Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What If Man Who Was Born Naked Remained Nude

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all his life
lived in
humility and gratitude
its clothes his shame
that fucked him
forever gave him
immorality and attitude
his postured pretentious
testicular fortitude
this world would be
a safer place to live
in without wars crimes
of passion rectitude
between nations
between gender
between races
no fights or feuds
all born equal
looking equal
ugly and beauty
customized to suit
love bearing harmony
humanity beatitude
no suicide bombers
no acid rain
no purple haze
nothing crass or crude
no fucked designers
dictating their pompous
styles fucked and imbued
nothing loud or lewd
another world a planet
of human apes is
possible peace plenitude
living in compatibility
mutual coexistence
my poetic imagination
on my fucked mind intrudes
without being crass or crude
being human and polite
is better than being rude

I hate clothes would
have been a better title..
if i was not poetically
be happy be good

Biryani Caterers Bandra Slums

Earlier when life was easy biryani and sheer korma was prepared at home by the Musim womenfolk on Bakra Eid or Ramzan Eid but than life changed became tedious , chaotic so the home cooking on the feast day moved away from the kitchen into the rooms of the slum dog caterers .

They cook the biryani per kilo .And even most of the posh Bandra restaurants and cooking joints get their stuff made by the slum dog caterers.

At our house my wife and my sons wives do the needful.

I get sick and tired of biryani on Bakra Eid .. as it is served noon and night the next day and the day after the next.. I give up..

I dont visit Muslim houses on Bakra Eid.

Because of my rising blood sugar and the diabetic ulcer on my hand I dont eat sweets.

Jab Churi Gardan Par Chalti Hai

bhuli bisri
yadein ugalti hai
jab churi
gardan par chalti hai
khoon ki nadi
kaleje se behti hai
bahut kuch kehne
chahti hai
kuch kehna pati hai
siskiyan rukti hui sansen
ubul ubul kar 'gutter
main dhoob jatin hai
kaleja muh ko ata hai
zindagi ub jati hai

Bakre Ki Ma Kab Tak Khair Manaeygi

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ek din bahut jaldi
woh bhi chure
ke neeche ayegi
apne bakre
jigar ke tukde
ko bacha na payi
ab apne ap
ko kaise bachaeygi
abu khan ki bakri
abu khan se
dur ho jayegi
apni gardan
se chure ki dhar
par dhar chadeygi

MTNL Broadband Has Solved My Internet Problems

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Mr Johnny and Mr Shyam Sundarji of MTNL St Martins Office Bandra came to my house and though I was away at work got my internet working so all is well that ends well..