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once upon a time 100 years later I hope kids like these wont have to beg

The Indigenous Product That We Make In India ..Not For Export

Me With My Whipper Guru ..

Whipping Myself On The Streets Of Bandra

Whipping Myself On The Streets Of Bandra

The Whippers Of Ma Ambe

Over the years there are  few communities I shot with a passionate zeal.

One of them was the Hijras of India ,,I shot them as a documentary of their life style , and there were many layers of hijras  , the mujra dancer hijras , the beggar hijras , the dance performers at marriages mostly Muslim marriages or Nikah..even circumcisions .The hijras begging in long distance trains as well as locals , the hijra bawas shamans exorcists and the eunuch children all locked up from public view . I also shot the hijra prostitutes of the Mumbai cages red light areas .

Hijras stalk me so I shoot them even now including the hijras and hijra impostors at traffic signals ,, I shot the Hijra Bollwood actresses , and the Hijra reigning queens .. and the old hags .

Next was these Whippers , I shot them their kids wives extensively and at my old workplace near Bandra Waterfield road all of them came to see me including the Hijras , beggar kids Naga Sadhus Rafaees and other exotic ethnicity ..

I left no f…

Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghats Mumbai.. Neigbors Envy Owners Pride

We wash our linen in public
we have nothing to hide
hindus muslim s would always
live together but rogue politicians
for the vested ends love to divide
engineering ghar wapsi as sarcastic
snide ..ghar ghar islam a call from a
 bigot a split open wide jehad
god pity the Indian bride . hindu or
muslim love they deride better to be
safe than to be sorry god is on their
side cannot be belittled by time
or tide ..the minarets wont condemn
the killers of charlie hebdo.. a thought
stymied ..i am charlie rises above the
hail of bullets ..allah ho akbar god
is great ..humility is greater than pride
depends on with whom you side ..

long live freedom of speech...
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
humanity ,,,human rights ,,