Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Would Anyone Want To Shoot Beggars In The First Place

photography skills
put to waste ,,shooting
beggars they tell me
is poor taste ,,but i
follow them in their
quest of hope in
 oxymoron haste
i shoot original
content unlike
bloggers who
copy and paste
blog chatter

i left the soul of analogue
anarchy a blog i embraced
poetry of life self paced

muslim beggars of india

Muslims Treat Their Beggars Worse Than Dogs

i show this to
you through
photo blogs

the soul of muslim
laidback society
burnt out logs wheels
minus cogs ,,

Muslim Society Needs Beggars .. To Complete The Act Of Charity

Thereby spitting
on the soul of humanity
yes beggars are untouchables
lowest of the lowest in muslim
society ,, enslaved to beggary
beg beg beg ..they can never
be free ..faces in pain hidden
by the hijab you will never see
terrorized by fatwa spewing clergy
allak ke nam pe de do she cries
groping the darkness hopelessly

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