Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Departed Guru Mr Anil Bhartiya Who Taught Me Without Humility Photography Is Meaningless

The Shradanjali Photos

Shardanjali To Eminent Photojournalist MrAnil Bhartiya At Mumbai Press Club

Shardanjali To Eminent Photojournalist MrAnil Bhartiya At Mumbai Press Club

Shardanjali To Eminent Photojournalist MrAnil Bhartiya At Mumbai Press Club

This evening I rushed to the Press Club of Mumbai from Bandra to attend the Shradanjali of Mr Anil Bhartiya a very tall figure both as a press representative and as a Founder of NPPA .. his erstwhile Camera Club in Mumbai.

He had passed away on 8 October after battling a brief illness .

It was at 6.30 pm and despite the heavy rush my cab driver dropped me flat in 40 minutes in time ..

Gathered were members from NPPA and PSI as Mr Anil Bhartiya was connected as a member to PSI too .. Photographic Society of India Mumbai .

Mr Raut held the memorial service , with a two minute silence and than requested a few members to talk about Mr Anil Bhartiya , I was the first to take the podium and told the gathering of Mr Bhartiya contribution as a Teacher to my photography , more than the basics of photography  he taught me the essence of photography .. that is humility arrogance has no place in capturing souls of people we shoot.. He took me to Malshej Ghats Murud Janjira for outings and I learnt a lot from him , mind you those days I had one single film camera and shot Velvia Provia and my favorite Ilford Delta 100 ASA.

After I had spoken other senior photographers like Mr Rajan Makharia, Nagesh Sakpal and Mr Prasad Pawaskar Hon Sec Of PSI spoke  about some private moments he had shared with Mr Bhartiya and their long association with PSI till Mr Bhartiya branched out to single handedly start his own club NPPA  National Pictorial Photographic Association with members from all over India and the World.

Mr Shirish Zaveri a close associate of Mr Bhartiya joined us at the lag end and we had some group shots ,,each one of us touched by Mr Bhartiya in some way or the other ..

There were other speakers too who gave a personal insight and revisited the memories of a great photography stalwart.

This is my new set at Flickr in memory of one of my Guru Mr Anil Bhartiya ,, last I had met him at  a Bollywood film Muhurat and Mr Bhartiya was a great film buff and close to a lot of actors actresses..That Muhurat was the last time we had a picture together .. 

When I received the tragic news of Mr Anil Bhartias sad demise the first person I called was Mr KG Maheshwari , he being indisposed Mrs Maheshwari talked to me , she was aware of his passing away and Mr KG Maheshwari the Yusuf Karsh of India was indeed very close to Mr Anil Bhartiya .

When I think of ages past

That have floated down the stream
Of life and love and death,
I feel how free it makes us
To pass away.
~Rabindranath Tagore