Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Gutter of Life

waqt ki
barbadiyon main
behte chale gaye
zulm sitam
wafa jafa
sehte chale gaye
unki ankhen
aur kan bandh hain
mohabat ka adhura afsana
byan karte chale gaye

Ab Aie Aurat Ki Yad Uske Marne Ke Bad

sar par kafan
bandh kar
ghar se
nikle the hum
waqt ke paityyon
ne kuchal diya
ap chup chap
khamoshi se
niklega dum
aurat ki kahani
aurat ka sitam
womans day
angrezi main
kehte hain hum

Shooting a Woman is Shooting a Life Time of Man

Love Means Getting Slaughtered Some Day

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both males
the same female
at the altar of love
being slaughtered
their bloody tale
the butcher fate
waiting in the wings
he wont fail
their throats
he will impale
hang them against
the wall on a nail
their left overs
heart kidneys
gurda kapura
a testicular tragedy
once again on sale
while she smiles
through her
new thumbnail
a new lover
in the wings
she unveils
on woman's day
thy soul shall prevail

i just noticed my name on the wailing wall of doom ..

Faithfully Yours

i see a
when i
think of you
faithfully yours
but completely true
i am a stray dog
in love with you
if you could open
your eyes
make it true
into your bower
let me through

Another Woman's Day Today

a burden
on her head
every day
a reminder
a curse
for being
born a woman
she must pay
her dues
to fucked society
in every way
flip side
of a woman
a commodity
buy sell resell
at life's doorway
a woman
a half burnt
on a mans ashtray
smoke without fire
burnt half way
woman the only
cheap toy
mans loves to play
use abuse
a suitable excuse
in every way
served piping hot
on a silver tray
fucked forever
some foreplay
woman waiting
for justice
on doomsday
an androgynous god
turns his head away
on woman's day
he has nothing
much to say
a misplaced tribute
to woman
a mockery
a sham
of her vulnerability
her untimely decay
a mother
a daughter
a sister
come what may

Reading His Fucked Future

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sitting on the road
leading nowhere
he reads his fucked
future for a fucked
world a fuck
he cares
from a moving
to me as a
cosmic poet
his pain
his pathos
all fucked
he shared
his fucked life
cannot be
he was in love
once upon a time
with her charm
her poetry
love for her
he declared
a cosmic poet
like me
artificial blond
long haired
in love with
his lost angel
beyond compare
but than one day
she dumped him
for a rich marwari
more wealth
better health
nicely paired
she threw him
out on the streets
his fucked
poem of life
she spared
so beware
fall in love
fuck forget
dont get
or read
your fucked
future with me
on the streets
of despair
your worst enemy
wont offer
you a chair
welcome brother
to the roadside
streets of doomed
love uncared
fucked forever
be prepared

You Telecom The Worst Experience of a Life Time

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I have nothing personal against You Telecom , I pay my dues on time and I send my cheque to their Bandra office without default, I have been a You Telecom subscriber since 7 years now, I have taken the worst hit each time they changed their name but their colors of bad service infrastructure remained..

They dont even inform you that they are going for a major overhaul , before they decide to do one, for not paying your bill on time they send you messages on your mobile phone but for outage there is no reminder and no compensation..

I have stuck to You Telecom because their technical staff is good and has supported me with immediate attention , but not their Customer Care that is the worst is all I can say..

I had uploading problems that was resolved but last night was the worst nightmare as a cosmic poet I was choked on my own poetry..

And I blog all this on the wide net so in case if their General Manager is a poet he can read my pain by seeing the Hijdas picture that is what You Telecom has made me most of my blogging time..my eunuch voiceless sorrow and despair..

I Dont Know What To Write

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shot by jean marc gargantiel el gekko

I received a message on Flickr without offending the sender I add it to this blog post..

I am just amazed at your pictures. I can not tell you, words simply do not do you justice. I am equally taken with the subjects of your pictures, I'm so thankful to you for taking the time to photograph them and to post on Flickr. I have so many questions to ask, do you ever think about talking or writing with anyone online? I truly hope so.


my wingless soul
after a vision
totally out of sight
for the first time
as a poet
I dont know
what to write
a take off
dampened hopes
dampened spirit
without flight
I search
for her
in the darkness
of my soul
she leads me
misleads me
I keep quiet
the labyrinths
of her heart
that needs
no light
with a click
my pain
I hand write
she teases me
she releases me
beyond the gates
out of fright
she is not sure
whether to love me
or not love me
my spirit
into her
she wont
while the
world sleeps
she spins
her yarn
a cosmic poet
a blogger
a bleeding
at her
closed doors
all night
the floating
of his dreams
he cannot alight
at her feet
a passion like
from a
great height

It took me an entire night to post these words that kept disappearing because of bad internet connection , and the worst service provider unfriendly and heartless , unapologetic the one and only curse of poets and bloggers You Telecom Cable and Broadband..Mumbai..

The Poetic Plight of a Wingless Blogger

The Nightmare Has Started all over Again

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Message Sent To You Telecom Customer Care today

My net my uploading was going on smoothly so I was not complaining but now every second the net goes dead and it shocks me at the kind of pathetic service you offer since evening it has gone thrice , and I can understand why owners of cyber cafe have thrown You Telecom out from their network and gone for other service providers and I dont blame them , nothing has changed from the day you set up your network , we are punished for no fault of ours and I am sure you wont even read this email..

It is sad and hurts me being an old existing customer who has stood by you in all your limitations

As Ever
Firoze Shakir

You Telecom Customer Care Sucks and How ..