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I am BLOCKING (1,019 people) AT FLICKR.COM

I am BLOCKING (1,019 people) AT FLICKR.COM, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
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Simply because I am not into their choice of gender sexuality or their kinks I have nothing personal against them, but they add me without my consent and this One Sided Contact is the greatest curse for a member like me who respects his privacy as much as I respect someone elses .

I am updating this old post today I have spent over 2 hours preening my contact list removing all those that who have added me as One Sided Contact..

Please should only add me if you are into photography, poetry or culture , dont add me because you like hijras crossdressers or transgender or homosexuals gays.

Dont add me to chat with me or socialize with me I am not interested ..dont send me messages to meet hijras or get their contacts I am not a pimp ..only a street photographer...

I respect their choice but it ends there I have removed all my sets on the Hijra community so adding me d…