Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bibi Ka Alam At Charminar Hyderabad 2014

I needed to shoot Bibi Ka Alam at Charminar , but could not find a place to shoot it , and I am a short guy, there was no place I could climb, and I had left my friend Boaz with Sajjad Bhais relative , our priorities of  shooting Ashura were different , and I had to move on as I knew what I wanted , after standing on the road shooting this I rushed like a madman with Sajjad Bhai and his son to shoot Ashu Bhais hardcore kama matam and the sword matam, that is cutting the head with the Punjabi swords , I gave my camera bag to Sajjad bhai with my lenses memory cards and my dagger and I lost him in the crowds .

After I shot Ashu bhai in his narrow lane I moved ahead again but this time I was caught in a frenzy I requested a guy to give me his dagger and leaping in the air I cut my raw head again I fell down I was too weak, could not see straight with blood in my eyes they carried me on their shoulders took me to an ambulance to dress my wound ,, with water .

I was Ok now searching for Sajjad bhai my mobile phone was in my bag and I found Sajjad bhai after almost half hour , his relative was calling me as Boaz wanted to speak to me , but I could not go back I requested Boaz to let me move on I was here to shoot Ashura and so I walked barefeet , shooting Bibi Ka Alam wherever I found a strategic top location I found 3 or 4 and finally I shot Bibi Ka Alam at Azakhane Zehra and I decided not to go to Chaddar Ghat . the final destination of The Alam.

I shot the blade matam at Daru Shifa  had some light meal at Choti Bargah and crashed ..

I got up the next morning and went back to Irani Gully to meet Ashu Bhai but I met his son , I took a lot of street shots and than Naqi and Akthar dropped in a rick I was on my way to catch the Mumbai train.

I dont know if I will go back to Hyderabad , I have to hit new cities during Moharam.. I would like to shoot Ashura in Bangla Desh if I ca find someone who will sponsor part of my trip.

Happy World Photography Day 2019

To all my photographer friends Happy World Photography day Humble Tribute to my Gurus Mr KG Maheshwari ji Prof BW Jatkar Ever...