Thursday, September 27, 2012

जय जय महाराष्ट्र माझा, गर्जा महाराष्ट्र माझा

रेवा वरदा, कृष्ण कोयना, भद्रा गोदावरी
एकपणाचे भरती पाणी मातीच्या घागरी
भीमथडीच्या तट्टांना या यमुनेचे पाणी पाजा
जय जय महाराष्ट्र माझा ...

भीती न आम्हा तुझी मुळी ही गडगडणार्‍या नभा
अस्मानाच्या सुलतानीला जवाब देती जीभा
सह्याद्रीचा सिंह गर्जतो, शिवशंभू राजा
दरीदरीतून नाद गुंजला महाराष्ट्र माझा

काळ्या छातीवरी कोरली अभिमानाची लेणी
पोलादी मनगटे खेळती खेळ जीवघेणी
दारिद्र्याच्या उन्हात शिजला, निढ़ळाच्या घामाने भिजला
देशगौरवासाठी झिजला
दिल्लीचेही तख्त राखितो, महाराष्ट्र माझा

Om Ga Ganpatye Namo Namah Shri Sidhivinayak Namo Namah Ashtvinayak Namo Namah Ganpatibappa Morya

I Learnt Photography Trying To Shoot What The Camera Eye Could Not See

the camera saw
reflected light
in color not
black and white
but i with one
eye i saw
a moment
in flight
i held
it for
a nano
with the
of my inner
sight ..
lay at the
feet of god
while people
only saw grandeur
girth and height

Better Than The Mumbai Roads Are The Water And The Waves

the lord
my not so
had me
i thought
the road
might cave
but my devotee
knew that i was
there for any
such calamity
the mumbaikar
brave when will
the municipality
wake up to a
situation grave
a path potholed
unevenly paved
the common man
to a corrupt system
unwilling slave

I Sometimes Wonder Why People Add Me On Facebook

Of late I have been deleting all requests from my community , simply because we may belong to the same community , but I have not come to Facebook to make this as my religious platform, I do post my faith but I dont forcefully push it up peoples throat..I may not be as religious as you are perhaps that is your view you only know a part of me through my pictures .. you want to see Shia pictures Shia blogs Shia ethos please join a Shia platform.

I am on Facebook as an extension of my love for photography and above all sharing my world my surroundings my culture that includes my ancestry as a Muslim and as a Indian above all as Humanity .

Why I shoot what I shoot is none of your business keep you religious edicts your narrowness of thought within your friends your home your elders .. I am not going to be ridiculed insulted humiliated because I shoot what I shoot with my camera .. please read my profile both at Facebook and at Flickr that will save me from ungraciously blocking and deleting your request .. without a message from you I shall not add you at all.. Period .

Earlier I added people who added me I have stopped , I shoot hijras as a social awareness documentary but it is not part of my sexuality so I dont add anyone who adds me because they are cross dressers or aspiring hijras I am not interested .. you want to change your sex go ahead dont fuck my brains I am not a counselor .

If you post ugly comments on the people rituals I have shot you are blocked reported deleted .

You want to change me first change yourself I am happy with what my parents taught me I had a very different upbringing than those that add me from the neighboring countries or hick towns even those living in cities with pea sized brains ..

I shoot the seasons of religiosity that affect my city during Ramzan Eid I shoot food lanes the Eid Namaz of the Sunni Mosque at Bandra Staion to show the universality of Namaz on the streets.. during Bakra Eid I shoot the slaughter of goats sacrifice and also Bakra Eid brings me closer to Moharam another important sacrifice . I shoot Ashura Chehlum Athvi and 21 Ramzan
I shoot 14 Good Friday I shoot 14 Stations of the Cross I walk barefeet with the Christians ..I owe this to them because my education is their gift ..I shoot Churches Temples Dargahs.

I shoot the Mahim Urus Makhdhoom Shah Baba and Fakhruddin Shah Baba .. only two Urus in Mumbai I shoot this as a photographer enchanted by Sufi Rafaee Mysticism.

I shoot Haji Malang because I shoot document this place of pilgrimage a destination point for Hindus Muslims and I shoot the transgender here and their documentary, but my documentary is no more for the PUBLIC.. only people I know who are my friends on Flickr.. you just dont become my friend by adding me kicking my butt calling the shots find another compliant Bakra .

I shoot Moharam strictly for the non Muslims my foreigner friends I shoot it so they are aware of our faith and our rituals I am not a Mullah my pictures are words of pain called Ghame Hussain.

I shoot Ajmer Sharif every year as a Garib Nawaz is one of the greatest testimony as a lover of Imam Hussain Shah Ast Hussain.
But now Ajmer has another holistic meaning for me as a man of peace I became a Dam Madar Malang teacher is Peer Syed Saab Masoomi ...I document their lives and their love for Imam Ali ..

I shoot most of the major Hindu feasts festivals in Mumbai .. and when the Kumbh begins I shall join the Naga Sadhus I have a Naga Sadhu teacher Guru from Junagad Akhada Shi Vijay Giri Maharaj.. I havent seen him for many years ..

I used to shoot Mount Mary now my 4 year olf grand daughter Marziya shoots it.

I shot the Visarjan of GSB Ganesha hopefully I shall walk barefeet from Lalbagh to Kumbharwada and shoot the Visarjan of Lalbagh Cha Raja fo my Hindu friends ..

And I dont use photography for commercial purpose I dont sell pictures or text .

So I am confused you add me than use me as a punching bag please go punch you parents that were short in teaching you respect for elders etiquette .. and manners .

You have a issue with me or question send me Flickr or Facebook mail I will respond .. if it is necessary otherwise see my pictures move on .. dont add me to your groups and fuck for Heaven sake dont Tag Me ..

Lastly I dont drink I dont smoke I dont fornicate but I blog .. I pimp my blogs on the Internet ,, I also pay from my pocket the Internet time I use ..

And once I have completed my debts my responsibilities I wish to renounce this brain dead World of Hate Racism and Bigotry ..

Take Care ...

Beggar Poet

Juhu Beach The Ugliest Filthiest Beach of Amchi Mumbai

The Beggar Poet shot by Pradip Das Express Group

Thank You ShadowBoxer My Best Friend

Shooting The 7 Day Ganpati Visarjan Juhu Beach

The Beggar Poet of Bandra ..Shot By Pradip Das Express Group

My Camera Was Giving The Guy Who Shooting Us Spasms

And I kept telling him how to hit the shutter but the poor guy is a koli fisherman sitting enjoying the visarjan till I asked him to take our shot for posterity .. Maharah and Me ,,

7 Day Ganpati Visarjan Juhu Beach. 2012

This was the best picture I shot my rickshah guy was ready to close in on them to take more pictures but I though quite unlike me that one shot was sufficient ..

7 Day Ganpati Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

This is my new set at shot barefeet , and I reached Juhu beach at 6.30 pm from the first Juhu lane , and the first thing I did was pay my respect to the Kal Bhairav Temple at Juhu Beach, and I always thought it was Kali Temple that I shot every year , during Ganesh Visarjan and Durga Visarjan.
The Maharaj of the Temple is very good friend he knows and respects me as a humanbeing and as a Muslim documenting his faith my cultural ethos too..
I shot a few pictures here and than moved towards the food stalls , it was not very crowded because most of the larger Ganeshas were coming after midnight , Hindus dont do visarjan on Tuesdays and Saturdays I was told that is how I shot the 6 day visarjan procession at Dharavi

I met Neville the life guard friend his team does a great job saving people from drowning .. they were the guys who saved a lot of lives during the intruding visits of MV Pavit and MV Wisdom. ships breached on Juhu Beach.

I shot both the ships extensively .. sometimes I get tired of shooting the streets beggars and hijras..

I shot the Juhu food shop owners Ganpati and the guy taking care of the guests devotees was a young Muslim worker .I was happy to see his enthusiasm and humanity ..I think a new world is possible where we can all live in peace in a garden where instead of money fruits of brotherhood grow on trees .. Sorry Respected Manji..Sir

I later went and sat for a while at the Juhu Beach Police chowky and returned home by 10.30 pm,, too tired and one of my lens is still troubling me so I might have to go again to the Canon Service center at Natraj Rustomjee Andheri.

And after this I will continue with GSB Seva Mandal Visarrjan balance pictures kept on hold.