Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There are no ladies toilets or washrooms from the foothills to the top of Haji Malang

Haji Malang Alvida Khuda Hafiz

I Asked Someone To Shoot Me Walking The Ramp Barefeet

Shooting The Barren Soul of a Photo Blogger

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she captures
the essence
of my poetry
the drama
of my life
more evocatively
than others do
a photo blogger
a shia hindu
in her eye
i see
clearly too
totally true
a bit older
in wisdom
but in a
different hue
totally new
what you see
is what she

Jai Maharashtra Jai Ho

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for a better future
they slog and wait
neglected denizens
of maharashtra state
empty promises khali pet
who cares what they ate
aged old feeble carrying freight
on their heads another
mans crate dire straits
they live die their children
stagnate on the soul
of humanity merely
dead weight their cosmic
misery their karmic fate
to appease democracy
used as bait a vote bank
that god creates
keeping the wishes
of the politician
who for victory at
his feet prostrate
win they must
add wealth
real estate
kissa kursi ka
survival of the fittest
at any rate
they who
are trustees
of his spiritual estate
while the poor
stand in
a winding line
beg at his gate
jai maharashtra
jai ho
a realistic
poetic update

From One Poet To Another

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The Load Carriers of Haji Malang

No state treats its original inhabitants like slave drivers as Maharashtra does,, and this is what I show through my pictures as testimony of their oppressed lot , this lady is a daily wage worker she carries stuff for the shop keepers from the foothills of the Malangad mountains to the top of Haji Malang where the Holy Shrine is located , this is her karmic fate and good she is being enumerated as human thing at census time..

And it is hateful even children are made to slog this way but I am not an activist simply a poet and a photographer as much as a Marathi Manoos than those who sit in their gilded citadels.

And I am sure , hundred and one percent sure, that my dear poet friend Aditya Thackeray sees this poem of life .. and does give a healing hand when his time comes on the throne.

This is a genuine appeal beyond politics I hate to talk about law and order I would not want to get killed at Bandra promenade for Rs 100.. I would gladly give it as hafta to keep my mind body and soul intact... may the soul of Rushabh Yadav age 19 rest in Peace .

He was at the right place at the wrong time... and it is easy to put the blame on the cops but the buck does not stop here it reaches the doorstep of erstwhile CM Mr Prithviraj Chavan Saab.

Bar dancers , bars is passe crime has reached the daily life of our children too who fortunately was not in a bar...but at a public place close to much touted elitist Bandra Sea Link .

The Grave Awaits The Poet of The Internet

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on the soul
of the cybernet
a page that
opens as
of life
as a moving set
giving hope
to the cuckoos nest
the hijras that
people detest
shia poetry
to my dear and
bush poetry
at its best
love poetry
hate racism
the cry of a
poet victim
at the hands
of a poem hunter
multi color hate
for black poets
you bet by
racist poets
least blessed
of pedestrian verse
overtly obsessed
who they are
you need not guess
on they soul
of poetry forgotten
mortally regressed
through the hands
of karma by
the curse of a barefeet
mystic crazily dressed

to the whirling dervesh john dixon...this poem dedicated duly addressed ..

Forgiveness Is a Virtue Only Flowers Understand

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as they writhe
in my hand
as the time
has come
to go away
into a nether land
they were born to
give hope touch
the lord as per
cosmic plan
the only
god and man
as garlands
to lal bagh cha raja
as chaddar
to malang baba
their purity
to divinity
goes hand
in hand
on the soul of humanity
as tears they expand

dedicated to the florists of haji malang..

Dargah Sultan Shah Baba Haji Malang

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The Barefeet Beggar Poet of Mumbai


Soi Ja Tara

Nandini The Child Eunuch

My Dreams Are Devoid of Flesh And Bones

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what belongs to me
someone else owns
squirming in the silence
of my soul i writhe
i moan once
blood sweat tears
now all stone
the silhouette
of my despair
all alone
from the mound
of her Venus
master of the rings
my birthstone
bent backbone
as i flow
from the gutters
of the street
into an unknown zone
suicidal my death
i did postpone
a withering wrist
as it groans
what was mine
i have
in the tempestuous
of a karmic
as i open
my eyes
in my dreams
i see her siting
my gravestone
weeds have grown
gone forever
all friends
i had known

Laxmi Narayan Tripathis Sexy Leg

The Androgyne

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the soul of man
as it spins
to be or not be
a woman
the only deadly
original sin
biologically man
but a woman
from within
sometimes out
sometimes in
yin yang
as twins
the pathos
the pain
the pin drop
from the rib
of man
the birth
of the

dedicated to stephe feldman

The Androgyne

Hands Off He Said ...Pani Kam Chai No Bread

I Decide To Leave Haji Malang

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At about 8.30 am I decided to leave Haji Malang , I hurriedly took leave of Kumar Ketkar and on the way I met the crossdressers and my hijra guru Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, they told me to wait shoot Suultan Shah Babas sandal but I had made up my mind to be in Mumbai ...

The Devotees of Haji Malang Baba Suffer But Dont Complain

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invoking his blessings
facing hardships and pain
winter chill and rain
the devotees of haji malang baba
suffer but dont complain
huddled in open places
on street corners
haji malang
their spiritual domain
hindus muslims all bound
to a common chain
of mohamed ali fatima
hassan and hussain
the gates of paradise
without the ahle bayt
you cannot gain

The Barefeet Beggar Poet of Mumbai

Pardanashin Hijra

Moods of Hijra Icon Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Moods of Hijra Icon Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Hardcore Sensuality Laxmi Narayan Tripathi My Hijra Guru

The Myriad Moods of A Hijra Goddess

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i shot
with my
camera eye
a thought
she may deny
raw beauty
lies in the soul
of a camera lens
beauty never lies
the myriad moods
of a hijra goddess
human in disguise
on her cheek a
tear rolls as the
fleeting moment flies
in the silhouette
of her eyelashes
i find my poetry
my paradise
neither man
nor woman
sweet serene
a slithering
soulful soliloquy
king size
a sleeping goddess
my muse i wait
for her to arise
on the mound
of my despair
the rays of
her sunrise
i wonder
is it merely
why she
me cry
a beggars bowl
a beggar poet
of mumbai
as the brazen
winds kiss
her lips
my cosmic fate
a drop of
a seminal
as it flows
my thighs

mera salaam le ja, dil ka payaam le ja, ulfat ka jaam le ja

na socha na samjha, na dekha na bhaala, teri aarzoo ne, hume maar daala. ...

Badi Chot Khaie Jawani Pe Roye

Aapki Nazaron Ne Samjha, Pyaar Ke Kabil Mujhe

Hindi Lyrics:

Aapki Nazaron Ne Samjha, Pyaar Ke Kabil Mujhe
Dil Ki Ai Dhadkan Thaher Ja, Mil Gayee Manzil Mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Ji Hamen Manzoor Hai, Aapka Ye Faisla
Kah Rahi Hai Har Nazar, Banda Paravar Shukriya
Do Jahaan Ki Aaj Khushiyan Ho Gayee Haasil Mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha ...

Aapki Manzil Hoon Main Meri Manzil Aap Hain
Kyon Main Toofaan Se Darun Mere Saahil Aap Hain
Koi Tufanon Se Kah De, Mil Gaya Sahil Mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha ...

Pad Gai Dil Par Meri, Aapki Parchhaiyan
Har Taraf Bajane Lagin Saikadon Shahnaaiyaan
Hanske Apni Zindagi Mein, Kar Liya Shaamil Mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha ...