Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Face Of Man

Gay Cocks Making Love In Mid Air

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a passion
making love
on the road side
in mid air
gay pride
sex lover
to hide

Caged Bird of Pestilence

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in a rusty cage of life
he breeds scattering
his wanton seed
wherever there is
pestilence pain
he leads
his lifes story
you can lip read
a killing reed
his gluttony
his wants
his needs
a part
of his
he writes
more than
he reads
he has deleted
her from
his fucked
her memories
makes him bleed
an ethereal form
human bodied
quirk of fate
his best friend
she married
a baby
with a cosmic face
breast feeds
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
that the baby looks like me please dont misread ..
hard work through the mounds caverns of her anatomy i has painstakingly journeyed

Marziya in Pain

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I sent a message to Teresa Burke my very dear friend whom I call Super Mom , she has two kids Roman and Chloe, she is a mother who deserves all our respect and a terrific photographer too.

I sent her a message at about 3 am yesterday..regrading Marziya and her new illness that has us all stressed and confused.

My Message sent through Facebook

Its been 4 days Marziya is ok through out the day, but every night from 12 midnight till 3 am she is is in pain , and cries non stop, my daughter in law was treating her with hompepathic medicine today is the fourth day of agony for us.

She has a cold in the daytime so perhaps her ear and nose must be getting clogged ,so the doctor gave nasal drops but still no relief

Any suggestions

I got a reply this morning from her

how long has she been sick?
does she have a fever?
does she pull or tug on her ears?
is she teething?
is it a stomach flu?

any other symptoms?

I am sorry, it is HARD with a fussy baby. Trust me I KNOW what you are going through.

what kind of homeopathic medicine did you get for her? what does it treat specifically?


So all night from midnight Marziya kept on crying she finally went to sleep at 4 am, and I think my son and his wife will have to take this up seriously with another child I am sure as she sleeps with them , their pain and suffering is greater than mine.


In the Name Of Allah

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your pockets
your human
in the name of
we beseech
we beg
from those
who preach
a fatwa
to change
our lives
our home
has not
yet reached
we are commas
semi colons
to your halting speech

Drunken Doomed Dilemma

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drunken doomed dilemma
fucked flustered flaw
re witting remorse raw
drowning holding
on to a straw
to get back
into her life
shut doors
he tries to claw
she has deleted him
from her fucked
thrown him like
a counterfeit coin
out of her bra
on the mound
of her venus '
lives a new outlaw
a cosmic poet
run over
by a rickshah

passion and pathos
rolling stone gathers no moss

Shooting The Darkness of a Blind Mans Soul

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a curtain
of darkness
his world
of pain
from me
he hides
a plastic
bowl in hand
he stands aside
the day
he was born
his god died
outside the bandra
jain mandir
way side
chinese marbles
glass eyed
what i as a poet felt
he felt inside
had taken him
for a free ride
on your computer
with his inner eyes
he watches you
Allah sees
will provide

The Gutter Kids of Bandra

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from one gutter of life
into another gutter
they came
their parents relatives
work in the drain holes
bruised and maimed
they too will inherit
the gutter their
heritage claim
dignity of labor
work without shame
the writing on the wall
behind them neither
their target or their aim
they dont even know
how to write their name
India is shining
a fucked system to blame

Her Life Will Never Change A Beggar a Beggar She Will Remain

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hash words of a street poet
who feels and shoots pain
the poor beggar muslim woman
to her karma enchained
her life will never change
a beggar a beggar she
will remain a few coins
thrown at her adversity
is all she will gain
to rehabilitate her
is not a jehad
why complain
her emancipation
from misery
a tear stain
ill treated
out on
the roads
a poetic thought
down the drain
Muslim society
looks at her
with disdain

The Jain Sadhvi

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riches wealth
a life of comfort
to help others
heal others
who are broken
wounded and hurt
the jain sadhvi
her piety
on the soul
of humanity
with her
sole kissing
mother earth
humility mans
only true worth
her life
her death
a new birth

Randy Der commented on your photo:

" you have grown so much in the past year Firoze these recent creations are turely remarkable."

To Randy Der in humility

Slum Dog Caterers of Bandra

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These are Tanduri Chicken Tikka kababs , I get to taste free as I pass by through the slums of Indraji Nagar Bandra to my workplace.

The caterer whom I call Slum Dog caterer is Iqbal Bhai, his clientele is the rich , the affluent and his food is delicious, last week we had shami kebabs from him , for a small family function we have ordered Tanduri Chicken Tikka kababs , this morning he gave me Russian chicken kebabs about half a dozen free , as he likes me , and is very fond of Marziya my two year old grand daughter.

He charges me the same rates he charges others , but I dont mind I like his stuff.

His mutton Biryani is exquisite , I tasted it once, though for the feast at home we ordered Chicken Biryani a few days back.

He makes celery soup and Chinese stuff too..

There are a lot of slum caterers in Bandra West , I have tried most of them but nothing to beat the magic of Iqbal Bhais cuisine..

He goes under the name of Caravan Caterers..

Man The Banyan Tree

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old wizened
scorched soul
of his destiny
in his life far
too many
the banyan
aging gracefully
branches of his
progeny plenty
he will soon
be gone
banyan tree
will take his place
the tree
of humanity
the cycle of life
life's only reality
intertwined roots
clinging to each other
the human soil of fertility
words embedded
as wisdom archived
as sanity
humility overriding
the soul of a whore
called vanity