Monday, May 11, 2015

The Crippled Beggar Of Bandra Boran Road

The Chaiwalas Of Bandra Reclamation - Serves Chicken Kheema Too

The Largest Open Air Toilet At Bandra Reclamation off Rang Sharda

The Ugliest Garbage Spots Of Bandra Reclamation Off Rang Sharda

The Ugliest Garbage Spots Of Bandra West

Muslim Mothers Day ,, Staying Alive Begging Every Day

inside  the mosque
devout heads in prayer
invoking god for his love
his bounty his care ,
while beggars outside
muslim untouchables
reliving a nightmare
mother daughter
a unique pair
mother will i ever
go to a school
tell me why is
life so unfair ..
says the mother
daughter i never
went to school
so i beg on the
streets ..perhaps
your life god might
spare ..but always
remember to cover
your hair..two beggars
that had me poetically
cosmically ensnared

i blog and share

The Most Pathetic Garbage Dump At Bandra Bazar Road .. Is Waiting For Acche Din

This is Bandra Bazar Road one of the most ghastly garbage location , in all Bandra .. it stinks and the fulsome air could set you back with respiratory problems ,, We learnt photography shooting this dump including my two granddaughters aged 3 and 7.
Most of the foreigners come to shoot this dump as an Art Form..


Uploading at Flickr Is A Frickin Pain In The Butt

Bonk errors must be
fixed before you
continue .looks
like there is a
problem a
kick up my
ass kick
on my nuts
no ifs and buts
i feel depressed
like the horny
office slut
stuck at flickr
in the rut ..
neither here
nor there a dog
in the manger
i also feel like
a mutt ,,i feel
terrible i hurt
my cosmic fate
i flirt ,, no i wont
shoot legs jutting
of a micro mini skirt

than another
street photographer
bites the dirt ,,

flickr uploader
has gone from
bad to worst