Friday, October 26, 2012

I Dont Have Many Memory Cards But I Shot As Much As I Could

And I Shoot RAW and JPEG

This Durga Was Beautiful But Heavily Protected By The Pandal From The Common Man

Including me standing like a beggar against the rope they had put up and shooting the glory of a Mother Goddess .. I learnt humility on the periphery which had yet to reach the core of those who bought it here .

Jai Ma Durge

Shoot Post To Facebook ...You Captured a Moment In Eternity a Picture You Took

Mobile Camera Phonewalon Ki Jai..Bindas Khich No Fear No Bhey

The Goddess Though The Eyes of a Poet

“Man is the cruelest animal.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Good And Evil Live Under The Skin Of Man ...The Soul Is Too Pure To Be Tarnished By The Flesh


citta-bhāvanā, translated as "development of mind"[7][8] or "development of consciousness."
kāya-bhāvanā, translated as "development of body."[7]
mettā-bhāvanā, translated as the "cultivation"[9] or "development of loving-kindness."[10]
paññā-bhāvanā, translated as "development of wisdom"[11] or "development of understanding."
samādhi-bhāvanā, translated as "development of tranquil-wisdom."[12] It means the cultivation (bhavana) of a broad range of skills, covering everything from worldview, to ethics, livelihood and mindfulness.
In addition, in the Canon, the development (bhāvanā) of samatha-vipassana is lauded.[13] Subsequently, Theravada teachers have made use of the following compounds:
samatha-bhāvanā, meaning the development of tranquility.[5]
vipassanā-bhāvanā, meaning the development of insight.[5]
The word bhavana is sometimes translated into English as 'meditation' so that, for example, metta-bhavana may be translated as 'the meditation on loving-kindness'. Meditation as a state of absorbed concentration on the reality of the present moment is properly called dhyana (Sanskrit; Pali: jhana) or samadhi.

The Multitude of Lovers Of Mother

My Destiny Had a Tryst With Durga On Juhu Beach

The Good The Bad The Ugly .. Lies Within The Soul of Mankind

I shot the divinity of the moon faced goddess

Love And Devotiom

Being Very Short Does Not Dwarf My Love For Photography

This Is Part 2 of My Durga Visarjan Juhu

Every young child boy had a mobile and was shooting pictures , thereby expressing hope stretching it beyond his mobile screen..

I always told my camera club guys that we should propagate photography in schools , adopt a school, teach the kids but than camera club culture has no place for dreamers and Kolkatta has some humongous camera clubs ..anyway I digress I moved a million light years away from camera clubs and their elitist Camelot ...

I sometimes give my camera to a beggar kid let him feel it let him click a picture thereby blessing my camera that showcases their pain ignominy of life ..

And the beggar kids were here at the beach in large numbers bathing in the waters purifying their tattered angst...

And here in Mumbai for bloggers like me shooting my backyard is a moment of introspection... and from the distant Mother divine watches me with a subtle smile..

And than somebody breaks the silence Bolo Ambe Mata ki Jai

bolo durga mai ki jai..

I shot the happiest moment in the life of the bengalis

The Bengali Pride

In India Defamation Cases Are More Important Than Feeding The Poor

And we are voyeurs following politics of Big Boss house of our nation , our politics is about sensationalism and the million cameras of the media.. and the conclusion chor ka bhai girakat...

Because Of My Injured Leg I Did Not Shoot Much

We Make It Visible ...


Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

My Photography Is For The Purpose of Peace Through Diverse Religion ..

It Is Sad At Juhu Beach There Is No Adeqaute Waste Management for Durga Visarjan As Compared To The More Hyped Ganesh Visarjan

No organization or NGO that come forward during Ganesh Visarjan could be seen for Durga Visarjan , hardly any lifeguard I did not notice any, and all I am saying people should come forwad to make this feast a community affair for everyone..

Bollywood with powerful Bengali Badshahs could do more , no First Aid on the beach, and the beach was total crass commercialization , beggars galore, a hand ful of cops on the beat on the beach itself.

But the Durga Immersion crowd is less unruly and peace prevailed ,and most of the boys assisting to put Durga in the waters for money were smelling of booze getting into fights with the peaceful Bengalis.

Having shot this auspicious moment since 8 yeas I am sure I know what I am talking about, I did not take pictures of the litter on the beach because I came to shoot Durga Visarjan and that ws my personal brief.. but it could be better organized by the civic authorities and more evenly lit up.. with makeshift tents ... with civic staff helping the processionists and more mobile toilets on the immersion end of the beach.

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012

Durga Visarjan Juhu Beach 2012