Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nerjis Asif Shakir 7 Month Old Upcoming Street Photographer Waiting in The Wings

self portrait of a beggar poet..

self portrait of a beggar poet..

I Get To Shoot The Sleazy Streets And The Hijras Too..

After Flickr I Prefer Google+And Twitter I Hate Fucked Word Verifying Blogspot

Now Media Photographers Need To Show Skin I Shoot Veiled Women

Now If You Ask Me Why I Dont Shoot Sunsets Mountains Valleys .. I am humbled but have no answers

The Muslim Beggar Has No Tomorrow It Was Stolen The Day She Was Born

Photography is not an End Only a Means To An End ..As a Photo Blog Hope Befriends

My Grand Daughter Learnt Photography Shooting This Cross She Was 2 Years Old

Jesus Comes Alive During Lent .. On Good Friday He Walks With Humanity

I Once Lived Here Many Years Back.. My First Home in Bandra ..My First Home at Khar Perished in the 93 Riots

Shooting Muslim Beggars is Not As Easy As You Think..A Poetic Thought That Sucks and Stinks

You are the guilty you are the accused .. she looked at me I felt abused ..

i am a member of her community .. I had no excuse

I Shot Here Eyes For I Thought That is Where God Lives The Presumption of a Photographer He Forgives

Mamta Ki Chhaon Main..Mera Desh Mere Gaon Main..Waqt ki Kambakht Nighaon Main

Yeh Na This Hamari Kismet ..Ke Misale Dard Hota ..Agar Aur Jeete RehteToh Yeh Intaqam Hota

Please Dont Ask If She is a Shia or a Sunni.. She is certainly not a Wahabbi they dont beg on the Streets ..Luckily they were born Rich

In Muslim Society This Is Such A Common Sight ..But I Am Shooting it For Posterity ...

Muslim Beggars Dont Celebrate Mothers Day..

no please dont send me to uttar pradesh he pleads ..

सौ सोनार की, एक लोहार की

जान है तो जहान है

जंगल में मोर नाचा किस ने देखा ?

जिस की लाठी उस की भैंस

घर का भेदी लंका ढाये

बंदर क्या जाने अदरक का स्वाद

अब पछताए होत क्या जब चिड़िया चुग गई खेत

Ab pachhtaaye hote kya, jab hathi kha gaye khet?

The Pressman.. This Guys Presses When The Iron Is Hot ..

While the other pressman manipulates the press a very big shot
spray cans up the rectum of society the culminating rot
hindustan times dna all newspapers our fucked lot
a hand in the money pot ..a picture a barefeet blogger shot
on the spot .. a thought that fills in the dot sells
elephant dicks tits and twats ... menstrual machinations blood clots

Chor Bazar old Shoes Made New ...What was stolen at the Temple buy it here

This Muslim Man is Dreaming of Ramzan..

Chor Bazar ..Old Clothes Made New

My Camera in all Its Humility Tells a Story Better Than a Newspaper

The Dhobi Wanted Hope She Gave Him an Elephant Ride To Nowhere

The Bhaiyya ...Hates Elephants ..Cycles and Hands ...Flowers of Every Brand

My Pictures Are Jute Bags of Sorrow at

My Blogs are Recycled Remorse

Muslims Need Water Cans For Istinja..

Memories ...That Will Soon Be Flushed Down a School bag

Childhood and Womanhood ...And The Birth of Man..

Man was born to be fucked from asshole to eternity

Life is a Window Death is a Door

A Friend Asked Me To Shoot Doors .. The Girl Child Outside Life's Shut Doors

Our Children Die On The Roads And The Railway Tracks ..

My Camera Eye Goes Beyond The Soul of the Camera ...I See The Unseen..

Only The Fool Needs A Camera To Shoot Pictures ,,, I Am a Beggar Poet

The Rich Mans Burden Is Always Carried By The Poor Man..

My Pictures My Poems My Blogs Are Products of My Fucked Head

The Story of the North Indian Bhaiya Is Full of Pain and Struggle .. But Atleast He Does Not Have To Build Statues In The Hot Blazing Sun

The Bhaiyya ...Begs In Uttar Pradesh But Works With Dignity in Other States

The Indian Muslim Is Much Safer Than Muslims in Muslim Lands

The Bhaiyya ....Born In Uttar Pradesh Dies Away From Home

We Built Skyways Malls Flyovers But We Cant Build Good Roads

We Indians Have Made a Mess of Our Environment.. We Have Taken Our Surroundings For Granted ..