Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Karamchaari Gang Carter Road Valentine's day

The Quintessential Tourist Photographers of Juhu Beach .

Most of them know me as while they shoot the local tourists on Juhu beach I shoot them as we belong to the same fraternity of camera users for a cause they use it to earn money I use it as my street documentary my street stories ..
There were very few in the beginning but than soon their tribe increased to identify that they are officially tourist photographer s they all were Mr Devanands Jewel thief caps red in color .
I have tremendous respect for their trade they are humble messengers of Amchi Mumbai and no brand ambassador like our poor man's Juhu beach.. The rich use it to walk and jog the tourists use it to hog I use it to photo blog .
Juhu beach the essence of Mumbai it's waters the holy waters of peace beyond caste color or creed .

Hope you never ever have to search for food in the Garbage .

Happy Valentine's day for those who govern us those whom we voted to powet may your life be filled with flowers .

The Karamchaari Gang Carter Road Valentine's day

These kids from areas like Mulund Vikhroli but certainly none from Carter road were cleaning the Carter road beach diligently collecting plastic other harmful materials bottles cans etc which they will hand over to the BMC and forgive my cheek n jowl I thought the lazy BMC might just throw it back in the sea.
And this is how our beautiful Mumbai kids celebrate Valentines Day paying tribute to nature I called them the Toilers of the Sea.
I also wondered on second thoughts would the kids of the tony upmarket Carter Road come down and do the same ...well are you kidding it's not their jobs ..they were having a ball at Otters Club
Happy Morning to all of you above all the members of the Karamchaari Gang from the Beggar poet of Bandra ..