Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ya Ali

Ya Ali
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"I am the city of Knowledge, and Ali is the gate of the city" - Holy Prophet Mohammad Mustafa s.a.w
" Whosoever I am master of, Ali is master of" - Holy Prophet at Ghadeer-e-Khum
"Fatima is part of me and whosoever hurts her hurts me" - Holy prophet s.a.w

Paraye desh mein apni si khuhboo jan lete hain
Ali wale Aliwalon ki Khussboo pehchan lete hain.. bilal kazmi..

Humko tum kya rulaoge.. hum ko to rone ke liye behja hai..

Muslim Woman on a Mound

Mouth gagged
Mullah power packed
Male dominated society
hand and feat bound
muslim woman on a mound
living dead
her tomb
lies above ground
the poor muslim woman
the dark side of the moon
going round and round
early marriage
early talaq
manufacturing children
her voice drowned
last resource
friday namaz
begging with her children
at the doors of the masjid
she will be found
if she is young
for her blood they will hound
but than those with blinkers
the mujhaidas of a brave new world
truth of my soul with harsh words pound
decibels of despair home theatre surround
tattered pages of a book termite infested
hard bound..

yes we are shias we live let live

somethings you cant buy somethings you dont sell
hussainiyat comes with the territory a shia mothers womb
in the amniotic fluid of a furat we dwell
yes we are shias we live let live
within our tears blood and sweat
lies a heaven..what more can I tell
yazidiyat on earth is no less than hell
rogue mullahs lal masjid
little children under a satanic spell
a premature noose
allah ho akbar
sounds of an early death knell

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The Chup Tazia Of Lucknow

I start a new series Moharam in Lucknow , this segment is called Athvi the end of Moharam , two months and 8 days of austere mourning comes to an end..the Chup Tazia Juloos starts from Nakhas and ends in its burial at Kazmain..
For more text you can read about all this at my two sites..
also ar word press..

I intend only posting the pictures and talking less.
The speciality or uniqueness of the Chup Tazia is that it is a less raucous procession, not shouts, only marsiyas poems as elegy of the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain.
But the most endearing among the sobs of the reciter and the echo of sobs from th croed is Pakistani Nohakar Late Nasir Jahans Ghabrayegi Zainab...
The people cry as this brings an end to Azadar e Hussain .
you can only see the Chup Tazia in Lucknow.. with taboots, alams, Amary Zuljana and the grandeur old time Lucknowi charm..
I shot this almost at the same time that I had started my tryst with photography, wearing my black long robe, climbing walls shooting negatives, slides and black and whites...