Friday, July 2, 2010

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

the slits of her eyes
under her feet
lies eternal paradise
only the jehadi
wears a male burkha
attacking his god
in disguise
for his faults
we muslims
pay the price
another mosque bombed
burning scriptures innocent dead
as the soul of Islam cries

The Hijra Faces Doom

from the flesh of humanity
his androgynous soul
they cant exhume
even in death standing
erect in his tomb
cursed as a male
in his mothers womb
held captive his gender
burning at the stake
in fumes

Documenting Urus 2010 Ajmer Sharif

I now begin uploading my next memory card of 4 GB at Flickr after this there is another card which will finally bring my Ajmer Sharif documentary to its end.

In all I shot a 22 GB card.

I have been going through problems mentally physically so I aborted my Ajmer trip and returned back to Mumbai.

My blood sugar too shot up as I had stopped taking my insulin and Ayurveda medicine.

I hardly take my camera out in the rains, and I have posted all my stuff here at Flickr and a few at Facebook and my Hijda Eunuch Blogs.

Cross blogging is tough and I dont have much time to do the needful, so to see all my stuff of Ajmer Urus you have to access Flickr.

If you register at Flickr with your complete profile I will add you as contact.

If your profile is blank I will not add you at all, and those cross dressers trannies hijras gays with dirty pictures on their stream , and favorites I hall block without blinking an eyelid.

I have blocked over 425 people at Flickr.

I should know who you are before you add me I respect my privacy as much as I respect yours.

I follow Flickr Facebook Twitter terms and guidelines .

I am not into porn , nor do I wish to see the porn you have on your photostream , it is your prerogative and your freedom of expression.

Sadly 7 years as a blogger I am shocked that most of the people who are on social networking sites dont even know how to use it.

At Facebook a friend of a friend adds me than chats with me , my profile at Facebook is public , yet he wants to know whether I am a Male or a Female and if I am a Shia.

I answered him politely keeping the respect of his dumb brains , and than he continues Shias are stupid and Sunnah is the True Path..

I was about to tell him go fuck himself the motherfucking Sunni bigot , , but I simply deleted him from my friends list.

This is the level of insanity having to add a friend at Facebook.. Fuck makes me puke.

I am basically added here at Flickr and at Facebook becuse of my Hijra pictures ..I think.

But there are good people and good bloggers and good photographers who have added me too I have added them in return.

I add people with mutual contact straight away at Facebook.

I have no friends at all on Word Press or Blogspot.

I am a private person and I think this adding friend business is a pain in the rectum, but than so is life and the hemorrhoids of existence.

The Silhouette Of A Hijab

Captivating the Soul of Humanity ..the Beauty of the Hijab
Modest but an Irresistible Mystical Garb..