Friday, February 14, 2014

The Unrepentant Dreamer Shot By Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

holding the manfrotto
monopod ..stealthily
she shot the dreamer
in conversation with god
complaining grumbling
pleading to change
the beggary of his life
give him a ticket to
freedom send him
abroad here
a gamblers dice
rough shod,,,
god bored tired
shook his head
gave him a nod
the dreamer
silently overawed
i am happy i did
not have to use
the pepper spray
on you my lord
echo-less silence
insultingly guffawed
some things in his
parliament of dreams
god has outlawed

Nalayak Beta Na Kam Ka Na Kaj Ka Dhai Ser Anaj Ka

din bhar
sota rehta hai
alsi nikamma
na kal ka
na aj ka

Today Is Valentines Day .. Love Is In The Air

of red roses
at her doorstep
for her to share
love is indeed
a prayer ..
love is in the air
feel it everywhere
street kids stand
embezzled emotions
as they stare
a couple holding
hands ..what a
beautiful pair
he is tall dark
handsome she
is winsome fair
long cascading
hair fair and lovely
both in cupids
snare ..melting
sweet memories
out there ..euphoric
happiness yes they
care..she is blushing
now as he gently
pushes her wheelchair
watched by two beggars
both unaware ,,love
touches even those
born to remorse despair

Chalo Ek Bar Phir Se Ajnabi Ban Jaye Hum Donon

To Drink Or Not To Drink

one dead drunk
on the brink
the other one
sober repentant
sits and thinks
he too was
a drunkard
reformed .
lost hope
lost illusions
as they sink
the bottle
the man
linked ..
to break out
from the prison
cell of the bottle
a very tough thing
from the beginning
a sip no more a sip
that now drinks
your health wealth
cosmically jinxed
mind body no more
in sync..the spirit
was willing the flesh..
was the
chains clink
for the rich rehab
expensive shrinks
the poor on the
street laments
for just another

When God Created Woman

from cosmic chaos
he created pain
poetry pathos
woman gods
enigmatic mistake
round a mans neck
a gigantic albatross
hung to add to his
shame his loss
woman a slave
a boss ..rolling
stone that gathers
no moss ...beneath
her fleshy layers
crude clay minus
gloss forever
bound to a woman's
disembodied ethos
fate lines criss crossed
if it was not for that one
woman i would have
not come across from
the devils deep seas
gone for a toss ..
by another woman
in her language of
dichotomous love
double crossed

The Journey Of Life Seldom Halts

as he move on
recklessly rapidly
with all his faults
he rebels he revolts
god wanted to create
hope harmony he
faltered created
man by default
on a gaping wound
he added injury
to salt...a cosmic
awakening final
assault ..when
his time comes
buried under
asphalt ,,,from
the womb into the
tomb ..the final

The Hand The Lotus And The Broom

trying to carve
a niche in a
crowded room
skeletons in
a cupboard
one wants to
in a pond of
a flower
wants to
all three
the fruits
of the loom
by paid media
in the newsroom
a parliament of fools
pepper spray knives
voices raised volume
the nation shudders
the void vacuum
the emperor in his
old clothes wants
a change of costume
lady blindfolded stoic
in the courtroom
deleted doomed
darkness gloom
vote for whom

What Is Street Photography !

street photography
is a science that heals
a picture captured by
the senses that makes
you feel..the subject
unaware his soul you
steal,, stealthily every
layer unpeel..
street photography
is a poetry drama of
life ..through a picture
you reveal..painting
with light shadows
highlights within
a cosmic wheel
man his survival
his giant leap
his rise his fall
his ideal ..
street photography
is a technique ..
real imaginary
sweat tears
on the soul of
humanity congealed
his spirit bricks
concrete ..
iron and steel