Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mumbai The City Of Peace Hope And Humanity

Woh Mustafa Ki Ankhon Ka Tara Hussain Tha

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Jab karbala k dasht me pyasa HUSSAIN tha...

Badal yazeediat k jo phale the char su...

Un me chamakta aik sitara HUSSAIN tha...

Karta wo kase hath pe bait yazeed k...

Us waqt sab se urfa-o-aala HUSSAIN tha...

Hilne laga tha arsh-e-ilahi bhe us ghari...

Jab karbala ke rait pe tarpa HUSSAIN tha...

Pardes me shaheed jise kar dia gya...

Wo MUSTAFA ki ankhon ka tara HUSSAIN Tha..

Playing The Song of Silence Without a Flute

Shooting The World Outside From a BEST Bus

Man is a Caged Animal Born In Captivity

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These are a series of pictures I shot from a BEST bus on my way to town from Bandra ,I befriended the bus conductor a Muslim fellow called Shahid and he was a very kind polite conductor among all the others have met on the bus I shot his pictures too.

I got off at Electric House went to my friend Anil Shejale webmaster of Holy Name High School website but he was fast asleep, than I went to my friend Ramesh Mulchandanis hotel Strand Hotl at Gateway but he was not in in and finally caught up with an old friend Lorraine Rhubottom at Grant Building we worked at Burlingtons Taj Mahal Hotel and Treasures of India Dhanraj Mahal once upon a time early 70s , I met her sister Doreen from London too.

Than I went to my moms house and later took a cab to Bhendi Bazar shot my friend Rafiq Bhais discuss fish, he breeds discuss.. the most exotic ones.

I met Maulana Athar Mirza Saab at Moghul Masjid ..Ali Shah Akbar and returned to my work place late evening.

Shiasm is Alive Because of a Mother

Hussain Ke Tukdon Pe Jeeta Hoon

The Pillars of Ghame Hussain and Azadari

Majlis Ki Khushbu Kahan Kahan Se Khich Lati Hai..Ya Hussain Ya Hussain Shia Ki Chati Pe Likhati Hai

Hame Is Waqt Ka Intezar Rehta Hai ...Hamare Ankh Ke Pani Main Hussain Rehta Hai

Agar Sirf Ap Shia Ka Gham Samajh Lete ...Toh Phir Hum Aur Ap Sath Main Rehte

Jesus In Deep Conversation With A Lady In Pain

Please Dont Disturb..

Dogs Dream Too

Dont Shoot Me Please..My Parents Dont Know I Am a Hijra

The Hijra Holds My Hand In Good Faith ..

The Hijra Life Bound To The Traffic Signal of Hope

The Long Tie Beggar of Bandra

The Silhouette of The Hijab

The Life Of The Drug Addicts Of Bandra Signal,, Gardalus

These are Dangerous Guys To Shoot

Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara

Bartan Deta Hai Purane Kapde Leta Hai

I Try Out Khali Big Boss Shoes Size 22

Khali Big Boss Shoes Size 22

I Shoot To Satiate The Soul of The Internet

Stalking The Soul Of a Beggar From a Ricksha

Jo dawa ke naam pe zaher de. Us charagar ki talaash hai

The Winding Street of Pain

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a link connecting a link
a link within a link
interlinked to pain
a karmic chain
droplets delineating
morbidity that remains
tears sweat blood stain '
outsourced through
a cosmic brain
hope dashing
the soul of the rock
of time like hair
line cracks
on a window pane
drenched discussions
as it rains rains and rains

He Is Trying His Beggars Luck At The Turner Road Traffic Signal..

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Beggary could be a subject taught in school and colleges and you could get a Phd in this subject , a subject that touches even those who dont beg, that they beg favors from bigwigs their wives girlfriends boyfriends or from god is not part of this blog..

The man who is fascinated with beggars to the point of dementia is my dear friend Dr Glenn Losack MD the furious physician, shooting beggars is an aesthetic art only a few will understand ,I understand because I am a street poet and photographer , and street photography is the science of the human soul in karmic revolt again time nature and fate.

Street photography is shooting a picture within a picture with your eyes closed,,,it takes time perseverance and experience, you have it or you dont have it, it is inborn , grand daughter 3 year old Marziya has it she is gifted she shoots time and freezes it as eternity..

I was sitting in the ricksha and I shot several frames of this new male lead in the cinemascopic world of revolving frames , moving pictures as still life.

We spoke and he knew I knew his pain his story without exchanging words.. everything in life comes down to body language .. he understood mine I understood his.

Some people look at beggar pictures with disdain.. and unfavorably and the thing that comes to their fucked detached myopic mind is the photographer shoots to make money..makes me puke at the unintelligent thought , but its fine..

We shoot beggars and that is the fact of life , metaphoric or real poetry or prose..

I have shared bread with beggars lived with them and only the beggars were revered souls the Naga Sadhus I ate food left overs and got over my guilt of the original fucked sin of life,

And I have had a long day, I was in town , I have just returned , I shot a lot of pictures..from a moving bus and a cab.. Moghul Masjid , Shia folks and the Shia ambiance of Moharam at Imamwada road.

I shot the second day of matam at my house with Marziya doing it like an old hand such is the message of peace and Humanity we call Hussain.

The Turner Road Traffic Signal Where Dreams Are Born And Die

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The Turner Road Traffic Signal kids is an old set of images at my Flickr photostream , when my workspace was off Waterfield Road , I moved and so did my passion of shooting the denizens of this signal, the beggar kids the hijras and the fruit sellers.
However I do pass this very important signal when I go to Juhu or Linking Road all the old faces have disappeared , the hijras are there but a new lot , I still shoot them.

This kid is a new beggar with his mother and his father on skates with a missing arm..he told me he has come to this signal as his family is going through a rough patch..I shot a few frames ...