Thursday, October 27, 2011

MV Pavit Is Super Hit

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wisdom for wisdom's sake
we have forgotten about it
with fishing folks
of mora village ruia park
mv pavit our latest guest
is a super hit scenic
seascape rocks dog shit
with open hands they
welcome it our hospitality
gives even people
like kasab a clean chit
we will finally acquit
the lady with a blind fold
is tired of the culprit
laden was killed by the
americans as they
did not have the money
to keep him in jail
like the Indians
now you git it
our politics
a democracy
full of poisonous
vipers in a snake pit
on the soul of law order
my final obit
a barefeet blogger
a turban big rings
in a crazy outfit
without a
bandra times
press card
to shoot
the dadar
bomb blast
they would
not permit
a barefeet blogger
shooting hijras
barbers shaving
smelly armpits
loony beggars
sane but half wit
to his fate

My Footprints Washed Away On The Shores of Her Heart .. ..

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Someone came into my life in April, like a thunderstorm, and woke me up from my slumber but than another huge cosmic wave came in with such a great force washing away my footprints and I surrendered to a silence..she said to me once nobody ever wrote a poem on her , but than she was a poem... incomplete ..

So this is for her the warrior queen goddess ...

like a ship my hopes
sunk abandoned
wave after wave
lashing me
a pain slashing me
deleted doomed
her memories
her laughter her smile
her tears a strand of her
hair locked in a pendant
a broken fence of time
could have been mended
impending deathly dark clouds
a blow not intended
a death sentence
on my surrealistic soul
she imperviously extended

Dad Is He The Master of the Rings

The Dance of Death- Tandav on the Soul of Shimr

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My kama matam pictures shot by Baqar Nasser and he shoots brilliantly and the other person who could create magic to Moharam pictures is my American Jew blood brother Dr Glenn Losack MD., I call Glenn my brother because we both are wanderers we are genies we live in the dark crevice of our camera.

Doing kama matam on the streets is one way of showing humanity and the non shias , the pain we live through, if anything connected with the Holy Prophet is sacred so is our love for his grand son Imam Hussain.

Yazid was a Muslim and so Muslims of a certain kind do not want to hurt the sentiments of Yazid soul by heaping murder on his head so they glorify him , and historians of Islam have been paid to distort the Battle of Karbala , but each Moharam we remind them of our pact,..our blood vindicates the soul of Princess Fatima, we are her drops of tear we were born and Hussain lives.. we keep his pain his pledge alive.

I cut my head several times this year , and I shall continue doing so, whether I am called a heretic I dont mind I know being a heretic is far more superior than killing human beings in the name of Allah and Islam.. I distance myself from Salafi Wahhabi Ahle Hadees Islam..It maybe good for them it is not for me I follow Hussain he brings me close to my quest to my Godliness.

And amazingly when a Muslim kills other minority Muslims there is eunuch silence , but if a Shia cuts his own body his form of poetic expression , he is equivocally condemned .

We are a persecuted race in every Muslim country save Iran and the only place we are treated as humans is in a Hindu country and as a Shia I am proud to be a Hindu I would rather be called a Hindu Shia than a Taliban or a bullying Muslim or a Shit Head Salafi or the Devil of a Jehaddi who hides his face and sodomizes the soul of our religiosity of Man.

This is prose but if you read it as a poem than it is a poem of our Shia pain called Ghame Hussain.

Photos of Dr Glenn Losack MD

Axis of Evil My Ass As wellHoly Cow Unholy WomenNirvanaHari OmHar Har MahadevBeg Live and Quietly Die
ARTGALLERYANTIBUSH_PROTEST04MOSQUESCENE03The Beggar at KumbhDr Glenn Losack MD In the Eye of the NeedlePushkar Beckons

Photographer No 1

Picture shot by Dr Glenn Losack MD

shooting human deformity
is not photography they say
travel photographers
wedding photographers
who shoot from their mouth
hate comments
to degrade the dignity
of living day to day
we shoot for free
sharing it anyway
human emotions
as poetry on replay
appu my friend
at mahim
st michaels church
no hands
no legs
smiling away
dr glenn losack md
the master guiding my way
photo blogs our time
that does not pay
they who put block on our pictures
to drive us out from web homes where
we stay
living in glass houses themselves
to our dismay
on our homes boulders
they throw and run away
tears on the soul of photography
on display

Firoze Shakir Bollywoods Most Wanted

Picture shot by Dr Glenn Losack MD

shooting the soul
of a cosmic poet
tatka brain fried
neighbors envy
owners pride
a mystery
when tongue

This was shot at an Irani joint before we took the train from Byculla Station to Kalyan to visit Haji Malang.
Dr Glenn Losack MD stayed at Heritage Hotel opposite Gloria Church, the hotel was centrally located and served his picture shooting purpose.
It was close to the Shia cemetery Rehmatabad.
And the Doctor was taken good care by the hotel management and staff.
The doctor wanted to shoot the Chehlum Juloos and other Moharam events besides his other commitments .

Dam Madar Malangs of Ajmer

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Dam Madar Malangs of Ajmer , a set on Flickr.