Friday, December 27, 2013

Hi Bernard ,,,

Hello. I am Bernard Otti the Director (Finance) with the Nigeria National Petroleum (NNPC)
I have a business transaction .I need your help to invest this fund under my custody in your country if you are willing to help me get back for details

From Nigeria National Petroleum Corperation

hi bernard
thanks for your message
received with love hope
in my backyard ,,
yes i need money
loads of money
to woo my lady
love ..hard very
hard..she wants
baubles , pearls
gold jewelry
even a platinum
or she will leave
me for a rich
dumb loaded
retard ..that is
what the astrologer
told me when his
parrot on the streets
read my cards ..
i am in love deeply
in love ..with this
sweet angel i met
weeping over a
grave in the cemetery
of the churchyard
she had buried her
5 th husband
that stingy canard ..
who died of a
heart attack
when somebody
hacked his
credit card
stole his millions
love ill starred
so dear bernard
help me friend
to make me wealthy
now at your dooryard
take my inch but
give me a yard...

Happy Birthday Mr Salman Khan.. The Most Famous Khan From Bandra

No I Will Never Never Marry Again

لسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
انا من سوريا ام وحيدة لطفلين عندى اقتراح اريد ان اقدمه لك لصالحنا انا وانت فارجو الرد بارسال بياناتك والسلام عليكم

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
I am from Syria, single mother of two children, I have a suggestion I want to present it to you in our favor you and I Fargo reply to send data and Hello

Safia Rahaj Hassan

thank you dear safia
for touching my rusty
corroded heart my
insular brain..i
think you are
choosing the
wrong man
if you are thinking
of marrying again
one marriage made
me crotchety
spineless useless
testicular fortitude
already in chains
a beggar poet
it made me all
over again..every
night my ex wife beat
me with a Singaporean
cane on my posterior
as it rained ..made
me absent minded
feather brained
no safia i cannot
get married to you
a bachelor i
must forever remain
as my seminal
solitude goes
down the drain
sartorially serendipitous
serenely sustain
a fused fugitive
switch of the mains