Friday, November 19, 2010

Documenting The Story Of Faith and Blood On Bakra Eid

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I will document the same during
Moharam when I shoot blood sweat and tears
another chapter within the soul of our creed
a message of good over evil indeed
a battle of faith hussain and yazeed
he gave his head like a sacrificial lamb
but not his hand for his life
he did not plead fulfilling
a bayt a thoroughbred
throne kingdom power
of yazeed he did not need
hussain is humility
humanity in the lead

more than all the lambs sacrificed
on bakra eid on ashura day
the shias will bleed

Ebu Bhai Butcher No 1 Of Bandra

Goat Kurbani Noorani Masjid Lane Bandra

This Begins My Kurbani Slaughter Pictures On Bakra Eid

Because of my injured hand I could not shoot much but I shot the slaughter pictures my 3 year old to be grand daughter Marziya shot pictures too.

This morning I shot the bull kurbani pictures at Behrampada Bandra East.

Apanee Najar Mein Aaj Kal Din Bhee Andheree Raat Hai Saayaa Hee Apane Saath Thaa, Saayaa Hee Apane Saath Hai

hasaane aayi thi rulaakar chali ajab hai daastaan teri ai jindagi

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tum aayi maan ki mamata liye toh muskuraaye hum
ke jaise phir se apane bachpan mein laut aaye hum

Ajab Hai Dastan Teri Eh Zindagi Kabhi Hasa Diya Rula Diya Kabhi

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The Hijras On Bakra Eid