Wednesday, April 30, 2014

God Have Mercy On Me

whatever my shortcomings
 my failures my fault i ate
your salt ..followed all your
commandments thou shalt
when bad times came  i held
on to your faith i did not grumble
rebel or revolt were the
light that led me through
pitfalls ..darkness surrounds
me even now my soul a
wailing wall..i beg on the streets
the birth of man his downfall

“Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”

― Rumi

Swiatoslaw Wojtkowiak Point And Shoot

We met in Ajmer and Swiatoslaw was documenting the Dam Madar Malangs walking from Delhi with them ..till they reach Ajmer .
My friend Marc de Clercq too was accompanying them and had told me about Swiatoslaw.

As his name is difficult to pronunce by us Indians he calls himself Duniya which means The World and he shoots the world od Darkness and Twilight ..he is a adventurer documenting witchcraft and other dark rituals all over the world .

For me as an amateur my meeting with him that lasted about an hour was a learning a form of unique experience ..

He was shooting Ajmer with a point and shoot and I too decided to follow his path of photography ,,, as long as your mind holds the camera vision you are beyond the reach of the camera be it Nikon or Canon.

Of late I hardly shoot pictures I have so much in my archives that old images tweaked via Aviary are reborn adding a new gist to the gesture of my restless angst..and I am a beggar poet .. words clinging to the drape of my images them form contour and body...

Swiatoslaw. is on Flickr too check him out

I Am A Beggar I Am A Muslim But I Am 100% India

i am what
i am in my
 eyes ...
i live i die
i fall i rise
even god
refuses to
hear my cries
a sacrificial goat
on the soul of
my humanity
you live once
you die twice

In Gods World Man Is A Beggar

what happened
that broke apart his
life , his cosmic pain
his inherent strife
homeless hopeless
begging on the street
a dreamer his dying
 dream of afterlife..

dedicated to sukhi hontu..

My Flickr Stats 29 April 2014

With Humility Thanks Love And Gratitude ..

I have removed my Hijras of India , CrossDressers , Mumbai Gay Parade shot by me from public view ,,