Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bandra Street Food Blooms In Ramzan

Even poor folks make home delicacies and sell them out on the road during Iftar time , breaking of the Ramzan fast.
Bandra is famous for its food corners , more hygeinic and more palatable than those selling stuff at Mahim in very bad dirty surroundings and the Muslim stomach gorges on it without reservation.

Shooting street food in color and than showcasing it in monochrome gives it an art feeling but does not take away anything from the taste and its inherent deliciousness .

At Bandra Bazar Road on Fridays you get the best Khichda at Pahelvis and the best Haleem at Saif Caterers next to Jeff Caterers ..and the Haleem is made in crispy chicken pieces that melt in your mouth.

Good Luck near Mehboob studio serves great Moghlai food and their kheema with brun is the best with black tea.

I dont eat at all in restaurants I get good food at home it would be an insult to our Lucknowi Zaika and homecooking,.

My wife makes great Dum Biryani and we prefer Chicken biryani not much into red meat..

Fish is mostly Gol and promfret ,,and we get some good fish from Bandra Bazar Fish market ,,expensive but good .

And all this was shot during Ramzan a great time to shoot Bandra Food Porn in the bylanes of rustic old time Bandra.

In Bandra The Muslim Vote Decided This Time It Would Not Be The Sacrificial Goat

held in the hands
of the divisive elements
as remote .used abused
his faith in the system kept
him afloat he waited for
the elections to give a
resounding reply ,he fought
the politicians realized this
time the muslim vote was not
for sale it could not be bought
was this by chance a cosmic
plot .progress development
as the plank a lesson to those
power thirsty monsters he taught

history angry overwrought ,
uprooted the seat of power
please note after 15 long years
a congress free bandra is
what he wished what he got ,

hey netaji please fool me not

The Muslim Street Food Is What God Would Eat If He Was Not Fasting

You may call it food porn ,but most of the delicious street food , you get to see in the month of Ramzan ..the choicest rare appetizers , and looking at them you will want to eat ,forget the lack of civic sense and hygiene .

And I wonder why fussy photographers say there is nothing to shoot in Amchi Mumbai, .you have to cultivate nurture a penetrating eye and there is a lot to shoot in the back hick lanes of rustic Bandra .

I am not a teacher but I did try to instill all this in my two grand daughters Marziya and Nerjis ,,they can spot a picture faster than me and then nudge me whether to shoot it or not ,,

We shoot what comes our way and we thank God and the Muslim ethos as long as there are Muslims on this planet close at hand will be beggars ..Muslim beggars .. one cant do without the other .

I am not a Food blogger and I dont have the patience to entice enhance food photographically ,,I shoot without thinking of lighting Fucked Fstops or composition.. I just shoot ,,

I shoot less now earlier it was one thing shot from almost every inescapable angle  this adds to versatility and being flexible I try to bring an entire crowd in my frame ,,

Bandra garbage if you shoot it artistically poetically the stink smell gives to an acquiescing comfort level.. garbage becomes poetry of life ,,things within the garbage jostle for attention perhaps you think I am crazy I had foreigner friends who would spend hours shooting garbage it gave them a Sufi like high sending them into a trance and numbing the olfactory senses ..

My grandchildren love shooting garbage ,, this could have been my photography thesis if I was good with words and more grammatically educated ..I am uneducated I read a lot of books and the writers I read voraciously influenced my photography too Charles Dickens Balzac George Gissing Maupassant Dostoevsky Zola to name a few ,,

That is why I try not to add text let the pictures tell their own story and garbage just needs eyes and nose you have your story.. shooting Garbage is like trying to unsolve Rubiks cube ,,

Well I digress food and garbage are interrelated in more ways than one , you take a thought fro one end and let it go through the other end I knew a friend who shot slum toilets .. he said the way a person shits tells a lot about his character ad Indians do really shit be art commerce or Politics ,,

I think I will end this for now I prefer writing poems short curt and trite ,, food for thought ,,

The Beggar Child With Our National Flag..He Will Never Own A School Bag

his future bleak
jagged tattered
in rags he begs
for a living beggars
we make in india
says the tag his
voice silenced
gagged behind
him the silhouette
of his pain he drags