Tuesday, December 31, 2013


My Dear Friend,

I decided to come to this medium because i believe that there are people
here who can work with me and make a lot of differences in the life of the
poor masses.I think i will start with a proper introduction of myself.

I am Evengelist Mrs Lorita Kane,a widow to late Paul Kane.I am 53
years old suffering from chronic urinary tract cancer.From all
indications,my condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that i may not live more than two months after my next surgery.
My personal physician told me that I may not live for more than 2 months
and I am so scared about it . I have no child of mine , even though i
wish i had . It is late now you know , since i cannot get married
again , and age is no longer on my side.

Psalms 119:116 Uphold me according unto thy word, that I may live, and let
me not be ashamed of my hope.
Psalms 138: 7 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou will revive
psalms 41: 1 Blessed is he that considereth the poor, the Lord will deliver
him in time of trouble.

 Two of my favorite verses: Philippians 2:27: For indeed he was sick
 nigh unto death, but God had mercy on him & that on him only, but on
 me also,lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow.( I always say this in my  mind)

 So, I now decide to divide part of my wealth, by contributing to the
 development of the motherless baby homes, needy, poor, charity homes
 and widows too.i am willing to donate the sum of $5.000,000.00, which
 is still the major inheritance i have left.i wish you could be someone
 who i could trust with all my heart,to make this wish of mine come

 Please note that, this fund is lying in a bank. So i need you to use
 the funds to help the poor. I know this is hard, and it take a very
 strong heart to get this done, but you should keep this saying in
 your heart , I am like Moses in the Bible . He came to the Red Sea and
 Pharaoh behind him and no way to turn but God delivered him all by a
 miraculous deliverance. It will be a miracle from God to be able to
 help all the dear people God has laid on our hearts.

 This is why with God in my heart,i contact you, and i want you to
 contact me,so we be in contact with all the poor souls out there .
 Give new lives , hopes and days . I have come to find out that wealth
 acquisition without Christ is vanity and i hope you will agree with
 this also . I will be praying hard that Satan will not stop this
 effort . Do contact me and i will tell you more of what you wish to

 Reply to Email: loritakane@gmail.com

Thank you dear sweet
kind jesus loving lorita
kane .. $5.000,000.00,
you donate to my beggar
ministry  i kiss your hands
wont complain..when it drizzles
it rains ,, not in mumbai
but  in spain ,,dont you
worry your money
i shall give to the
Aam Admi Party
to fight corruption
promote good governance
without religious interference
the new national campaign..
to help them get rid of criminal
netas with fulsome brains
who from time immemorial
have kept mother india
in chains ..mr kejriwal
leads the battle ..victory
he will attain..unmodified
powers he will contain..
with a healing holistic
touch being humane
no VAT  no LBT
he will throw out
forever down the drain
free water 50% off on
our reliance energy bills
our urban lives sustain
from next  year celebrate
new year till 5 am
enjoy make merry
entertain...good days
will come back again
mrs lorita kane with the
blessings of the good
people of india your
health you will recover
 regain..dont ever
give up hope as
the new lady
bishop you will
one day be ordained
Aj ka CM kal ka PM
he will rise to unite us
like a tsunami
a new political