Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Ode To Jumbo Rani

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I met Jumbo Rani a very famous Hijra at Haji Malang Urus , many years back, my first trip to Haji Malang and this trip had nothing to do with hijras at all, those days I was into Rafaees body piercing sect of Sufi mendicants known as Chancawalli Rafaees..
I had climbed the Haji Malang mountains to connect with late Sikandar Wali Baba the than head of the Chancwalli Rafaees..

I met Jumbo Rani and we became good friends it was here that I met Laxmi Narayan Tripathi , we were reconnecting after a short sojourn in Bollywood..I knew Laxmi when she wore trousers and shirts and here she was transformed into a Diva..we hugged each other and the Rafaees who thought I was a celibate and a mendicant almost dropped their jaws..

Haji Malang soon became a part of my annual spiritual quest, I tried not to miss it , it soon began to grow on me..and Jumbo Rani and I grew close , I understanding her pain her androgynous despair and solicitude ..and so many years I never exchanged her number or her address .. we meet at Haji Malang..year after year..and she guards me protects me from those hijras who hate photographers dressed like me, they think I am a tantric and will capture their souls in my camera..

Jumbo Rani
is unique
some consider
her a freak
her Jay Lolita
tongue and cheek
love the language
she speaks
a peaceful alcove
near the
Holy Shrine
of Haji Malang
she seeks
her religion
at its peak
blessed are the hijras
meekest of the meek
the spirit was willing
the flesh was weak
hopes choked
on a river creek

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