Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Election Bad Dekhiye Kis Kis Ki Dhulaiee Hone Wali Hai

deposit zabt kis kis ki jeb khali hone wali hai

sar pit pit kar biwi apke phute mustakbil
par rone wali hai

ink ke dhabbe naukrani  ne keh diya woh
ab ki bar nahi dhone wali hai

party ne bate hue note jhopdapati walon
ne kaha bhai bilkul jali hai

mohalle main sukhe nal.. gande pani ki nali hai

sirf ab ki bar modi sarkar  kehne walon ke ghar main haryali hai ..

phutenge phatakre aam admi ne kaha bhai
yeh kaisi be waqt ki diwali hai

dance of democracy .. ab ki bar kis kis ke ghar par chap lagnewali hai..

chahe jo bhi aye ,,,muskura ke kaha ..yeh bar bhi government kya ambani ki hai

The Satghare Ram Mandir Temple Bandra Bazar Road A Disclaimer

This morning while surfing the net I found somebody has made a bogus profile on my name Firoze Shakir and added a blog

satgharerammandir.blogspot.in/ and written a comment and the blog with my name ..

I have complained to Blogspot Customer Care , with my valid identification and my Voters ID as proof ,,

I have been shooting this prestigious iconic temple since 2006 as my efforts to promote Hindu Muslim amity and as I once lived across this temple and shot Maha Shivratri and Ram Navmi other important Hindu festivals .. I am known to the various Satghare Brothers   who have allowed me to shoot the interiors and the feasts all part of my set on Flickr Hope And Hindutva A Message of Hope And Humanity ..

I am not the author of this blog Satghare Mandir Blogspot.in that has been created with mischievous intention of hurting the owners and their legal dispute ..so please let it be known to all and sundry..

All my blogs are picture based originate at Flickr and crossblogged to my other sites at Tumblr ..And at FirozeShakir.Blogspot.com

Thanks .. Firoze Shakir Photographerno1

Grand Pa Dont Shoot Me

marziya wonders amazed
as around her the dance of
democracy plays people
on voting day with inked
fingers bandra based
so another election
has come round the
corner ..dreams politicians
chase .. walls with posters
defaced ..the open gutters
the filth the stench potholes
resurface ..rising prices
nothing much has changed
as always ..bandra the
quintessential Queen of the
suburbs demystified and dazed ..
slow death of the gaothan
gasping for breath the ancient
east indian heritage ..municipal
apathy garbage all the way
after winning elections ministers
corporators disappear till the next
election comes their way..
new faces that have never
lived in bandra also in the fray
who will take care of the slums
the robbed tenements under
the guise of rehabilitation new
towers condominiums for the rich
is how they repay,,,tears ion the
soul of Ave Bandra ..castles
built on clay...

'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device'
And in the master's chambers, they gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast
Last thing I remember, I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
'Relax' said the night man, 'We are programed to receive'
'You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave'

This was shot during on voting day last assembly elections ,,, marziya is now 6 years old...she has grown but her surroundings the system has regressed

The Accidental Beggar Poet Gets A Message From Mrs Ablah Usman

Dear friend i Mrs Ablah Usman the wife of one of the military defectors that was killed in Syria by the government force my husband left 10.2Million dollars at the united nation security valut in Syria because of the war going on now I lost my two out three sons now I need somebody I cant trust a patner some one who will not betray me that will receive this fund and take care of my only son that is left with me even if I die here in Syria, I have a diplomatic courier Service that can take the fund out of Syria,if you can be of any help do get back to me for more details

Mrs Ablah Usman


Thank you kind considerate Mrs Ablah Usman.. God Bless for trusting this beggar poet accidentally  trapped by circumstances .to being your partner in this lucrative transaction i say yes yes yes..
this amorphous beggarly soul .in a leopards dress ....his love life in total mess
by his creditors harassed ..once was looking eastwards now looks west..so
much held captive in his imaginary
56 inch chest ..poetry of pain her distrust , he has put to rest..one flu over this cockatoos nest.. ..

With my percentage of this princely sum of
10.2Million dollars ..on creating beggar politicians as statesman i will invest..if you too want to be my partner be my guest, handicapped , paralytic , blind limp amputees to run our country ,,would be a good change you bet..no corruption no evil
no scams ..we will be blessed ..out of the red..these are thoughts in the amniotic idiotic fluid in my head ,,..some portion of my prize money i sincerely want to give to Meld ,, another fruitful emotional self expression of humility gratitude for her comments i have held,,,