Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Viola Shoots Ashura Amin Imambada 2011

I am trying to avoid text, but once we reached Amin Immbada where a passion play depicting emotional scenes of Karbala is performed by the Mumbai Iranians I placed Kim and Glenn on a ledge , and Habibs mom took Viola in the safety of the ladies for me I shoot head long I climbed a platform that is used by the drummers or Damam..

And this plan is totally packed the moment the alms come in hard core zanjir matam kama matam begins and later the sword matam by Habib Nasser..

You can see Viola shooting the soul of pain at Amin Imambada..

This began at about 12 noon and ended after an hour , than we we went to Habib Hospital to see my friend Habib have his deep wound stitched .. Kim Viola barefeet and Glenn too.

After this got over we had a break for lunch and than shot the procession Ashura juloos from JJ to Mazgaon , I saw my friends off but completed the documentary of the majlis called Shame Gariba recited by Malana Yasoob Abbas and I cut my head too and Viola shot the pictures Kim filmed the entire display of a moment called Ghame Hussain translated in my way my Indian ethos as Tandav on the soul of Shimr the Hindu Shias dance of Death..

Ashura Amin Imambada 2011

Uttho Hussain Abid-e-Beemar Aye Hain

Habib Nasser and Dr Glenn Losack MD

Kim And Viola Shooting Shiasm and the Path of Peace Ya Hussain

Insan Ko Bedar Toh Hone Do Har Kaum Pukaregi Hamare Hain Hussain

Glenn Losack and Kim and Viola All Set To Shoot Ashura

Woman was Always Born In Captivity A Slave in a Mans World

I Shoot Dr Glenn Losacks Muse ..

Dr Glenn Losack MD Is Missing Someone

Kim Viola came to my house from , my place we went to Rosewood hotel Tardeo to pick up Dr Glenn Losack MD headed to Imamwada to shoot Ashura at Amin Imambada and Habib Nassers hardcore sword matam..

And Glenn came shooting street pictures I kept shooting him , this crazy American Brooklyn Jew my best friend my greatest photographer who shoots the degradation of the human race ..and does his little bit by giving his earnings in charity.. to the poor and the lepers of India ..

Ashura 2011 And Kama Matam of the Barefeet Blogger of Mumbai

I shot 9 Moharam at Byculla station along with Dr Glenn Losack MD and my Danish friends Kim and Viola , when Glenn left I bought Kim and Viola to Savoy and barefeet they shot Moharam with me ,.. I am humbled by their love of documenting every cultural aspect of India including the Shia ethos.

They were to leave India go back to Denmark, and they have sold their house car to makes this India trip of 3 months..they met me through because they wanted to shoot the hijras the transgender .. that was their main story, we connected I took them around showed them the Eid e Ghadeer juloos at Kaisar Bagh Dongri and they decided they will not go back to Denmark but stay back to shoot Ashura in Mumbai..and meet a crazy New York photographer Dr Glenn Losack MD who was coming down to document and shoot Ashura ..He is my 4 year old grand daughter , worlds youngest street photographers Marziya Shakirs Guru..and now guru of Nerjis Asif Shakir 4 month old..

Kim Viola shot Kaisar Bagh for all days save 9 Moharam.. very brave couple and lovers of India..

We shot Amin Imambada Ashura morning Habib Nassers ferocious sword matam..

And than the stitching up of his wounds at Habib Hospital.

We came back to shoot the Ashura juloos that begins from Moghul Masjid , I shot Ali Shahs zanjir matam, and this caused a long delay , for my own kama matam, I could not find Habibs anjuman where I normally cut my head and so I came on the Mazgaon bridge , I handed my camera to Viola and my knapsack to Kim , I took a dagger leaping in the air I did my Tandav on the soul of Shimr the Dance of Death of a Dam Madar Malang..

The guys held my hand Viola shot the pictures and I continued bleeding , shooting ,I cleaned my deep wound on the head at Karim Bagh a camp held by the Prince Agha Khan hospital docs, at the gates of the cemetery Kim and Viola took my leave.. I entered within and shot the Shame Gariba and the cutting hardcore matam within.,..

I reached home downloaded the pictures fell asleep.. so I shall upload 9 Moharam after I complete the Ashura in Mumbai, this is a long set..

Every Land is Karbala Every Day is Ashura

Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old