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Bibi Ka Alam At Charminar Hyderabad 2014

I needed to shoot Bibi Ka Alam at Charminar , but could not find a place to shoot it , and I am a short guy, there was no place I could climb, and I had left my friend Boaz with Sajjad Bhais relative , our priorities of  shooting Ashura were different , and I had to move on as I knew what I wanted , after standing on the road shooting this I rushed like a madman with Sajjad Bhai and his son to shoot Ashu Bhais hardcore kama matam and the sword matam, that is cutting the head with the Punjabi swords , I gave my camera bag to Sajjad bhai with my lenses memory cards and my dagger and I lost him in the crowds .

After I shot Ashu bhai in his narrow lane I moved ahead again but this time I was caught in a frenzy I requested a guy to give me his dagger and leaping in the air I cut my raw head again I fell down I was too weak, could not see straight with blood in my eyes they carried me on their shoulders took me to an ambulance to dress my wound ,, with water .

I was Ok now searching for Sa…