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Back to Basics

Back to Basics
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 This is a poor couple, who cant afford a road side food stall, it is hard times for some , and they are fiercly arrogant in their poverty, they wont beg , but make do with what is at hand.In their humilty lies the pride of my nation.
This is a meal for two, partners who have surrendered happiness but still have the essence of a good quality of life.I promise you if you go as a beggar to them they will give away their food to you..
This is India a Wonder of the World.
Fuck I am crying..this is what a Photo Blog does when it was written as poutlice to heal and to repair human woes.

My India A Wonder Of the World.

My India A Wonder Of the World.
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 India the country of my Birth is not a land with just specific borders , it is an everlasting emotion, you have to breathe it to live it. The Taj Mahal is only one of the wonders of the World , my country in its complexity , in its good bad and ugly is in itself a wonder of the world.
This is country that gave went on giving.
Even today it gives all its brains to America Uk , Australia New Zealand..Indian man an export quality never goes out of supply even if there is no demand.
India is lyrical sound , a teardrop that never dries, India is a poem , also an epic..India is not just the Himalayas , India is congested Mumbai train travel , India is Ganga.. India is Jamuna too..
India is alive even in the breath of a Man who lives far away from India..
India is a state of Mind and a state of Mindlessness too.

Tom Doyoulikeit -My American Photo Guru.

Tom Doyoulikeit -My American Photo Guru.
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Sometimes I think a child is more gifted than Man.
Here the Child is behaving live a grown up , he is talking to me only he knows and me through my camera lens that is kind of a earphone .
Kid :So you are Photographerno1?
Me :Yeah
Kid :You look a terrible bad shape , you look fucked for sleep , you look out of your element .
The kid was clairvoyant , he reads my mind as I read a newspaper in my blue toilet .
Me: I nodded
After all this child was more than father of Man.There was something about Tom, Doyoulikeit in him, he had razor sharpp reflexes , he shot pictures without a camera..he shot me in color keeping my monochromatic values intact .
He looked like my American Photo Guru.No doubt about that.
Me :I asked him fuck, why did you leave Buzznet ?
Kid : I have not left Buzznet I am still there , look carefully in between lines , you will find me in your wn pictures.Oh I am there stuck on a Dusty Len…

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 When Gods House
Becomes an Abode of Terror
Than God has to delete the file
Rectify the error
dessiminating hatredness
anti Islam
children who come to study
men women
toting guns
Islamic Truth Brotherhood
standard bearer
Allah s name
in a Reign of Terror

photo courtesy Nd Tv..

Islamabad, July 3 (Xinhua) The chief cleric of the controversial Lal Masjid here Tuesday declared jihad after an exchange of fire between students and Pakistani security forces, Dawn News channel reported.

He also ordered Lal Masjid militants to launch attacks on forces.

Witnesses verified that Lal Masjid militants destroyed some posts set up by government security forces. Some government buildings were also under attack from the religious students.

At least three policemen were reported injured after Lal Masjid students exchanged fire with security forces.

Hundreds of students took to the street in protest, chanting pro-jihadi slo…

I shoot Pain...

I shoot Pain...
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Pain is deliriously deceptive , pain comes in all sizes , pain has to be uloaded processed ,see it black and large.
Pain I shoot was visible in my camera eye , I shot it as I saw it..Pain was always naked even when covered in a Hijab or a smile..seething scorching pain demanding that I capture it..
I have no agenda I dont run classes of Sectarian Hate , I dont belong to madarssas , or any group, I hate groups, I want to be heard and be seen , I dont need to be carried on someones shoulders to display my Art.
I have however nothing against those who are members of groups it is the best way of learning and growing up..Flickrs Groups are good for budding photographers and people with like minded ideas.
I am not a friendly person.I am a loner or a lonesome my friend Killiweb has called me.
But I am not happy at Flickrs, this bashing my balls is getting on my goat.
Either I will put a Private tab on all my pictures.Or …

Street Poetry

Street Poetry
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 Says a girl child a few months old
in her sisters lap ...words as poem that I uncap ..while the winds take a nap...

Mama Mama please tell me
When I grow up
What will I be
Will I have
on my lap
your next baby
Oh Mama Oh Mama
Like you and Sis will I be pretty
or (a tear drops from her eye )
Will I too have to work in the fields
bonded labour in captivity
while dad whores drinks with his cronies
in the neigbouring locality
My future frightens me
my hopes my fears
bound gagged to my destiny
Oh Mama Mama
will someone nice marry me
to my dream world carry me
or will he eventually
use me abuse me set me free
labouring in a brothel
Oh Mama what will become of Me
Said her Sister 8 years old
Sweetie take it easy..
Dont trouble Mama and Me
What has to be will be
We will still be one family
Tears moisten my eyes
Yes this is street poetry
with a touch of photography
that at poem hunter they wont see.
words as pictures pictureless words

Surrogate Motherhood

Surrogate Motherhood
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 The Indian girl child does a mothers job and it comes very naturally to her , a gift by a miserly God.
The Indian male in an impoverished home that is a shanty near the railway tracks, works as a labourer , mostly he is jobless , so he is horny as hell, his wife works on neigbouring farm , the little blighter ably cared by the girl child.Mother comes home sweaty tired , man goes for her , he needs his daily bread , fuck sleep and snore..
no noisy condoms no fraragrant condoms, unsheathed irony of male belligerency.
So she is pregnant again., soon they will pack the bags hit the road to Amchi Mumbai.. he will play cards with hs cronies, she pregnant will make flower garlands, little girl child will sell it at the traffic signal..See the eunuchs the lepers, the older boys as horny as their inumerable fathers.The little girl child makes a good child mother ably one night she is waylaid in the dark near the t…

You Telecom ..Sleepless In Mumbai

You Telecom ..Sleepless In Mumbai
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 firoze shakir to Customer
show details 3:52 pm (0 minutes ago)

My house net went dead day before yesterday, I stay at Bandra Reclamation..
I called up all the people at You telecom that I have access to
Mr Ganesh Karkare
Mr Anmol
Mr Ganesh technician
I was promised it would be taken care of.The same day when I came home I found the net still dead.I sent messages to all three,
Ganesh technician said as there was a power cut at Bandra reclamation , he would send someone in the morning.The person came at 5 pm in the evening Mr Vinod , I was at my shop he said there was something wrong with the Modum , he was taking it to the office to have it checked.
He never returned ,
Their is no Internet at my house for more than 36 hours .
I have walked to my shop at 4 am today to send my greivance and this message to you.
I had this same problem of a defective modum at my shop too, attended also by Vinod.So what is your ex…

Tom Do You Like It -Unlearning Photography

Tom Do You Like It -Unlearning Photography
Originally uploaded by firozeshakirphotographerno1 I left the Shrine ,I was totally drenched , drained this happened five years back and I am still drained and drenched, I saw this child mother and the child, now stop listening to my words , look deep into the eyes of this child , he is a better photographer than me he needs no camera he has shot me brilliantly, keeping exposure in mind, no compensation, perhaps he underexposed me by 1 stop, to saturate my multi colored disposition..he did not care horse shit for Cartier Bressons decisive moment , he with his camera eyes had frozen time , he had captured me my timelessness, this my friends I call Unlearning Photography.Now tell me honestly did I shoot him with my Dick Head Nikon D 70 or did he shoot me with the camera vision in his inner eyes,,the crowds are waiting for free food, khichda, a gruel of various dals with chunky pieces of mutton kind courtesy the Iranian hoteliers of Hyderabad , …