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An Ode To Jumbo Rani

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I met Jumbo Rani a very famous Hijra at Haji Malang Urus , many years back, my first trip to Haji Malang and this trip had nothing to do with hijras at all, those days I was into Rafaees body piercing sect of Sufi mendicants known as Chancawalli Rafaees..
I had climbed the Haji Malang mountains to connect with late Sikandar Wali Baba the than head of the Chancwalli Rafaees..

I met Jumbo Rani and we became good friends it was here that I met Laxmi Narayan Tripathi , we were reconnecting after a short sojourn in Bollywood..I knew Laxmi when she wore trousers and shirts and here she was transformed into a Diva..we hugged each other and the Rafaees who thought I was a celibate and a mendicant almost dropped their jaws..

Haji Malang soon became a part of my annual spiritual quest, I tried not to miss it , it soon began to grow on me..and Jumbo Rani and I grew close , I understanding her pai…