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The Rafaee

The Rafaee
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Eye ball piercing is the main forte of the Rafaees, than tongue cutting and other aspects of body mutilation without releasing blood..

Chalak Ali Rafaee

Chalak Ali Rafaee
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This man is Sharukh Rafaees father , an exponent of sword and eyeball piercing , he is very famous at Mahim and though he is not from the mendicant group of the Chancawalli Rafaees.He is paid by the organisers who invite him to take part in the sandals.

Sharukh Rafaee

Sharukh Rafaee
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He is a young Rafaee and a very proud one too.
His father named him Sharukh after Indias most famous cine star.
And Sharukh Rafaee is no less a cine star.
He uses swords like a tennis racquet.
He is displaying his expertise and his skill along with the elder rafaees of Chancawalli.
A pillar looms above his head , his father Chalak Ali.. who pierces his eyeballs and than lifts a cycle with the same instrument stuck to his eye.
So like father like son.
Hs father made him sleep on the floor and placed his entire force on Sharukhs neck with a scimitar..this is a long series , for those to the sites where I cross blog -I will be posting all this at Flickrs..
I gave Sharukh Rs 50- and he was indeed touched.
This was the procession of the Sandal of Fakhruddin Shah Baba I must have shot over 450 pictures.. in bad light just my Nikon SB800 Flash..

Beauty is Skin Deep

Beauty is Skin Deep
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a decaying story
of the flesh that was willing
and the spirit that was weak
wordless sorrow as silence tweak
a few coins of survival
held by a broken beak
sprouted sadness
human and freak
a fading smile
from cheek to cheek
children of a lesser god
so to speak

Deafening Doomed Sorrow and Despair

Deafening Doomed Sorrow and Despair
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made for each other
incongrous pair
he the lord in the Masters Chair
She his consort stumps
to bare
Deafening Doomed Sorrow and Despair
old clothes on their fleshy souls
each day they wear
some pain that
even god wont repair
man born in captivity
in a beggars lair

Blind Faith

Blind Faith
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Eyes happy in predoomed fate
what you dont see you dont hate
endless wait
a few coins on his empty plate
waiting outside the Makers Gate
Blind Faith a spiritually gratifying
mental state
chalk marks of survival
and a broken slate

Muslim Man in a Hurry

Muslim Man in a Hurry
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friday namaaz allahs call
man rushes a spiritual moment
he wont stall
while on the steps of the Jamma Masjid sits
a Muslim mother and a broken down doll
next to her sits a man
with an emotionless leg
on the steps of divinity
he yet has to crawl
mans destiny
a bleeding brick
in the wall
the womans destiny
rise rise and fall
Islamic world
of haves have nots
engulfing pall
all seeking shelter
beneath the silken fibre
of Allahs shawl

Thank you Poem Hunters

Thank you Poem Hunters
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My account Firoze Shakir, Hubcap Shithead and Love Poetry Hate Racism was disabled at Poem Hunter where I published all my poems on December 12 th 2007.
I had asked Poem Hunter Support to delete all my poems , they deleted one main acccount Firoze Shakir 1800 poems, , but my other two accounts Love Poetry Hate Racism were not deleted and were online for almost a month after being debarred from Poem Hunter .
I requested Trade Martin a celebrity Poet of Poem Hunter and International musician to talk to Emily T of Poem Hunter Support on my behalf and this morning she sent a message to Trade Martin that finally my poems have been deleted.
On Jan 6, 2008 6:41 PM, Trade Martin
Dear Emily....., I hope you are well, and I always do appreciate your kind responses to my e-mails. I still stay in close contact with my friend Firoze, and he's e-mailed me today to ask you to please delete all of his poems that are listed under his other names...., "LOVE POETRY, HATE RACISM" and "HUBCAP SHITHEAD". He mentioned that you've already deleted his other writings, but would like these poems of his to also be removed when you get a chance. Thanks so much....!!! Best regards, Trade.
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 22:48:52 +0200
From: poemhunter@
To: trade_martin
Subject: Re: Request.
Dear MArtin;
I have deleted all poems under "LOVE POETRY, HATE RACISM" and "HUBCAP SHITHEAD" names.
Best Regards

This was very important as I had deleted most of the poems I wrote viciously on people who had attacked me and all my attackers nothing but racists disguised as poets.
And I can now say without any regrets that the website was aware of all these attacks and instead of punishing those who made my life ,miserable sided and supported the powerful coterie of racists.
Yes Racism exists in Poetry after all.
Is Kicking and Alive .
I am thankful to a handful of poets who helped me all the way..
Trade Martin, Ted Sheridan, David Hazell, Ray Lucero Sherrie Gonsalez Kolb, Yoonus Peerbocus.and the brave heart young Vikram Aarella from UK..
This poetry site
would have not been possible without them

A Handful of Hazrat Abbas

A Handful of Hazrat Abbas
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Muharram has the power to unite the different schools of thought in Islam

Posted by Syed Mohamad Masoom

What is the Lesson of the Tragedy of Karbala ? There is of course the physical suffering in martyrdom, and all sorrow and suffering claim our sympathy, —- the dearest, purest, most outflowing sympathy that we can give. But there is a greater suffering than physical suffering. That is when a valiant soul seems to stand against the world; when the noblest motives are reviled and mocked; when truth seems to suffer an eclipse.

It may even seem that the martyr has but to say a word of compliance, do a little deed of non-resistance; and much sorrow and suffering would be saved; and the insidious whisper comes: “Truth after all can never die.” That is perfectly true. Abstract truth can never die. It is independent of man’s cognition. But the whole battle is for man’s keeping hold of truth and righteousness. And that can only be done by the highest examples of man’s conduct - spiritual striving and suffering enduring firmness of faith and purpose, patience and courage where ordinary mortals would give in or be cowed down, the sacrifice of ordinary motives to supreme truth in scorn of consequence. The martyr bears witness, and the witness redeems what would otherwise be called failure. It so happened with Husain. For all were touched by the story of his martyrdom, and it gave the deathblow to the politics of Damascus and all it stood for. And Muharram has still the power to unite the different schools of thought in Islam, and make a powerful appeal to non-Muslims also

Taken from

Imam Husain And His Martyrdom
By Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Renowned English translator and commentator of the Holy Qur’an
(Progressive Islam Pamphlet No. 7, September, 1931)

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Photo Interior of Hazrat Abbas Dargah Dongri Mumbai