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The Dam Madar Malangs At Gwalior

We were all returning from Panihar Sharif the Asthana and spiritual abode of the Head Of Our Madariyya Order Syed Masoom Ali Baba. We were invited to the Chalisva or 40 Day Memorial gathering of the mothers of Gaddi Nashin Razzak Ali Baba nephew of Syed Masoom Ali Baba .. his seat is both here at Panihar and also at Makanpur .His mother had died a month and 10 days back. He is a very powerful scholar ,,and he is very young ,,we get along very well.. Syed Masoom Ali baba is very fond of me and my Malang brother Marc,, and he is 102 years old man who lives in austerity ,, if someone offers him fruits he will invite me to have some ,,he takes care of me ..will offer me dry fruits and I am honored by his love and hospitality . He feeds me victuals .. and I have never seen such kindly emotions even Syed Rafik Baba will see that I am well taken care of ,, I have honestly sincerely documented their Order ,, Rafik Bhai till date has never called me by name only as Maulaiee ,, Follower of Ali…

The State Of The Foot Soldiers Of Modijis Swach Bharat At Bandra

One Way Street .. My Street Photography BW

The Tower Of Ill fame

The slums of Bandra
all around it as far as
the eye can see it 
arrogantly shames
politicians pride poor
mans envy its only
notoriety to fame
the super rich will
come to reclaim
allah ho akbar
the muezzins call
the rich disturbed in
their sleep will blame
the soul of bandra
incongruously forever
maimed ..a photo
study on architectural
monstrosities of bandra
a builder politician nexus
all the same ,, gone
the east indian gaothans
a frame within a frame dedicated lovingly
to my sweet Rosetta my
Bandra ex flame
if i had married her
i would have gladly
become Firoze Fernandes
a rose by another name she married a rich NRI
she said my doomed love
was unconditionally to blame a beggar poet on two legs
but cosmically accidentally lame

The Kashmiri ,,,Searching For God In Mumbai

I meet beggars and it is a cosmic attachment with people and my surroundings he was trying to collect money for his sons operation..and it was on the high side ,,but he was full of hope and told me that Mumbai people have a heart..I wanted to tell him it is not the heart but the heartbeat that sensitizes the poetry of the human soul ,, I gave him what I could ,, Mostly these street stories I shoot are stories of doom.. and I read too much Dickens Zola George Gissing ,,Balzac and I encounter those characters in my tales ,,I met Uriah Heep I met Aunt Pegotty I meet Mr Micawber the Fat Boy ,, I meet Rastignac,,,through the corridors of my life ,, I am not much into writing but my pictures can be talkative enough ,, And If I shot pictures to massage my soul .. to display my skill it would be terribly misguiding that is why I am not on Instagram Snapchat ,, I used to hate posting my pictures here on Facebook.. but I am now able to narrate here more than at Flickr the source of all my stre…

Street Photography not letting a Moment go..

while shooting a few moments
you might come to blows bear it
but dont let the moment go ,,,
capture the soul of silence in
oxymoron haste as it flows
scripting a new story ,,street life
worldly woes ,,a moment like a
sacred tear that i froze ,, yes i
shoot with my eyes closed..
poetizing street prose ,,,what
was distantly far now comes
up close ,,Fuck F Stops
Fuck the Injured Toe ,, Dont let the moment go..
What you saw to others you
must show ,, animated angst
as it grows ,,,a storyteller
A Malang named Firoze