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Reliving the Pain of Karbala at Hussain Tekri Jaorah 2011

Invoking Princess Fatima Hussain Tekri Jaorah

Reliving the Pain of Karbala at Hussain Tekri Jaorah 2011

The Shia Child And Ghame Hussain

Hardcore Hand Matam Hussain Tekri Jaorah Chehlum 2011

To me , death is nothing but happiness, and living under tyrants nothing but living in a hell : Imam Hussain (A.S)

Faith As Sharp As A Razors Edge

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the head and the bleeding blade
a widening wedge holding
wisdom and knowledge
salutations to the martyrs of karbala
faith as sharp as a razors edge
ya hussain a solemn pledge

Being Human Ya Hussain

Faith Is As Sharp as a Razors Edge

My 164001 Blog Post - Thank You Flickr

'Love Poetry Hate Racism-The Black Sheep'.

on the soul of poetry
scarred battered bruised
i weep yes as poet
i am nothing
just a black sheep
in a white mans world
where only a black ass
is cheap
words of wisdom
defecating my angst
'on a garbage heap
love poetry hate racism
fuck the world cut your wrist
go to sleep away from this
hateful world of censure
dirty dark deep
where they fuck you
before you leap

Zuljana Faith and Fidelity a Set at Flickr Dot Com

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All images of Zuljana replica of Imam Hussain steed shoot by me all over India during Moharam are housed in this set at my photostream at

Till date 976 images ..

Hussain Gar Hind Main Aaa Jate

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unhe hind ke wasi apne
hirday main bhitate
us waqt ke musssalmanon ki trah
unhe itna dukh na pahunchate
husssain zindabad hindustan
zindabad yeh nara woh lagate
hussain gar hind main aa jate
kasam khuda ki hum
unhe apne sar par bhitate
hussainyat ka gulal
ham apne mathe par lagate
hindu shia ham kehlate

Hamza My Favorite Shia Kid From Indore

Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain

Visiting the Rozas Hussain Tekri Jaorah

The shrine of Hussain Tekri was built by the Nawab of Jaora, Mohammad Iftikhar Ali Khan Bahadur, in the 19th century. It is situated on the outskirts of Jaora town in the Ratlam district of Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Mohammad Iftikhar Ali Khan Bahadur was buried in the same graveyard where Hussain Tekri was buried. During the month of Moharram, thousands of people from all over the world visit the shrine of Hazrat Imam Hussain here, which is a true replica of the one in Iraq. The place is famous for the rituals called Hajri to cure the incurable mental sicknesses.

Ham Zulam Sy Dar Jaen Ye Mumkin Hi Nahi Hai

ham zulam sy dar jaen ye mumkin hi ni hai,
ye mujlisain ruk jain ye mumkin hi ni hai,
FOLAD hain ham SYEDA ZAHRA (SA) ki doa sy,
barood sy mit jaen ye mumkin hi ni,
aye jo kabhi Aanch AZADAR -E-HUSAAIN pr, ghar mean thaher jaen ye mumkin hi ni hai

Har Dum Hussain Hussain Ya Hussain

Kashmiri Shia ki Pukar

zulm se dar jaen ye to nhn mumkin,
chorden krna matam o majlis nhn mumkin,
hum ko salamti ki dua BIBI ZEHRA S.A se mili hy,
jhoote munafiqon se dar jaen ye nhi mumkin,
kisi batil ki bhala kia hemat julos ko rokay,
...hum apne raste se hat jaen ye nhi mumkin,
Qayamt se pehle Qayamt hojae barpa,
yazeedi ban jae Hussaini ye nhi mumkin.

{poetry written by:s.zarmeen zaidi}

Walking On Fire Hussain Tekri Jaorah Chehlum 2011

Zuban Ke Sath Dil Bola ALI MAULA ALI MAULA

Imam Hussain Ke Katilon Par Beshumar Lanat

On Embers Of Burning Coal We Walk

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in silence
we talk
our faith
built on rock
on burning coal
we walk
running down
our faces
we mock
shah ast hussain
ghame hussain
round the clock
waters from
the river of our eyes
no yazid can block
freedom of our
from petro dollar
minarets of hate
we dont hawk
every land is karbala
every day is ashura
a message of peace
hussain is humanity
on the face of tyranny
we unlock you bomb
our mosques
you kill us
but we never run
out of stock
we are your
yesterday today
under the
shadow of
an imam
who is the
of his flock

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