulpit. 
Youu hate us because we don't want to be like you.. we distance ourselves from your kind of Islam. 
That wants to oppress and subjugate Peopke that follow your religion or your half baked untruths. 

Have a nice day. 

Jai Shree Ganesha. 
Dilon main Rahe Hamesha

At least I shoot Original Content without hurting sense or your sensibility.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

I Am a Youtuber but not a YouTube Troll

#youtuber #youtubetroll #firozeshakir

I am grateful to You Tube for giving me platform that I use positively ,, I am not into politics I have no agenda I dont  proselytize ..
I shoot India weft warp of a tapestry of peace hope humanity .

I became a YouTuber by accident and I use Youtube to archive my still photography as slideshows as my collection at Flickr over 500000 do not have the reach like YouTube .

I am not net savvy I dont know how to edit but I owe my video presentation to Windows Movie Make th most regressive was You Tube editor ,, I am not rich cant afford editing classes or editing apps .

I showcase only India and I am a Indian I am a Shis Muslim but I become the religion I shoot . my videos my thoughts my poems reflect my upbringing my parentage .

My parents lived in a slum my father was a tailor a boy who had come to try his luck in Bombay when he was 15 years old ..
My mother came from a Shia Syed family descendant of poet Mir Anis .
They struggled we lived as tenants of the family of late doyen actor thespian Nawab Kashmiri .at Wodehouse Road Colaba .
Their daughter educated me at Private European School the fees early 50 s was Rs 50.
Than she shifted me to Holy Name High School .

I did not complete my higher studied began working got into wrong company became a alcoholic and drug user .

However my wife my children's prayers saved me I gave up drinking drugs its been 20 years now .

I evolved I worked hard I do hgo to other peoples videos to post hate comments I am not a perfect Muslim I dont want you to be like me ..
I dont believe in conversions ,,I respect all religion I dont wear blinkers ..

The rest you can hear my voice on this video


Monday, September 10, 2018

To All Bigots Racists Shia Sufi Haters You Tube Trolls on this Platform ..

posted at youtube community forum

Blessings Salutations

I once tried this platform but gave up because of hate and abusive comments that did not spare me or my family ..

But I gave myself another chance I came back and this time I decided to moderate my  comment box ..your comments have to be approved by me ,,,I report abuse and block and delete ..

I am a Shia Muslim born bred in India ..we may all be Muslims but we are not the same we differ because we come from different countries .. what really makes us different is our parentage our upbringing or lack of upbringing ..

I am a photographer and a Youtuber like some of you .my videos are not to hurt or abuse gender or religion or community ..

For those who dont know me a Google Search on my name will show you my cyber history ,,,

I shoot and it is neither for fame or money,,,but what really hurts me deep down you dont like my views my videos move on why do you take my videos personally ,, why do you want to subjugate me with your hate animosity ,, Ok I am not a perfect Muslim like you be hate filled like you I would have to disown my parents my upbringing ,,

Unlike some of you that are paid by your Wahabi and Salafi and Tabiki Masters to attack people who shoot Hinduism Sufism Shiasm..and you get away with it as you have never posted anything that one calls Original Content .. you are nothing but Shadow Mullahs wanting to destroy a beautiful platform of Knowledge Education Awareness that is YouTube .
And YouTube needs you the faceless gutless ball less gang of subscribers
I am not a Mullah and photography is not my source of income I am a reputed Fashion Designer Bollywood .

I do not belong to any religious group  political party at all .

I am happy that my mother gave me a faith in her womb I discovered Humanity through Hussain ,My Karbala is India ,,

I have no issue with your beliefs faith religion so why do you impose your belief on me I do no want to be a part of the Islam that you represent ,,you have misinterpreted the Koranic verses to suit your agenda of killing Sufis Shias Hindus Ahmedis ,,I cant be like you ..

So desist from commenting on my videos dont try to change the way I think I am a self educated Muslim luckily my parents poor did no send me to a Madrsa ,,

So be civil if you reach out to me I will reach out to you I am no a Sufi bawa I dont believe in Dua Tawiz I am not a holistic healer I cannot treat you at all.

I don't share my cell phone with strangers ..I have a Facebook page you can contact me but as I said I cannot solve your problems you have to solve them yourself..

Most of the people doing Dua Tawiz for money are nothing but fucking cheats ,,

So have a good day

Words of my Christian Guru late Fr Stephan Nazareth Wodehouse Road Cathedral.

The world is full of darkness so we must shine
You in your corner me in Mine ,

Whirling Dervish
Bandra Mumbai

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