Sunday, August 26, 2012

Punam Kaulji I Am a BB User .. But If You Give Me The Nokia I Will Take It

Hello ..Zain Saab Eid Mubarak To You And Your Family


gham-e-jaaduan,gham-e-do jahan,

Meri har nazr teri muntazir,
teri har nazar mera imtehan.

Ekach Wagh .. Inko Dekh Dushman Bhag

My bloodline ...belongs to my son but also mine

3 Dure Najaf and Nishapuri Turquoise

Th East Indians of Bandra

I Shoot Muslim Beggars It Is True .. Through My Pictures I Give The Their Due

Who the fuck buys beggar pictures .. because I have not been approached by anyone as yet..I dont think they would take it even I gave it free..
The only pictures on my photostream that have some value in terms of money are the hijra pictures I got a lot of offers but fuck I dont sell pictures when bad time came I sold all my personal stuff my silver kadas , and this PRO membership is a gift from friends ...from one year to the next.. why are beggar poets who dont drink dont smoke dont fornicate always broke .. because they are CHUTIYAS .. we dont care for tomorrow .. for tomorrow never comes it is always Today.

I was offered a large sum of undisclosed money to shoot naked hijras I refused politely not my cup of tea.
I shoot garbage I shoot shit and I have no pretensions of being a good photographer Fuck Fstops.

All the beggars know me in my area and in some other areas too I give them generously .. the deserving beggars only.

As a photographer who shoots beggars we are looked down upon by other street sart savvy photographers .. but who cares .. a you know what ..

My grand children shoot beggars and garbage too,,, it is shooting beggars and garbage thaat has made us so sensitive and human is all I know..

And when you write shit the way I write you are not called a columnist or a guest writer but a fucked time pass Chutiya Blogger ..

Crows Is Being Shot At Bandra Bazar...Just Crows No Filmstar

Clean Up - Oh Shut The Fuck Up

Clean Up - Oh Shut The Fuck Up by firoze shakir photographerno1

you your 
garbage pictures 
your continuous hiccoughs 
i think beggar fucked poet 
on garbage you are totally 
stuck up ..says the 
politicians pet pup 
as he lifts his leg 
piddles .. no one 
to mop it up 

Strange Those Who Organize Protests Go Scott Free While Foot Soldiers Take The Rap

on the face
of so called
good governance
a tight slap
one goes
another comes
time wrap
from the aisle
says the soul
of humanity
mr arup patnaik
was a a good chap
but caught in
a devious political trap
between dreams
realty a very
wide gap
the poor
still does not
know where assam
manipur myamar
are on the world map
his hunger his destiny
his tears his torn skull cap
a misplaced protest
shames the community
the beggar lady outside
the mosque unfed child
in her lap
who will take the rap

While he sleeps leaders from his community rewards reap

a vote
his life
is cheap
rising prices
soaring steep
his destiny
into the soul
of his misery
seep through
a picture into
his world
take a peep
the politicians
from a school
what a leap
of notes
round the
n heaps

Marriamman Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2012

Marriamman Feast Nehru Nagar Juhu 2012Inserting  The Skin With Needles To Hang LimesInserting  The Skin With Needles To Hang LimesThe Followers of Goddess Marriamman at Juhu Beach..Shanmugham And AnnaShooting the Marriamman Feast Juhu Beach 2012
Sharpening The RodsThe Cycle of Life .. The Sea The Sands and SufferingsIndian Parents Neglect Their Children Than Search For Them In The WildernessPrayers To Goddess Marriamman Before The Start of The RitualsPrayers To Goddess Marriamman Before The Start of The RitualsPrayers To Goddess Marriamman Before The Start of The Rituals
The Puja On The Beach Before The Rituals of PiercingThe Puja On The Beach Before The Rituals of PiercingInserting  The Skin With Needles To Hang LimesInserting  The Skin With Needles To Hang LimesInserting  The Skin With Needles To Hang Limesinserting needles to hang limes
inserting needles to hang limesThe Symbol of Fertility Goddess MarriammanNeedles Inserted In His ArmsNeedles Inserted In Her ArmsThe Maharashtrian Does Not Grumble Carries On Lifes StruggleAloe Vera Juice Makes The Insertion of the Rods In The Cheeks faster.

I have removed all my hijra pictures from public view at

I shot her at Juhu beach while shooting these rituals I shot the story of her pain I saw it in her eyes..and it is sad people have misused my hijra pictures and distorted the message of the reason why I shot the hijras ..

And I dont have to give reason to people why I shoot what I shoot but on the fucked internet everyone seems to own you ..and I dont want the added burden of relationships on the internet .. I have far too many ..

So I removed all those at Facebook who added me because they like my hijra pictures .. I removed everyone save those who are close to me and I know closely.

I removed those hard headed folks with bias towards what I shoot those from my community who also think they can order me because they think they gave me birth..

I dont want adverse comments on the people I shoot .. so even a single hate comment I unfriend move on..

I still shoot hijras but for myself .. and only friends can see the bulk of this set at

I dont think I will ever open my hijra pictures blogs poems to the public.. you have to grow up before you see or read my stuff.

Some Are Married And Still Not Happy Even When They Get It Free

India if you have not seen it .. you have not lived

i shoot his pain .. because i know pain as the ancestry of my birth

The Divine Moment Of Overcoming Pain ..As Poetry of Life

I Shoot The Passion The Pain The Pathos ..Effect And Cause

I Shoot The Passion The Pain The Pathos ..Effect And Cause

Old is Gold

Hope And Maharashtra In His Eyes

The Broken Guitar at The Raddi Shop

dedicated to my childhood friend

Neil Chattophadaya who played with Keith Kanga Atomic Forest

The Ricksha Fare Is Going To Be Hiked ..Like or Dislike

if you
much much
rao n company
will go on strike
you will have
to go to work
on your
neigbors bike
or walk to
or take a hike
now dont get
mad dont go
crazy dont
get psyched

stick no bills

240,803 items / 2,023,544 views

the soul
of mother
india is
very ill
by scams
no cure
no treatment
no magical
pill every
part malignant
a disease
that kills
have lost
their will
the nations
in the till
shoot to kill
on the roads
it spills
faith trust
in the system
even god
wont instill
a task

What Is Color To The Blind..

240,802 items / 2,023,537 views

the sky
is blue
or the
is green
is a dream
she has not
seen where
you cant go
she has been
to see your
world its evil
she is not keen
she ties her
beggars tin
by a rope
to a stump
of her feet
the world
around her
is devious
mean the same
dress she wears
her frame thin
scorched lean
her humility
through my
i won demean
she is a leper
you know
what i mean

to linda my friend

The Common Man Being Taken For A Ride

the common
man of india
first lost
his job
his home
his wife
his children
even god
his hope
his mentor
his guide
has left
this poor
mans side
has no place
to hide
his future
on a clothesline
hung to dried
on the soul
of his poetry
his pathos
his karma cried
scams corruption
spread inside
far and wide
his mouth gagged
his hands tied
on a hot tava
like chapati
his ass
both sides fried