Monday, September 24, 2018

LalBagh chya Raja Vijay Aso

LalBagh chya Raja Vijay Aso
Shooting LalBagh chya Raja Visarjan.. 2018
18 years of devotional documentary by a Muslim photographer.
Jai Shree Ganesha

Lalbagh Chya Raja My Documentary On Hope and Hindutva posted at You Tube

Thanks to Mr Sudhir Salviji who helped me get my Pandal Press ID in 2017 aftr shooting the Raja for several years I am able to share all this with Raja through the eyes of his Muslim devotee .
My only earnest prayer to Raja I ask nothing for myself to see that next year there is better crowd management this is important for our women children and senior citizens ,,
A more seamless relationship between Mumbai Police Pandal management and the dedicated karyakartas .
Lets not unnecessarily politicize the goodness of the Lord
I also payed that the Lord awaken the eyes of our CM Mr Devendra Fadnavis and he helps implement all this with responsibility transparency and accountability .
Lalbagh Chya Raja is not just a Gansh idol but our States Brand Ambassador ,, this pandal should be made a tourist spot..
I could not complete my walk the final journey till Chowpatty my diabetes my blood sugar played havoc I felt down twice and than decided to abort my walk from Byculla Khada Parsi took a cab from Madanpura headed home to Bandra .
I must thank all the volunteers who helped me through this visarjan journey ,,some thanked me others hugged me ,
And my only goal documenting Hinduism is to showcase it as a Message of Universal Peace and a Way of Life ,,,and the other goal is Hindu Muslim amity and mutual respect tolerance ,,
Jai Maharashtra .
Lalbagh Chya Raja Vijay Aso 
Firoze Shakir 
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