Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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My phallus may be insignificant
But my ego is monstrously big
I am Hubcap Hothead Shithead
Tweedhead all Head Skinhead
Lathered Limerick Prick
That all of you really Digg
But the ultimate feather in my cap
I am an Australian poet and a prig
Yes I get turned on cross dressing
Wearing Brittany Spears Wig
At the Disco with Justin Timberlake
I do the jig
Though his arsenal is awfully far too big
My arse mouth watering and my pecker
A mulberry twig
All in all I am the Bad Boy the Narcisstic
Evil heart Evil Soul with a Smile that is plastic
Yes I am Hubcap Shithead the Racist Pig


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Blah blah blah black sheep
Which one did you keep
As the lights went out in the manger
You dropped your pants
Took a leap
You pervert beast and a creep
The farmer took a peep
Seeing you riding
He pulled his out
Horny Tweed head bastard
Glidingly began to sweep
His wife being raped by
Bim Bombay Boy in raptures in her sleep


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Your comment on my poem
'I am a new member '
That you earnestly read
The power of poesy
Hubcap Shithead
Native of Tweed heads
Blue blood native
Of Australia
Well bred your comments
Encourage while
I spill myself
On Gangubai
The Gonorrheal Whores
Water bed


Good riddance to bad rubbish
Good sense
on a new trek as we commence
He calls it deliverance
In his hate filled unpredictive parlance
His alter ego embedded in my soul
Gravitational gyrations gone berserk
Almost at once yes you get paid back here
On earth for all your wrong doings
Retribution and some reminiscence
Penny wise pound foolish and dense
Google search for a monster
Add this page as a poetic suspense
Astigmatism curious curvature
the fault in this camera lens
Hypertension diabetes take it easy
Mate don’t unnecessarily get tense
I my fractured poetic phraseology
At you disposal for your defense
I your shadow your silhouette
Farkme baby with your
Piddlish comments
You can my depraved soul
We are both racists
On either side of the fence
You with your hideous mask
Me with a sinister mask
Carry forward this poetic pretense
After all at the end of the day
No rewards no roaming expense
Om Mani Padme Hum
Peace Om pervading
Fragrance and Incense

I am a new Member

I am a new Member
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I am a new member
I hope you will remember
When I kiss you under the mistletoe
(this too my muse)
Come December
Oh Ryan I love you
As I walk on burning balls of embers
Me my mind my phallus like cucumber
I unlearn poetry as the rest of a poetic world
in a forum in deep slumber
they will wake up
fight and their best friends dismember

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Hijab and the New Indian Muslim Woman

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The All India Muslim Personal Board
With due respect
to the miseries and sufferings
of the Indian Muslim womanhood
is stubbornly immune
each canary singing a different tune
the saintliness of an Indian Muslim Woman
buried in an Arabian sand dune
the hijab is only an outer excuse
to batter and shatter women and abuse
hide the inner blows and the bruise
a conspiratorial ruse ..always in the news
the western world amuse
the head of a Delhi Mosque
a man of his stature more caricature
hell break lose
uses words of denigration
to an actors profession ..
calling her a dancer ..
because she spoke against the hijab..
blows a fuse ..a tempestuous temperament
that saved the gander to kill the goose
remember words on Vande Matram
Mother worship and motherland
more hate less love to confuse
political survival muslim vote rescues
mutual coexistence
between muslims and hindus
beyond religious segregation
nationality living in peace produce..
muslim women in a male dominated society
was born to wear the hijab like a noose
on this issue no debate no truce
hijab as a garment of modesty
she should choose .. the severity
of being treated as pawn she should refuse
making the hijab a political issue
a thought so abstruse
a garment of oppression
according to Taslima Nasreen
is her way of being
a Bangledeshi recluse
she says burn the hijab
that certainly is bad news
an Indian ethos she cant seduce.
she Taslima Nasreen should be deported
To Bangladesh to add fire
to a fundamentalist fuse
the new Indian Muslim woman
into her Freedom of Choice
within religious parameter
a new blood transfuse
a new muslim society
based on equality
a new breakthrough.

I think there are more important issues that plague Muslim women that should be placed on priority in changing times women education, equality respect for their gender is of greater importance..I am indeed impressed by the work done by Maulana Kalbe Saddiq Saab in emancipating the Muslim Women with his highly scientific approach specially through compulsory education

artemesia californica

three tiers
a scary face
two eyes
another scary face
no make up
or cosmetic make over
on the soul of man
like that of a woman
which is deceit
betrayal and all bad things
woman do to man
engraved on the surface
always tripping us
with their cunning
tortoise like man
and hare like woman
who cheats uncompetes
to win the race
will never ever lose face
on my space
memories of her
I can delete
but not erase
lighting up a stage
man poor
man avian like
word for word
a cockatoo
in her cage
artemisia californica
another name for a sage
my poetry her heart
anthology on a web page

my cleavaged brain

my brain
a cleavage
the insides
like a coconut
or two
of a water melon
red black seeds
grey matter
cannot hide
cells fighting
with other cells
a tide
un written poems
jumbled words
unconjured emotions
that within reside
waiting to come
out splutteringly
slide and glide
some into pictures
some as poetry
to be unread
on her heart
without hurting her pride
cybernetic love
that is someone else’s bride.
a stunning blow
re echoing a silence
that says mournfully
once again access denied

happy halloween

happy halloween
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
a turbulence
a liquefying tsunami
unseen ..
my fashion
studio it did clean
a new look a new sheen
happy halloween
screen saving
sucked up machine
soo soo sweet sixteen
samba on a soul
skipping hearbeats
on a trampoline
finger fucked love

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