Sunday, October 13, 2013

Photographic State of Insomnia

sleep walking
through corridors
of confusion
from birth
to adulthood
held captive
in a cell of
no not at
all congenial
or good
no we refuse
to be held as
should be
our world
out on the
street of
our backyard
beggars garbage
dumps homeless
in our neighborhood
we shot
time calmly
zinnia fatima
two year
old blessed
by jatkar
touch on wood
guru of our
guru our mission
promoting photography
as a religion a faith
peace and brotherhood

happy dassehra ...truth vanquishing falsehood

Cafe Irani Chai Premiere Sophia Bhabha Auditorium 12 October 2013

Cafe Irani Chai Premiere Sophia Bhabha Auditorium 12 October 2013

Cafe Irani Chai Premiere Sophia Bhabha Auditorium 12 October 2013

The World Famous Irani Chaiwala Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi

Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdis Cafe Irani Chai ..Premiere at Sophia Bhabha

This evening I was invited by Dr Mansoor Showghi Yezdi at Sophia Bhabha Auditorium for the premiere of his prestigious Indo - Iranian documentary based on two cultures held within the cup of a sip.. a long lasting friendship..a journey of migrants from Iran to India a long arduous trip..cultural amalgamation of tea milk sugar ..a samovar..the soothing balm to thirsty lips..

So Bun Maska and Irani Chai in Mumbai Pune Hyderabad ,,,a unique story...within the soul of a filmstrip..Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman Mumbai ,, helpful sponsorship...presented by Dr Ali Irani,.. master of bones and broken hips ,,, directed by Dr Mansoors captainship..magical moments of his masterly fingertips,,,

I was here with Advocate Abbas Kazimi who bought me to the the venue on his bike,, the rest I will skip...

The Guest of Honor
His Excellency Mr Masood Ebrahim Khaleghi
Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran Mumbai.

The Chief Guest
Mr Minoo Shroff
President of the Indo Iranian Friendship Society

Dr Mehdi Hassan Khan
Director Culture House IR Of Iran Mumbai

Dr Ali Irani
Ex Physio Therapist Indian Cricket Team

Dr Khoadad P Irani
President and Trustee of Iranian Zoroastrian Anjuman Mumbai

Mr Ali Hemmati
Chairman Managing Director
Paradise Food Court Secunderabad

Mr Godrej N Dotivala
Sec Gen ..Indo Iranian Friendship Society