Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr Rajesh Khanna Called Me To Lilavati Today And I Cried

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Ever since Kakaji fell sick I have prayed for his speedy recovery, because he is a good human being , his abundance of love for my grand children...and he is my mentor my guide my life's poetic inspiration.

Specially Marziya Shakir 4 year old who has shot him at his home.

Last Marziya Shakir and Nerjis Asif Shakir who had just began to walk had met this great doyen taken his blessings..

I have kept in touch with Sir through his Man Friday Bala.

And this afternoon Bala called me both Sir and his son in law the great Rowdy Rathore wanted to see me , I knew Mr Akshay Kumar and he recognized me instantly, Dimpleji was there and she told me Kakaji loves me a lot and I began silently crying.. for a great man to remember me as he valiantly fights his illness means a lot to me ..

And his humility is his earnestness , his greatness .. and I did not mention to Kakaji that Marziya Shakir too wanted to come with me to the hospital..

At the hospital the overzealous Lilavati Bouncers took away my satchel and my camera , so I am posting this picture that was shot on 15 April after the dress rehearsal of the Havell Fan tuxedo suit..

I took Kakaji and his familys leave and I know Mr Rajesh Khanna will soon be lounging at his bungalow aptly called Ashirwad.

Because God as a Father Did Not Want Fathers to Be Lonely He Created Daughters

God Made This World Beautiful We Scarred It Forever

The Student of Street Photography Is Recognized By Her Camera Eye

The Student of Street Photography Is Recognized By Her Camera Eye

This is One Tour Our Local Political Representative From Congress I Wont Take

i shoot tears ..womanly fears

i shoot tears waiting to dry in the sun...

Woman Was Ultimately Betrayed By Man.. Macho Male Dominated Society

The Cat Feeding Lady of Bandra

With help from friends cat lovers , fisher women friends she buys fish and on this trolley feeds all the stray cats around Bandra , she feeds the cats as she loves animals and is a very nice devout Christian lady.

She is doing a service to society, and she is doing it in the service of God.

The Quintessential Silk Pocket Square

The Quintessential Silk Pocket Square

The Quintessential Silk Pocket Square

The Hijab Is a Garment of Peace and Poetry

And My 11 Month Old Grand Daughter Will Shoot Maria The Leper Lady of Boran Road Bandra

And My 11 Month Old Grand Daughter Sees The Slow Death of Bandra Where She Stays

Nerjis Asif Shakir sees her surroundings , an area full of filth , an area that is her inheritance gone to seed because the government tha her elders voted to power dont see it, they are are so careless callous that if you light a fire under their arse they would not know it because the main essence of democracy in India is making money by hook or crook..

Disaster management is only on paper that lies in a burning waste paper basket.. and coalition politics is about compromise and compulsion.. and survival.

Quality of good life is given by hockey wielding super cops and defending them are a bunch of media attracted so called saviors of our society..

During ekection time when Netaji comes in his white Italian sport shoes his white Versace jeans his white Irish linen shirt , all this will be cleared , his chamchas will make sure of that because in the long run it is these so called cronies sycophants that get houses under quota , contracts and more for unflinching loyalty.. if the minister loses than they cross over to the winning candidate,

And all this apathy neglect wont be seen till election time ..good cops are shunted out.. Dhoble good or bad is not the issue the system sucks you can do nothing about it and simply because on voting day you are humping your girlfriend at Kashid beach instead of inking your finger.

And so my grand daughters will keep the aspidistra alive shooting gloom doom .. the unlit silhouette of fucked up society.

These Are Visuals That My 11 Month Grand Daughter Sees And I Shoot For Her

Nerjis Asif Shakir sees my world through my camera , I take her around perched on my waist she shees fleeting emotions of street life... life is the greatest teacher .. observation is the key to good street photography and colors and symmetry ..alignment of time and space .. and I am a book that teaches her all this silently ..

And I have one of the most brilliant students of street photography, she surpasses her sister as she knows the camera through the laptop... she sees what she saw on the laptop.. after I have shot it.. and she is a smart Shakir .

As the Canon EOS 60D is a light camera I am sure Nerjis Asif Shakir will be shooting pictures in 15 months.. and this is not idle boat.. I know the quality of the piece of clay I have in my hand..

Even Cats Are More Cleaner Than Human Beings

Nerjis Asif Shakir Learns Street Photography

The Barefeet Street Photographer of Bandra

She sees today what she will shoot tomorrow
with her own camera your camera she wont borrow
she will shoot pain remorse despair street sorrow

Lost Illusions of a Poet Caught Between The Devil and The Deep Sea

Nerjis Asif Shakir Street Photographer 11 Month Old

Nerjis Asif Shakir Street Photographer 11 Month Old

Before she takes the camera she places the strp round her neck and looks into the viewfinder .. yes she is waiting in the wings...

grand daughter
of a malang
who wears
a turban
a lot of rings
street photographers
are born not made
zest zenitude zing
shooting pictures
holistically healing
the viewer a cosmic
thing images as
poems like beads
in a magical ring
a new kid
on the blog
in the offing
inner vision
that moves
the camera
like a puppet
on a string

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