Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marziya Writes

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marziya writes
the inner lamp
of knowledge
she ignites
a healthy body
a wealthy mind
she unites
a poem of life
she recites
her shadows
her highlights
bound together
on her website
23 month old
she delights
like a little
dove in flight
every moment
she excites
a future poet
or a playwright
a photographer
midst arc lights
her heritage
her birthright
the only hope
for human rights

to randall der joel...

Marziya No Writers Block

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her vivid
mind fertile
ready stock
no writers block
gods gift
gods bounty
round the clock
adept with a
awe and shock
gentle as a deer
solid as a rock
non stop
she loves to talk
bandra bazar road
where she moonwalks
making mr bean like faces
marziya and the beanstalk

Shia Eyes Reservoir of Pain

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I did not plan to write what I wrote below when I posted this picture of Marziya my studious writing loving grand daughter , the look in her eyes bought forth words , Marziya does not go to school yet but her surroundings are school enough..the visibility of the unseen is what she sees ..
There is another picture of her I could never shoot , but will describe it to you, imitating the elders in the house she will pick up a book hold it in both her hands and will begin reciting a noha, than she will balance it in one hand and beat her chest with another hand - we call this matam e hussain.

I shot all these pictures while the house was watching Big Boss and Marziya went about her writing work , and a thought did come to my mind , how can Bakhtiyar and Tanaz Irani leave a 18 month old child to go and live in the house of Big Boss.. How could Big Boss even think of having both of them as contenders beats me this is child abuse and the silent voyeuristic soul of the nation watches it without raising a voice..I am a grand father a day without Marziya kills me..

Money , Glamour Glitz Amitabh Bacchan nothing can be bigger than a childs love for the parents and if Shanti Bai is bringing the child up like Bhaktiyar said than curse the mothers womb that gives birth to a child..

shia eyes
reservoir of pain
tears that we shed
for akka moulah hussain
every day is ashura
bleeding waters
of the Euphrates
flowing through our veins
our hearts hold karbala
our spiritual domain
shah ast hussain
badshah ast hussain
1400 years of a protest
against terrorism
they call us insane
on the soul of Islam
humanity was slain
deen ast hussain
deen panah ast hussain
hussainiyat a path of peace
in our souls we retain
sardaad na dad dast,
dar daste yazeed
we say it vociferously
again and again
haqq ie bina la lilaha
ast hussain
black clothes
the chant of hussain
from child to father
from father to child
an unbroken chain
dil mashke sakina
hussain al minni
wa ana minal hussain

optional title
Big Boss and Child Abuse

A Grand Father Reflects

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This was shot an year back during the Nikah of my son Saif Shakir, the monsoonal showers lashing the soul of Mumbai have made me nostalgic..time has passed and Marziya grows older and wiser.. today she was with me for a political rally of Independent candidate Rahebar Khan , and did not hesitate to shoot him in the rains..

I had long hair but had decided to cut it off after Moharam..the blood stains on my artificial blond hair looked weird..I cut my head twice an year once during Ashura and again during Chehlum..40 day of Moharam.

I had also planned to pierce my cheeks with an 18 feet rod during the Maryamma Feast at Mahim but kept it for next year ..if Glenn Losack is around to shoot me..